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After Serving 8 Years, Infomercial Pitchman Could Be Jailed Again
After Serving 8 Years,
Infomercial Pitchman
Could Be Jailed Again
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After Serving 8 Years, Infomercial Pitchman Could Be Jailed Again

FTC says Kevin Trudeau has stashed millions overseas to dodge paying fine

(Newser) - Infomercial pitchman and convicted fraudster Kevin Trudeau was released from federal prison earlier this year, but the Federal Trade Commission wants to put him back behind bars for allegedly scheming to avoid paying what remains of a $37.6 million fine. In 2014, Trudeau was sentenced to 10 years in...

Pitchman Behind Bars, but His Infomercials Play On

Kevin Trudeau still hawking dubious books on late-night TV

(Newser) - Infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau is serving a 10-year sentence for fraud , but some of the commercials he stars in are still at large and can be seen on late-night TV across the country. In one ad still airing, he hawks a book called "Free Money 'They' Don't...

Diet Pitchman Gets 10 Years for Bogus Infomercials

Judge rejects weight-loss author's plea for leniency

(Newser) - If Kevin Trudeau wants to hawk his book, The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About, over the next 10 years, he'll have to do it from federal prison. The Chicago-based infomercial pitchman was sentenced to a decade in prison yesterday by a judge who...

Infomercial Pitchman Guilty of Lying in Ads

Kevin Trudeau taken into custody, faces years in jail

(Newser) - It took jurors about as long as one of Kevin Trudeau's infomercials to convict the TV pitchman of lying. A federal jury on Tuesday took all of 45 minutes to convict the 50-year-old resident of suburban Chicago of criminal contempt for telling tall tales about a weight-loss "cure,...

TV Pitchman Fights to Stay Out of Jail

Infomercial king held in contempt for sparking barrage of emails

(Newser) - Kevin Trudeau, the infomercial salesman, radio host, and author, is appealing a federal judge's order that he be jailed for contempt of court after telling followers to pepper the jurist with emails. The lawyer defending the contempt ruling argues that given modern technology, a judge’s computer can be considered...

5 Stories
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