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Idaho Woman's Yard Sale Could Really Cost Her

Christa Thompson faces 6 months in jail for violating governor's stay-at-home order

(Newser) - An Idaho mom of six has been hit with a misdemeanor charge that carries up to 6 months behind bars and a $1,000 fine after police say she held a weeklong yard sale amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Per Fox News , a Facebook post by Rathdrum Police Chief Tomi McLean...

Men Share Garage Sale Find: 'It's Right for Humanity'

Jason Scott discovered 2.4K unseen photos from Ground Zero in aftermath of 9/11 attacks

(Newser) - Jason Scott has a new Flickr album , and what's contained therein is a jaw-dropping find he made at a garage sale: 2,400 never-before-seen photos of Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Based on the various perspectives taken from up high and on ground level, the...

Oops: Man Sells Wife's $23K Wedding Ring for $10

Racquel Cloutier was in the hospital at the time, post-childbirth

(Newser) - Husbands, there's a lesson for you in Eric Cloutier's very big mistake: Never sell anything at a garage sale without first checking with your wife. The California man offloaded a watch box he thought was empty at a June 1 community garage sale for $10. Little did he...

Visiting Brit: I Bought $2M Warhol at a Garage Sale

Andy Fields picked up the painting for just $5

(Newser) - Andy Fields may inspire you to visit the local garage sale next time around. The British businessman and art collector says he bought a $2-million Andy Warhol painting for only $5 at a Las Vegas garage sale two years ago, the Daily Mail reports. In fact, he hardly noticed it...

Cities Cracking Down on ... Garage Sales

Officials say recurring sales not fair to real businesses

(Newser) - Across the nation, lawmakers are cracking down on the most insidious of threats: the garage sale. Though there is no official figure, some experts say garage sales are increasing significantly, and officials are bristling as some sites hold sales on a weekly basis—each time with different merchandise, and not...

Ansel Adams Trust Sues Over Garage Sale Negatives

Action taken to fight 'scam photos,' says director

(Newser) - The surprise discovery that negatives bought for a pittance at a garage sale might be by Ansel Adams is turning into more of a headache than a treasure. The famous photographer's trust is suing the California man who bought the glass negatives, charging trademark infringement and false advertising, and demanding...

Ansel Adams' Family, Experts Dispute Photo Discovery

'They don't look like Ansel's work,' says biz manager

(Newser) - Got the picture about the garage sale bargain hunter who found $200 million in lost Ansel Adams glass negatives? It turns out it may not be so black and white. Some experts and Adams' grandson are downright skeptical about the discovered "treasure," and say there's no way, even...

$45 Garage Sale Photos Are $200M Ansel Adams Works

Negatives were believed to have burned in fire

(Newser) - It’s every garage sale shopper’s dream: Find two boxes of old negatives for $70, bargain the price to $45, and discover 10 years later that they’re worth at least $200 million. That’s what happened to Rick Norsigian, who spent the past decade proving the negatives he...

8 Stories