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Now Musk Is Messing With Soccer Fans

Tesla/SpaceX CEO posted he was purchasing Manchester United, then said he was just joking

(Newser) - A tweet this week from Elon Musk in which he suggested he would soon be the owner of a top UK soccer team went over about as well as it did for Ted Lasso when he first showed up to coach Apple TV's fictional team. The Tesla and SpaceX...

Musk Does What He Said He Wouldn't
Musk Does
What He Said
He Wouldn't

Musk Does What He Said He Wouldn't

Billionaire sells $6.9B in Tesla stock in case his $44B purchase of Twitter goes through

(Newser) - Elon Musk has reneged on his vow not to sell more Tesla stock. The billionaire just sold $6.9 billion in stock in the company ahead of a court battle that could force him to follow through on his earlier offer to buy Twitter. He sold 7.92 million shares...

After Twitter Sues Musk, He Sues Them Back

Would-be buyer says his team was misled about user numbers

(Newser) - Elon Musk accuses Twitter of fraud in a countersuit over his aborted $44 billion deal for the social media company, which he says held back necessary information and misled his team about its true user base, according to reports ahead of its public release. The Washington Post reports that the...

Judge Rules on Making Musk's Twitter Suit Public

Twitter lawyers say they need time to review countersuit for sensitive information

(Newser) - Update: Elon Musk’s answer to Twitter’s lawsuit over his attempt to back out of a $44 billion deal to buy the social media company will be made public by Friday evening at the latest, a judge ruled Wednesday. Attorneys for Musk wanted to file a public version of...

Elon Musk's Dad Doesn't Sound Impressed With Son

Errol Musk gives a pretty savage interview

(Newser) - There's apparently no love lost between Errol Musk and his son, Elon. The Guardian calls the 20-minute interview the elder Musk gave to an Australian radio show "strange"; news.com.au calls it "brutal." The detail getting most attention: When asked if he was proud of...

Elon Musk Has a New Reported Scandal

Tesla CEO denies 'WSJ' report that he had a fling with Sergei Brin's wife

(Newser) - The reason Elon Musk's friendship with Sergey Brin has apparently gone south? A fling the Tesla founder had with the Google co-founder's estranged wife, according to sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal . Musk, for his part, is staunchly denying the report. Brin separated from Nicole Shanahan...

Tesla Sells 3/4 of Its Bitcoin Holdings

Amid ongoing production issues

(Newser) - Tesla had what the Guardian describes as a "shaky" second quarter, reporting a 32% drop in profit from the first quarter's record levels and having a difficult time meeting demand due to production issues. Amid all this, it has sold 75% of its bitcoin holdings, $936 million worth,...

In Musk-Twitter War, First Legal Battle Goes to Twitter

Judge shoots down Musk's request to delay trial until next year

(Newser) - Elon Musk lost a fight to delay Twitter’s lawsuit against him as a Delaware judge on Tuesday set an October trial, citing the "cloud of uncertainty" over the social media company after the billionaire backed out of a deal to buy it, per the AP . "Delay threatens...

'Eat the Rich' With Popsicles Shaped Like Musk, Bezos

MSCHF artists collective has ice cream trucks in NYC, LA with the billionaire-shaped treats

(Newser) - If you're in New York City or Los Angeles on Wednesday and want to work out your angst against capitalism, there's a frozen treat waiting for you, modeled after the world's richest men. Just stop by what's being deemed a "unique art pop-up" by CBS...

Elon Musk Fires Back at Trump
Elon Musk Fires Back at Trump

Elon Musk Fires Back at Trump

Who then fires back at Elon

(Newser) - It's official: Elon Musk and former President Trump are feuding. After Trump ripped Musk as a "bulls--- artist" who lied to him about voting Republican (and predicted Musk will never run Twitter), Musk on Monday night fired back on, yes, Twitter. "I don’t hate the man,...

