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Eyedrops Recalls Illustrate Holes in FDA Oversight

Agency needs greater authority to ensure safety, experts say

(Newser) - When you buy eyedrops at a US store, you might assume the product was made in a clean, well-maintained factory that's passed muster with health regulators. But repeated recalls involving over-the-counter drops are drawing new attention to just how little US officials know about the conditions at some manufacturing...

Woman Accused of Killing Friend With Eye Drops
Woman Guilty
of Killing Friend
With Eye Drops

Woman Guilty of Killing Friend With Eye Drops

Jury finds Jessy Kurczewski guilty of homicide, theft

(Newser) - A Wisconsin woman has been found guilty of killing a friend in 2018 by poisoning her with eye drops. A jury found Jessy Kurczewski, 37, guilty of one count of homicide and two counts of theft, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. She will face a mandatory life sentence on the...

FDA: These Eyedrops Could Blind You
FDA Warns:
These Eyedrops
Could Blind You

FDA Warns: These Eyedrops Could Blind You

Affected eyedrops should no longer be used, agency warns

(Newser) - US health regulators are warning consumers not to use more than two dozen varieties of over-the-counter eyedrops because of the risk of infections that could lead to blindness, the AP reports. The Food and Drug Administration advisory applies to lubricating drops sold by six companies, including CVS Health, Target, Rite...

Eye Drops Recall: Deaths, Blindness, Now an FDA Inspection
Eyedrops Recall:
4th Death Linked to Outbreak

Eyedrops Recall: 4th Death Linked to Outbreak

CDC counts more than 80 people affected in 18 states by EzriCare artificial tears

(Newser) - A fourth death has been linked to an outbreak of drug-resistant bacteria blamed on eyedrops, reports USA Today . The CDC now counts 81 patients in 18 states affected by the outbreak, which prompted the recall of EzriCare artificial tears, made by Global Pharma Healthcare. The CDC also warns people to...

FDA Issues Warning on Amniotic Fluid Eye Drops

Agency says products have not been approved

(Newser) - Amniotic fluid—the fluid that surrounds a fetus in the womb—is among the many things that you shouldn't put in your eyes, the Food and Drug Administration says. In a notification issued earlier this month, the agency said manufacturers are "marketing and distributing amniotic fluid eyedrops" for...

More Deaths Linked to Superbug From Eye Drops

Users of recalled products should watch out for symptoms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

(Newser) - Two more Americans infected with an antibiotic-resistant bacteria linked to eye drops have died. The CDC, which warned against using the preservative-free EzriCare Artificial Tears in January following the death of a man in Washington state, said two others had died with Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections linked to eye drops. "...

CDC: Stop Using These Eye Drops
CDC: Stop Using
These Eye Drops

CDC: Stop Using These Eye Drops

Outbreak of antibiotic-resistant bacteria may be linked to EzriCare Artificial Tears

(Newser) - The CDC is warning that anyone using EzriCare Artificial Tears should stop following the death of one person from a bacterial infection that's potentially linked to the over-the-counter eye drops. From May to Jan. 19, the CDC identified at least 50 people in 11 states with an infection of...

Drop by Drop, Prosecutor Says, Man Killed His Wife

Husband collected $250K from insurance policies

(Newser) - "They said she had a heart attack," a neighbor in the Charlotte area said. Stacy Hunsucker did have heart problems; she had a pacemaker. But a North Carolina prosecutor says that's not why she died last year. Blood that remained after an organ donation provided a clue,...

We're Wasting Billions— Because Eyedrops Are Too Big
Eyedrops Are Too Big,
and It's Costing Us Billions

Eyedrops Are Too Big, and It's Costing Us Billions

ProPublica investigation deals with health care waste

(Newser) - When you put eyedrops in your eye and a bunch of the liquid spills out, that's not necessarily user error. A ProPublica investigation , part of the publication's series on how billions of health care dollars are wasted each year, finds that eyedrops are way too big—some of...

Anti-Cholesterol Eye Drops Could Fight Blindness

Fatty buildup linked to macular degeneration: study

(Newser) - Cholesterol-lowering eye drops may soon have another use: fighting blindness associated with macular degeneration. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine found that immune cells known as macrophages can become "bloated" with fatty deposits. The resulting inflammation can cause new blood vessels to form; these vessels are linked to...

Did Chris Brown Cry Fake Tears at BET Awards?

 Was Chris Brown 
 Crying Fake Tears 
 at BET Awards? 
eyedrop conspiracy theory

Was Chris Brown Crying Fake Tears at BET Awards?

Witness says he used tear-inducing eye drops

(Newser) - The fallen Chris Brown got plenty of attention and thumbs up for basically sobbing during his tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards. But was it all a sham? Us Weekly talked to a "backstage source" who says one of the singer's bodyguards gave him tear-inducing eyedrops immediately...

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