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Mercede Johnston 'Playboy' Interview: Bristol Palin Had Lots of Plastic Surgery
 Levi's Sis: 
 Bristol Has 
 Had Tons of 
 Plastic Surgery 
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Levi's Sis: Bristol Has Had Tons of Plastic Surgery

Plus, someone accuses Sarah of snorting cocaine

(Newser) - More of Mercede Johnston's Playboy interview is leaking, and—surprise, surprise—none of it is very complimentary to the Palins. The latest, from Playboy , USA Today , and TMZ :
  • On Levi and Bristol's second engagement: "I don’t think Bristol wanted to be with him whatsoever, not at

Levi Sis Rips Palins in Playboy
 Levi Sis 
 Rips Palins 
 in Playboy 

Levi Sis Rips Palins in Playboy

Now she's naked and still spilling so-called dirt

(Newser) - Levi Johnston's sister posed nude for September's Playboy, but because people read it for the articles, we have to listen to her babble on about her tenuous connection to the Palins of Wasilla. The New York Post has tidbits from the interview:
  • On Sarah Palin as president: "

Levi Johnston's Sis Going Nude in Playboy

Did you expect anything less?

(Newser) - Like brother, like sister: Mercede Johnston is taking it all off for a nudie magazine. Mercede, 18, will appear in a four-page Playboy spread two years after brother Levi's butt was splashed all over Playgirl . The September issue hits newsstands Aug. 12, a spokesperson tells Us . In other Mercede...

Bristol, Levi in Reality Show Talks

Oh yes, it's (probably) happening

(Newser) - Set your DVRs now: Looks like the Bristol Palin-Levi Johnston reality show is actually in the works. Insiders tell TMZ the reunited pair is shopping “multiple reality shows” (because obviously the world needs more than one). The top concept at this point revolves around “parenting issues” and features...

Levi's Sister: He's Being 'Controlled Like a Puppet'

Andrew Sullivan thinks something's fishy in 'Palinland'

(Newser) - Levi Johnston may be trying to make amends with the Palin family, but he's not winning any friends in his own. "I am extremely disappointed in him," writes his sister, Mercede, on her blog . "Not only is he being controlled like a puppet, but saying that all...

'Palin Hater' Pushing Mercede to Blog
 'Palin Hater' 
 to Blog 
says palin's camp

'Palin Hater' Pushing Mercede to Blog

This is all Jesse Griffin's fault, Palin camp says

(Newser) - The Palins can’t be happy about Mercede Johnston’s Palin-bashing blog …and now a source from their camp is insisting it’s all part of an anti-Palin conspiracy. “Mercede was put up by Jesse Griffin to do this blog. He is a Palin hater,” a source...

Levi's Blogging Sis Takes On Palins

Mercede promises to spill the beans

(Newser) - If you can't get enough of those wacky Wasillans, good news: Levi Johnston has a sister. Mercede Johnston has a blog— —in which she answers reader questions. Most of them, predictably, are about the Palin-Johnston saga, and Mercede makes it deliciously plain that she's no fan of...

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