Twitter Files Sharply Worded Lawsuit Against Musk

'Musk refuses to honor his obligations ... because the deal he signed no longer serves his personal interests'

(Newser) - Twitter sued Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday to force him to complete the $44 billion acquisition of the social media company. Musk and Twitter have been bracing for a legal fight since the billionaire said Friday he was backing off of his April agreement to buy the company. Twitter’...

One Clause in Contract May Be Bad News for Musk

'Specific performance' term could be used to force him into buyout deal

(Newser) - As Elon Musk and Twitter head toward a high-stakes court battle over his decision to bail on the buyout deal, stories have begun assessing the odds of which side might prevail. Generally, most see Twitter with the stronger hand, and a big reason is because the deal includes a "...

Twitter Lawyers Up, and Musk Issues a Taunt

Company hires heavyweight firm as Tesla CEO tweets a laughing meme

(Newser) - The Twitter/Elon Musk soap opera appears to be headed toward a heavyweight battle in a Delaware court. Some new developments:
  • Lawyering up: Bloomberg reports that Twitter hired "merger law heavyweight" Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and is expected to file suit this week. Twitter will try to force Musk

Here's What Trump Thinks of Elon Musk

He's a 'bulls--- artist' who won't be buying Twitter, former POTUS says

(Newser) - In case you were wondering how former President Trump feels about the Elon Musk-Twitter drama , he made his opinion known Saturday. "Leon’s, I’ll tell you what,” Trump started, apparently using the incorrect name. “Elon, Elon, is not going to buy Twitter. … He’s got...

For Twitter, Musk's Move Is 'Worst Case'

Company might win a legal fight to save deal, but analysts say there would be drawbacks

(Newser) - Twitter's stock price has dropped, its public image is damaged, and employee morale is tanking. And that was all before Elon Musk told Twitter and the SEC on Friday that he wants out of the $44 billion deal to buy the company. Twitter said it will fight Musk on...

'Twitter Willing to Go to War' With Musk Over Deal
Elon Musk to Twitter:
I'm Walking Away

Elon Musk to Twitter: I'm Walking Away

But Twitter says it intends to make him honor his deal to buy the company

(Newser) - Update: The drama intensifies. Elon Musk notified Twitter and the SEC late Friday afternoon that he wants out of his deal to buy the company, reports the Wall Street Journal . He accused Twitter of failing to provide all the information he has requested on fake accounts. Twitter, though, won't...

Elon Musk Secretly Had Twins With One of His Execs Last Year

Shivon Zilis has been working closely with Musk for a while

(Newser) - Elon Musk's child count is up to nine, that the world knows of at least. The tech CEO secretly fathered twins born in November to a top executive at Neuralink, one of the four companies that have Musk at their head, according to court documents obtained by Business Insider...

Musk Vanished From Twitter, Met the Pope, Came Back

After 9-day online hiatus, his 'longest stretch' offline yet, the Tesla CEO is once more tweeting

(Newser) - If you've been wondering why Elon Musk has vanished on Twitter as of late, don't fret: He's back. In what the Wall Street Journal calls Musk's "longest stretch without posting on Twitter in nearly five years," the Tesla and SpaceX CEO last posted on...

Musk Says New Tesla Factories Are Burning Cash

CEO calls Austin and Berlin plants 'gigantic money furnaces' because of supply chain, battery issues

(Newser) - At some point, the Tesla factories that opened in Texas and Germany earlier this year will pay off. But at the moment, CEO Elon Musk says, they're money pits. "Both Berlin and Austin factories are gigantic money furnaces right now," he said, per Forbes . "It's...

Twitter's Board Unanimously Recommends Deal With Musk

But his purchase of the platform still has a long way to go

(Newser) - The pendulum on the Elon Musk-Twitter courtship has swung from no way to it's happening to it's off to maybe it's on again . A development Tuesday keeps it squarely in the "maybe" camp. Twitter's board recommended unanimously that shareholders approve the proposed $44 billion sale...

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