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Ultra-Polite Cupcake Burglar Calls Bakery to Apologize
This Bakery
Break-In Was
About as Weird
as It Can Get
in case you missed it

This Bakery Break-In Was About as Weird as It Can Get

Man cleaned up mess from his break-in at Vancouver shop, took selfies, stole 6 cupcakes

(Newser) - "Canadians are known worldwide for sometimes being too nice" is how one media outlet is framing a cupcake caper out of British Columbia, in which both the perp and the bakery owner he inconvenienced are making headlines for their classic Canadian courtesy. The CBC reports on the incident, which...

Cops: Alleged Robber Used 'Gun' Many Will Recognize

Officials say David Joseph Dalesandro held up convenience store with Nintendo 'Duck Hunt' pistol

(Newser) - An armed robbery this week at a South Carolina convenience store apparently wasn't as "armed" as the clerk thought. CNN reports on the Tuesday incident at a Kwik Stop in the small town of Sharon, where a man donning a hoodie, wig, and mask entered the store around...

After Cops Arrested 6, the Arrests Kept Coming
After Cops Arrested 6,
the Arrests Kept Coming
in case you missed it

After Cops Arrested 6, the Arrests Kept Coming

Auto theft case goes off the rails after guardian for detained juveniles shows up in a stolen car

(Newser) - An auto theft case in Maryland took a wild turn after the guardian of four detained juveniles who came to the police station to pick them up was arrested as well. KOMO reports that on May 16, cops ran a check on two occupied Hyundais parked in a business lot...

Cops: He Shot Roommate in Butt for Eating Last Hot Pocket

Clifton Williams, 64, faces assault charges

(Newser) - It's that rarest of crimes: a Hot Pockets shooting. Police in Louisville, Kentucky, say a 64-year-old man shot his roommate in the derriere for eating the last one, reports WLKY . Clifton Williams allegedly got torqued and started "throwing tiles" at his male roommate when he discovered all the...

Maryland Cops Chase 5-Ton Military Vehicle on Highway

Man's unusual alleged theft doesn't end well for him

(Newser) - Police in Maryland say 38-year-old Michael Stevens had quite a day on Friday: A few hours after being released from the Harford County Detention Center, they say he stole a 5-ton military truck, led police on a bizarre highway chase, then ended up under arrest and right back where he...

They Stole 200 New Sneakers. One Problem
They Stole 200 New
Sneakers. One Problem
in case you missed it

They Stole 200 New Sneakers. One Problem

They were all for the right foot

(Newser) - Thieves who broke into a shoe shop in Peru made off with sneakers worth an estimated $13,000—but they're unlikely to make any money from the crime unless they have some one-legged buyers lined up. Authorities say the three people who broke into the store in Huyasco took...

Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Selling Human Parts Online

Mortuary worker Candace Chapman Scott allegedly sold boxes fully of body parts

(Newser) - In a bizarre and baffling case that shocked the public, Arkansas authorities charged a woman with selling stolen body parts to a man in Pennsylvania, reports NPR . Candace Chapman Scott, a 36-year-old former mortuary worker with Arkansas Central Mortuary Services, pleaded not guilty to charges she allegedly orchestrated the transactions...

American With Golden Gun Arrested in Sydney Airport

Australian officials say gold-plated weapon was in the woman's luggage

(Newser) - A 28-year-old American woman visiting Australia from Los Angeles was arrested in the Sydney Airport after a gun was found in her luggage, reports CBS News . But not just any gun—a 24-carat-gold-plated one, for reasons that are not specified. In a release , the Australian Border Force said the "...

Ohio Official Spent Public Funds on $4K Wildebeest for Own Zoo

Township fiscal officer was sentenced to almost 5 years, ordered to repay $340K

(Newser) - A crooked official in Ohio spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in public funds on personal purchases including a $4,116 wildebeest for his roadside zoo, according to a state audit. Former Vinton Township fiscal officer Cy Viestra also bought "two owls, windows for a primate exhibit ... hot tubs,...

Boy Banned From Amusement Park, the Hard Way

NC amusement park has to rescue 13-year-old stuck in claw machine

(Newser) - The 13-year-old boy had his eyes on the prize, but the problem that amusement park officials had was that he had his body inside the claw machine in his attempt to swipe it. Officials at Carowinds park in North Carolina found the unnamed teenager trapped in a claw machine, which...

