Charles Rangel

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Pelosi Lets Rangel Slide...for Now

Nancy Pelosi is better off doing nothing than punishing Charlie Rangel, aides say

(Newser) - Stripping ethics-challenged Charlie Rangel of his Ways and Means Committee chairmanship would create more problems for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi than it would solve, reports Politico, citing current and former House aides. Punishing Rangel would mean having to fill his seat—with one of several less-than-stellar replacements—and infuriating the...

Rangel Sorry for Obama 'Life in Danger' Crack

It was 'entirely inappropriate,' says Harlem congressman

(Newser) - Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel has apologized for saying that President Obama should watch his back during a planned visit to New York, reports the New York Daily News. Rangel made the crack as he commented on the accidental shooting death of black police officer Omar Edwards by a fellow white...

Top Dem Dogs Ready to Retool Obama's Budget
Top Dem Dogs Ready to Retool Obama's Budget

Top Dem Dogs Ready to Retool Obama's Budget

Prez lets lawmakers take the lead—and they have their own ideas

(Newser) - To clear Congress, President Obama’s budget is going to have to survive committee turf wars and parochial interests—and that’s just the Democrats. The New York Times reports that key committee chairmen in the House and Senate have ideas of their own on health care, energy, and taxes....

Stanford Spent Millions to Lobby Congress

$8B scammer's island junkets helped push anti-tax agenda

(Newser) - Billionaire R. Allen Stanford has spent millions of dollars in attempting to enlist high-powered Washington officials in his anti-tax efforts, reports the Wall Street Journal. Stanford’s investment companies spent over $5 million on lobbying, $2 million on campaign contributions, and thousands more on flying members of Congress to the...

Forget Blago: Rangel Plagues Obama
 Plagues Obama 

Forget Blago: Rangel Plagues Obama

Key congressman's probe could hurt Obama's agenda

(Newser) - The Blagojevich mess may appear more damaging, but the bigger concern for Barack Obama is the scandal surrounding Charles Rangel, who is under scrutiny for a number of questionable dealings, writes Gerald Seib in the Wall Street Journal. Blago may soon be out of Obama’s hair, but Rangel's status...

Rangel Inquiry Expands to Donor Concerns

Rep. faces allegations he fought tax loophole in funding tradeoff

(Newser) - A House ethics committee broadened its probe into Charles Rangel over concerns the New York Democrat fought a tax loophole in exchange for a $1 million donation to his policy institute. The subcommittee has been investigating Rangel’s personal finances since September over several other corruption allegations; now, it looks...

Blago Scandal Will Test Obama's Cred
Blago Scandal Will Test
Obama's Cred

Blago Scandal Will Test Obama's Cred

How fast, and how bluntly, will he move to censure corrupt pols?

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s first test was supposed to come from somewhere like Iran. Instead, write Charles Mahtesian and Jonathan Martin at Politico, it sneaked up from his home turf in the form of Rod Blagojevich—not to mention blossoming charges against Rep. Charlie Rangel. If Obama wants his change message...

Rangel Fights New Ethics Charges

Republicans complain that Harlem rep's getting a free pass

(Newser) - The ethics problems are piling up for Charlie Rangel, Harlem’s veteran congressman and the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, reports Politico, but Rangel's not ceding anything. Instead, he's planning a counterattack on the New York Times, which alleges he worked to save a tax loophole worth...

Rangel Saved Loophole that Aided $1M Donor

Oil-drilling company helped finance NY rep's legacy project

(Newser) - As questions swirl over the methods Charles Rangel used to raise funds for a school in his name, a New York Times investigation finds that the New York representative and chair of the House Ways and Means committee fought to save a tax loophole that benefited one of the school's...

Lobbyists Lavish Gifts on Lawmakers' Fave Charities

More than $13M donated to charities and nonprofits in name of House, Senate members

(Newser) - New congressional ethics rules are showing the public for the first time how much money lobbyists and companies are donating to charities and nonprofits to woo lawmakers, the New York Times reports. Companies and interest groups donated more than $13 million to such groups associated with more than 200 House...

Rangel Won't Step Down From Tax Panel

Says Pelosi in favor of him staying as chair of Ways and Means

(Newser) - New York Rep. Charles Rangel will remain in his post as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee while an ethics investigation takes place, the New York Times reports. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports the move, said his attorney, and Rangel "believes that the facts should prevail, not...

Pelosi Asks Rangel to Step Down as Tax Panel Chair

Tax committee boss dogged by questions over own returns

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has privately asked New York Rep. Charles Rangel to step down as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee after it emerged that his personal tax filings neglected to report income from a rental property for some 20 years, says a source to the New ...

'Language Barrier', Not Tax Evasion: Rangel

Powerful congressman sorry for screw-up

(Newser) - Rep. Charles Rangel blamed his failure to pay taxes on his rental income from a Caribbean villa to “cultural and language barriers,” reports the New York Times. “Every time I thought I was getting somewhere, they’d start speaking Spanish,” Rangel said of his attempts to...

Rangel Didn't Pay Taxes on Dominican Villa

Chief of tax-writing panel fails to report $75,000 in income

(Newser) - Rep. Charles Rangel, chairman of the tax-code-writing Ways and Means Committee, failed to report more than $75,000 in rental income from a Dominican villa he purchased in 1988, the New York Times reports. But Rangel never noticed the error, his lawyer says, because his wife handles his finances. “...

Rangel Wrangles DNC Speaking Gig

Dems cave to pressure from boosters of powerful NY Rep.

(Newser) - Charles Rangel, the Harlem Democrat who chairs the House Ways and Means committee, will speak at the party’s convention after all, the New York Post reports. Rangel was originally denied a spot, angering his boosters, but his surrogates got organizers to shoehorn him in today. Rangel is scheduled to...

Rangel Denied Chance to Speak in Denver

Clinton ally sees it as snub

(Newser) - Charles Rangel won’t be speaking at the Democratic National Convention, Politico reports. Representatives made a pitch for an address by the House Ways and Means Chairman, but the Obama campaign told them that Rangel’s early support for Hillary Clinton had given him low priority—even though the congressman...

Rangel's Fundraising for 'Me' Monument Questioned

Solicits cash from firms linked to his panel

(Newser) - New York Rep. Charles Rangel has raised eyebrows with fundraising efforts for a new center Republicans labeled his “Monument to Me.” After securing a $1.9 congressional earmark, Rangel is soliciting money from firms affected by his House Ways and Means Committee to build the Charles B. Rangel...

Raging Rangel Denies Rent Deal

Lawmaker defends taking up 4 rent-controlled units in city short of housing

(Newser) - A testy Charles Rangel yesterday brushed off accusations that he had enjoyed special treatment in occupying four rent-controlled apartments, reports the New York Times. The veteran Democratic congressman denied he had a "sweetheart" deal with his landlord and slammed the Times article that started the controversy. The 78-year-old chairman...

Rangel Enjoys Sweet Deal on 4 Harlem Apartments

Dem faces questions over big savings on rent

(Newser) - A powerful Democratic lawmaker is getting a sweet deal on four Harlem apartments, the New York Times reports. Charles Rangel has four rent-stabilized apartments, whose rents are controlled by city law. Three of the apartments are combined into one luxury unit, and the fourth is used as an office—despite...

Clinton Took to Heart Blunt Talk From Friends

Rangel, Frank among those who finally swayed her to pull the plug

(Newser) - For Hillary Clinton, it was the candor of longtime supporters such as Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank that told her it was time to go. Politico offers more details from Clinton's conference call with House members, which began with deference but ultimately spelled out the political reality in blunt terms....

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