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Here's How Much Bidens Paid in Taxes Last Year

Their annual tax return is out

(Newser) - The Bidens marked Tax Day on Monday by releasing their latest annual tax return, which revealed that last year the president and first lady earned an adjusted gross income of $619,976 and paid $146,629 in federal income tax. Their Delaware state income tax bill was $30,908, and...

It's Tax Day, and Nearly 40% of Us Haven't Filed Yet
It's Tax Day—in
All but 2 States

It's Tax Day—in All but 2 States

Maine and Massachusetts residents get one more day

(Newser) - Monday is Tax Day—the federal deadline for individual tax filing and payments—and the IRS expects to receive tens of millions of last-minute filings electronically and through paper forms. As of April 8, the IRS had received more than 103 million returns for this tax season, and it had...

Yup, Tax Day Deadline Officially Extended

It's now May 17, IRS announces

(Newser) - As expected , the Internal Revenue Service has extended the typical April 15 tax filing and payment deadline to May 17. Due to the economic struggles many have faced amid the COVID-19 pandemic, "this continues to be a tough time for many people, and the IRS wants to continue...

This Year's Tax-Payment Deadline Isn't April 15

Most Americans get 90-day extension

(Newser) - If you owe Uncle Sam less than $1 million, April 15 is no longer your tax-payment deadline this year. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday announced a COVID-19 delay that the Wall Street Journal calls "unprecedented." Those individuals, as well as businesses that owe no more than $10...

Happy Tax Day; IRS Online Payment Site Is Down
Tax Day Is Now

Tax Day Is Now Tomorrow

After IRS online payment site fails

(Newser) - The IRS is giving all taxpayers an extra day to file after its website went down on deadline day, the AP reports. The agency announced that individuals and businesses with a filing or payment that was due Tuesday now have until midnight Wednesday. It said no additional paperwork is needed...

Americans Don't Seem to Know Much About Taxes They Pay

This year's deadline is Tuesday, April 18

(Newser) - The deadline to file federal taxes this year is Tuesday, April 18, and procrastinators have Abraham Lincoln to thank for the extra time, explains MarketWatch . Tax Day is normally April 15, but not so this year because it fell on a weekend. Typically, that would mean it gets pushed to...

Trump: 'Who Paid for' Tax Day Protests?

'The election is over,' president tweets

(Newser) - President Trump says "someone should look into who paid" for the rallies around the country Saturday that urged him to release his tax returns, reports the AP . "Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over," he tweeted Sunday. Furthermore...

April 15 Comes on April 18 This Year

Little-known holiday gets taxpayers a grace period

(Newser) - Taxpayers nationwide will get a few days' grace this year to file their returns thanks to a little-known holiday in the nation's capital. And the head of the IRS promises 1,000 more customer services representatives will be available to ease waiting times on information lines. IRS Commissioner John...

No Health Insurance by Feb. 15? Face Wrath of Taxman

Miss that date, get a 2015 ObamaCare penalty in addition to 2014's

(Newser) - With tax time fast approaching, there's a new hoop to jump through: Those without health insurance may be facing ObamaCare penalties for 2014—and for 2015 if they don't nail down coverage by Feb. 15, NPR reports. Those who were uninsured in 2014 may face a tax penalty...

Rumsfeld to IRS: I Have 'No Idea' If My Taxes Are Right

Former defense secretary gets snarky with IRS

(Newser) - Can't make heads or tails of your taxes? Well don't feel too bad, because at least one former secretary of defense can't either. Donald Rumsfeld sent his tax returns the IRS along with a cheeky letter informing them that he has "absolutely no idea" whether they'...