At an Apple Store, a Brazen $500K Burglary

Burglars cut a hole in a bathroom wall of neighboring store at Washington state mall

(Newser) - Some Washington state criminals have apparently been watching a little too much Ocean's Eleven. As KOMO reports, police are still searching for burglars who burgled their way into an Apple Store in a most unusual way. The culprits cut through the bathroom wall of Seattle Coffee Gear in Alderwood...

Woman, 78, With 2 Past Robbery Convictions in Trouble Again

Authorities: Bonnie Gooch's note to teller at bank she robbed said, 'I didn't mean to scare you'

(Newser) - A 78-year-old woman with two past bank robbery convictions faces new charges after authorities allege she handed a teller a note that said, "I didn't mean to scare you" during a recent Missouri heist, per the AP . Bonnie Gooch is jailed on $25,000 bond after she was...

Eating Like This Got 2 Men Arrested
Eating Like This
Got 2 Men Arrested
in case you missed it

Eating Like This Got 2 Men Arrested

It's the latest story of alleged 'sushi terrorism' in Japan

(Newser) - A man dipped his used chopsticks into a communal bowl of pickled ginger at a restaurant in Osaka, Japan—and he and a friend have been arrested for it. The Guardian reports that it's the latest development in the wave of "sushi terrorism" that has emerged in Japan....

Giant Stolen Spoon Is Found—by a Pokemon Player

It's all true, after thieves plundered a Dairy Queen in Arizona

(Newser) - A giant red spoon that was stolen from an Arizona Dairy Queen and sparked a mystery on social media was found Monday morning, and it's partly thanks to Pokémon GO. Michael Foster, 52, was playing the outdoor mobile game when he spotted the 15-foot spoon around 7am. It...

Duo Allegedly Cut Cables, Took 40K People Offline

2 suspects arrested in Connecticut incident

(Newser) - More than 40,000 customers in the Norwalk, Connecticut, area lost internet service March 24, and police say two people are to blame. Jillian Nicole Person, 30, and Austin Keith Geddings, 26, both of North Carolina, were arrested April 1 after a surveillance operation, WTNH reports. Person was taken into...

Italian Driver, 80, Had Trick to Dodge Tolls

Authorities say he traveled for free for 2 years by squeezing through behind other drivers

(Newser) - Highway authorities in Italy are not amused by the antics of an 80-year-old retirement home resident who loves traveling as much as he hates paying tolls. Mario—nicknamed "nonno Mario," meaning "grandfather Mario"—is accused of dodging more than $4,300 in highway tolls by tailgating...

Ambulance Patient Turns Into Ambulance Driver

New York state police finally stop his joyride with tire spikes

(Newser) - It's not your typical ambulance ride. Authorities said a patient stole the one that had taken him to a New York City hospital and took it on a 25-mile joy ride that ended when state police used a spike strip to stop him, reports the AP . The bizarre incident...

'AK-47' That Prompted Panic Was Something Very Different

Police in New South Wales, Australia, say 'weapon' they found in car was actually just a bong

(Newser) - There was a bit of panic in Australia this week, after Sydney locals reported the sighting of a man carrying a frightening-looking assault rifle—but all was not what it seemed. The BBC reports that 911 calls started pouring in late Wednesday afternoon from the northwest side of the city,...

33 Swimmers Accused of Harassing Hawaii Dolphins

They've been referred to law enforcement

(Newser) - Hawaii authorities on Tuesday say they have referred 33 people to US law enforcement after the group allegedly harassed a pod of wild dolphins in waters off the Big Island, the AP reports. It's against federal law to swim within 50 yards of spinner dolphins in Hawaii’s nearshore...

FTC Warns of 'Terrifying' Phone Scam Driven by AI

Agency says voice cloning can make caller sound like a loved one begging for money

(Newser) - Many of us have heard of the old hoax in which victims receive phone calls from "police" or a "doctor" (actually scammers) saying that a loved one is in trouble and needs money sent stat. Now, in what NPR says "sounds like a plot from a science...

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