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Maine Joins Compact to Bypass Electoral College

Effort doesn't have enough states participating to take effect yet

(Newser) - Maine will become the latest to join a multistate effort to elect the president by popular vote with the Democratic governor's announcement Monday that she's letting the proposal become law without her signature. Under the proposed compact, each state would allocate all its electoral votes to whoever wins...

Cop Charged With Lying in Missing-Person Case

Former Maine officer allegedly changed records after making false claim to man's father

(Newser) - A former police officer in Maine is facing multiple charges connected to the alleged falsification of information about his interactions with a missing man. Court records show that former Washburn officer Chandler Cole was arrested March 29 and charged with aggravated forgery, tampering with public records or information, falsifying physical...

Maine Mass Shooter Had a Traumatic Brain Injury

It 'likely played a role in his symptoms,' director of Boston University CTE Center concludes

(Newser) - The mass shooter who killed 18 people in Lewiston, Maine, in October, did not have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain condition tied to repeated hits to the head, but he did have a traumatic brain injury that may have contributed to his crimes. Robert Card is thought to have experienced...

Ladies, These States May Be Worth Looking Into

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list of best states for women; Oklahoma comes in last

(Newser) - What better way to mark Women's History Month than to tag the places in the US where women have the best chances at career opportunities and a better standard of living? WalletHub looked at all 50 states, using more than two dozen metrics in two main categories to create...

The Tale of the Valentine's Day Bandit

A tradition powered by the late Kevin Fahrman carries on in Portland, Maine

(Newser) - Since 1976, residents of Portland, Maine, have awoken on Valentine's Day to find bright red hearts plastered everywhere—on church steeples, construction cranes, and a military fort accessible only by boat. In many ways, it's like a late Christmas or early Easter. "Children and adults alike go...

Dad Dies Saving Son, 4, After Both Fall Into Frozen Pond

Maine man got boy to safety before succumbing

(Newser) - A Maine man and his 4-year-old son were out for a walk near their Carmel home around 6:30am Friday when both of them fell through the ice on frozen Etna Pond. Kevin Howell, 51, got his son to safety and told him to go get his mother, NBC News...

Maine Court on Trump Ballot Decision: SCOTUS Must Rule First

He says Maine secretary of state 'acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner'

(Newser) - Maine primary voters may be able to cast their vote for former President Donald Trump after all. The Maine Superior Court on Wednesday said the December decision from Secretary of State Shenna Bellows to remove Trump's name from the ballot should be put on hold pending a Supreme Court...

Storm Washes Away Maine's Historic Fishing Shacks

Portland community mourns the loss of century-old buildings

(Newser) - For more than a century, fishing shacks sat at Fisherman's Point, Willard Beach, in South Portland, Maine—until Saturday, when a record high tide washed them away. Water levels reached higher than 14 feet, leading to significant flooding damage, USA Today reports. The three iconic shacks, often used as...

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Quickly Void Colorado Ruling

Filing argues former president wasn't part of an insurrection

(Newser) - Former President Trump took his appeal of Colorado's decision barring him from its presidential primary ballot to the US Supreme Court on Wednesday, seeking a ruling that will prevent other states from doing the same thing. Colorado's Supreme Court had found Trump was ineligible, based on the US...

Maine Official Who Ruled Against Trump Is Swatted

Police respond to false alarm at home of Shenna Bellows

(Newser) - A fake emergency call to police resulted in officers responding Friday night to the home of Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows just a day after she removed Donald Trump from the state's presidential primary ballot. She becomes the latest elected politician to become a target of swatting , which...

After Barring Trump From Ballot, Maine Secretary of State Receiving Threats

'Those are unacceptable,' she says

(Newser) - Maine's secretary of state says her office has received threats since barring Donald Trump from the state's primary ballot Thursday. "I was prepared for the possibility of threats, and I really appreciate law enforcement and the people around me who have been incredibly supportive of my safety...

Maine Blocks Trump From Primary Ballot

Aides say former president will appeal Democratic official's decision

(Newser) - Maine became the second state to bar Donald Trump from its primary ballot, when Secretary of State Shenna Bellows decided Thursday that the former president does not quality to be a candidate because of his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol. "I am mindful...

Chris Christie Suffers Big Setback in Maine

Former NJ governor won't appear on ballot despite appealing to court

(Newser) - Chris Christie won't appear on the Republican presidential primary ballot in Maine—the latest blow to the former New Jersey governor, who's facing pressure to drop out of the race. The Maine Secretary of State's office said this month that Christie's campaign had submitted just 844...

Downpours on Two Coasts Threaten Holiday Travel

Northeast deals with power outages and flooding, while California worries about flooding and slides

(Newser) - A heavy storm that hit northern New England on Monday has left lingering dangerous flooding and widespread power outages to Maine, leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark, closing ski resorts, washing out roads, closing bridges, and causing families to throw away spoiled holiday food. It's unclear when everyone...

The Next Clue Over Maine Shooting: Gunman's Brain

Late Robert Card's organ sent to Boston CTE Center to see if there were injuries from blasts

(Newser) - Since October's mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, that left 18 dead and injured more than a dozen others, investigators have been trying to piece together what led gunman Robert Card to carry out such a violent act. Now, Card's brain is being sent to Boston's CTE Center,...

Uber-Rare Lobster Becomes a TikTok Star
This Is One
Wildly Unique Lobster

This Is One Wildly Unique Lobster

Split-color, split-sex Maine lobster now dubbed 'Bowie'

(Newser) - As a fifth-generation lobsterman, Jacob Knowles has seen his fair share of crustaceans. However, one half-orange, half-blue lobster recently caught his eye—and those of his millions of social media followers, per Boston 25 . As Knowles explains in a TikTok video , "it's probably one of the rarest lobsters...

Gun Shop Owner: Maine Suspect Triggered 'Yellow Flag'

Robert Card reportedly tried to buy silencer months earlier, was rejected due to one answer on form

(Newser) - The man suspected of killing 18 and injuring 13 in a mass shooting last week in Lewiston, Maine, apparently tried to buy a silencer at a local gun shop almost three months before the massacre. Rick LaChapelle, owner of Coastal Defense Firearms in nearby Auburn, tells ABC News that Robert...

Here Are the 18 Victims in Maine
Here Are the 18
Victims in Maine

Here Are the 18 Victims in Maine

A teen bowler, a shipbuilder who loved cornhole among those gunned down in Lewiston

(Newser) - Amid reports of the Friday discovery of the body of the suspected gunman in two mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine, more details on the victims. The 18 people killed included a 14-year-old bowler, a shipbuilder who loved playing the game of cornhole, and a sign language interpreter. According to Maine...

Maine Lawmaker Does U-Turn on Assault Weapons Ban

Democratic Rep. Jared Golden says 'misjudgments' led him to oppose ban

(Newser) - As the manhunt continued for the suspect in this year's deadliest mass shooting in the US, a Maine congressman reversed his position on an assault weapons ban. US Rep. Jared Golden, a Democrat whose district includes Lewiston, where 18 people were killed in Wednesday night's shooting , said "...

Police Surround Home Linked to Maine Shooting Suspect
Family Says Maine Suspect
May Have Been Looking for Ex
the rundown

Family Says Maine Suspect May Have Been Looking for Ex

Robert Card remains at large after shooting that killed 18

(Newser) - Maine police on Thursday night briefly surrounded a home believed to be the last known address of the suspected gunman in the mass shooting that killed 18 people Wednesday. The manhunt for suspect Robert Card, 40, has continued since the shootings at two locations in Lewiston, a bar and a...

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