13 Stars With Major Tax Issues
 13 Stars With Major Tax Issues 

13 Stars With Major Tax Issues

Yep, Lindsay Lohan has tax problems, too

(Newser) - You'd think, with all their fame, fortune, and presumed ability to hire a legion of accountants, celebrities would be able to stay on top of their taxes. But these 13 stars, rounded up by Fox News , prove that's not always the case:
  • Lionel Richie: Reportedly owes the federal

Fatal Crashes Spike Near Tax Day
 Fatal Crashes 
 Spike Near Tax Day 
study says

Fatal Crashes Spike Near Tax Day

Stress can lead to traffic accidents: researchers

(Newser) - As if Tax Day isn't depressing enough, it turns out you're also more likely to die in a traffic accident on or around April 15. Between 1980 and 2009, traffic accident deaths were an average of 6% higher on tax filing day than they were on a day...

Bachmann Tax Day Rally Flops

Tea Party favorite says she 'can't wait to go up against President Obama'

(Newser) - South Carolina didn't exactly roll out the red carpet for devout Tea Partier and possible GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Monday. Only around 300 people—including political operatives and members of the media—turned up at a Tax Day rally in Columbia, about a tenth of the number...

Barack Obama Tax Returns: President and Michelle Obama Made $1.7 Million Last Year

 Bush Tax Cuts 
 Save Obamas 

Bush Tax Cuts Save Obamas $100K

President pulled in $1.73M in 2010, based mostly on books

(Newser) - Barack and Michelle Obama reeled in $1,728,096 last year—a precipitous drop from the $5.5 million the first couple claimed the year before, according to tax returns released yesterday by the White House. And while Obama proclaimed in last Wednesday's speech that he doesn't "...

10 Risky Tax Moves You Should Skip

Save your receipts, be honest, and don't try to protest

(Newser) - Perhaps, in a moment of desperation, it seemed like a good idea to claim your mother-in-law as a dependent on your tax return ... but it's actually not. And neither are these nine other risky moves, as rounded up by Time :
  • Skipping receipts: Even if you think the IRS will never

Ask a Tea Partier: Why Do You Hate Obama?
 Ask a Tea Partier: 
 Why Do You Hate Obama? 
'umm, see, well...'

Ask a Tea Partier: Why Do You Hate Obama?

Most can't exactly explain

(Newser) - Why does the tea party hate Barack Obama? For a vast number of reasons—most of which apparently aren't rooted deeply in reality. New Left Media asked protesters at the National Tax Day demonstration to explain their motivations, and perhaps predictably gathered some less-than-well-thought-out answers in this video, picked up...

Anti-IRS Diatribes Are Stupid and Dangerous

Let's cool the hatred before someone else gets killed

(Newser) - Watch coverage of the Tax Day rallies and you'll no doubt hear all about the evil IRS and the "jack-booted thugs" who work there. It's way past time to stop the demagoguery, writes EJ Dionne. Anyone remember the nut who flew his plane into IRS offices in Austin in...

Obamas Made $5.5M
 Obamas Made $5.5M 

Obamas Made $5.5M

Jill and Joe Biden earned $333,000 in 2009

(Newser) - Tax Day means we get to peek into the personal finances of the Obamas. The president and first lady reported income of $5.5 million in 2009, most of it from his books. They paid $1.8 million in federal taxes and $163,303 in state taxes to Illinois. The...

Dear Tea Party: I Love Tax Day
 Dear Tea Party: 
 I Love Tax Day 

Dear Tea Party: I Love Tax Day

Haven't tea partiers ever heard of sharing?

(Newser) - Steve Almond used to hate taxes. But now he hates the Tea Party movement (or, more accurately, the Tea Party's “series of highly publicized tantrums”) even more…and he’s ready to confess something “almost heretical”: He actually loves Tax Day. Here’s why:
  • It made him

Um, Guys, Taxes Are Lower This Year

That could change in the future, however

(Newser) - Believe it or not, tea partiers, your taxes probably went down this year. Soon after Barack Obama took office, those tax-and-spend Democrats cut individuals’ federal taxes by roughly $173 billion, the AP reports, which should more than make up for any tax increases states were forced to push through to...

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