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US Activist's Death in Israel Ruled 'Accidental'

Rachel Corrie's mom calls it 'a bad day for human rights'

(Newser) - Craig and Cindy Corrie were in Israel today to hear the verdict in the death of their daughter, Rachel, and a civil court ruled that it was accidental. Cindy Corrie called it "a bad day for human rights, for humanity, for the rule of law, and also for the...

Decade After Her Death, US Activist's Case Nears End

Pro-Palestinian Rachel Corrie killed by bulldozer

(Newser) - It's been almost ten years since a 23-year-old American activist was killed by an Israeli bulldozer—and after 15 hearings, her court case could finally end tomorrow. The family of Rachel Corrie has spent some $200,000 on a civil lawsuit against Israel's military that has dragged on...

Case of Yank Crushed by Israeli Bulldozer Heats Up

US activist Rachel Corrie tried to protect Palestinian homes

(Newser) - The parents of a US activist who was crushed by an Israeli military bulldozer may soon meet the operators of the machine that killed their daughter. Rachel Corrie, 23, of Washington state was crushed as she attempted to block a bulldozer razing Palestinian homes in Gaza. Her parents have filed...

Israel Deports Rachel Corrie Activists

Gaza protesters quietly sent packing

(Newser) - Israel has deported six of the 19 activists who tried to breach its naval blockade of Gaza, and plans to fly the rest out today, reports the BBC. Israel's quiet handling of the activists aboard the Rachel Corrie stands in marked contrast to its earlier shootout with a Turkish-based...

Israelis Seize Gaza-Bound Irish Aid Ship

Forces encounter no resistance from activists

(Newser) - Israeli forces seized a Gaza-bound aid vessel without meeting resistance yesterday, preventing it from breaking an Israeli maritime blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory days after a similar effort turned bloody. The military said its forces boarded the 1,200-ton Rachel Corrie from the sea, not helicopters. Army spokeswoman Lt. Col....

Irish Aid Ship Braces for Showdown With Israel

Stocks up on cameras to beam out satellite images

(Newser) - An Irish aid ship bound for Gaza has changed course and headed for port so it can stock up on video cameras and satellite transmission equipment before its inevitable confrontation with the Israeli Navy, a Free Gaza activist tells CNN . They're hoping that Israeli soldiers will behave if they know...

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