Pakistan flooding

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'Attribution Science' Sees Culprit in Pakistan Flooding

Study suggests climate change made heavy rainfall more likely

(Newser) - Human-caused climate change likely doubled the likelihood of the 1-in-100-year floods that have devastated Pakistan this year, per CNN . That's according to researchers in a fast-growing field known as attribution science, which seeks to determine how climate change contributes to extreme weather events, per the New York Times . Such...

Pakistan Suffering From 'Crisis of Unimaginable Proportions'

One-third of country is under water due to historic monsoon season

(Newser) - As water shortages plague the US , Pakistan is suffering a very opposite problem. A brutal and historic monsoon season has left "a trail of deadly havoc" across the country, reports the BBC , washing out roads and crops and isolating entire villages. Minister of Climate Change Sherry Rehman makes...

Flash Floods Kill at Least 45 in Pakistan

'We're left on our own. Nobody from the government is coming to help us'

(Newser) - Flash floods triggered by torrential rains Sunday killed at least 45 people in northwest Pakistan, officials said. Rains started overnight Saturday and caused flash flooding in several districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, said a Pakistani national disaster management official, Latif ur Rehman. Another 34 people were admitted to hospitals with...

Bin Laden to Muslim World: You Failed Pakistan

Second tape in 24 hours blasts response to floods

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden's getting downright chatty these days, releasing his second video in 24 hours to blast Muslim nations' response to the devastating floods in Pakistan (click here for the lowdown on the first). "The (UN's) secretary-general came to witness the catastrophe for himself, and yet no Arab leaders...

Bin Laden Calls for Pakistan Flood Relief

Al-Qaeda leader releases new video depicting government as uncaring

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden has released a new video, but this time he wasn’t calling for violence—he was calling for the creation of a new aid group aimed at helping Muslims in general, and victims of Pakistan's massive floods in particular. “What governments spend on relief work is...

After Floods, Pakistan Celebrates Eid in Tents

Joyous holiday not so festive for millions of victims

(Newser) - Millions of Pakistani flood victims celebrated Islam's most joyous festival in donated tents and makeshift shelters on Saturday as the country's leaders, criticized for an inadequate response to the disaster, pledged more aid. The water has receded in many places, but remains head-high in others, forcing victims to stay outside...

Angelina Jolie Visits Pakistan Flood Victims

UN goodwill ambassador to record fresh appeal for help

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie flew to Pakistan today to meet people displaced by flooding and film fresh appeals for international aid. The actress—a goodwill ambassador for the UN's refugee agency—describes the crisis as an "economic and social catastrophe," Radar reports, with "one-fifth of Pakistan under water" and...

1M More Displaced in Pakistan
 1M More Displaced in Pakistan 

1M More Displaced in Pakistan

Southern levee bursts, flooding new areas

(Newser) - A new levee crumbled against the weight of the Indus River in Pakistan, flooding new areas in the southern Sindh province and displacing nearly 1 million more people, the AP reports. Around 175,000 people—70% of the population of the city of Thatta—are thought to have fled their...

Despite Floods, US Restarts Drone Attacks in Pakistan

Good will could go 'down the drain,' officials warn

(Newser) - Pakistan is in the midst of a massive humanitarian crisis, with floods submerging a sixth of the country, leaving six million people homeless. But that hasn’t stopped the US from resuming its unmanned aerial assaults, MSNBC reports. Drone missions were briefly grounded by the monsoon, but now have fully...

Pakistanis Dig In: 'We're Scared of Losing Everything'
 Pakistanis Dig In: 
 'We're Scared of 
 Losing Everything' 
Nobody's evacuating

Pakistanis Dig In: 'We're Scared of Losing Everything'

Thousands stay behind to safeguard what's left

(Newser) - Somewhere beneath the swirling warm brown floodwaters drenching Pakistan lie the remnants of millions of displaced lives: possessions, crops, livelihoods, the ruins of homes. But even as the amount worth saving dwindles—perhaps a few bedraggled animals, cookware, or transistor radio—thousands upon thousands are digging in and refusing to...

Pakistan Flood Chaos Gives Militants Chance to Regroup

Attacks rising as police, military focus on relief operation

(Newser) - Islamic militants are making the most of the floods devastating Pakistan, warn officials. With the military and police occupied by relief work, militants have taken the opportunity to regroup in the country's northwest, the Los Angeles Times reports. Hundreds of militants attacked police near Peshawar this week, and two tribal...

Donors Slow to Respond to Pakistan Flooding Crisis
As Pakistan Drowns,
the West Sits on Its Wallet

As Pakistan Drowns, the West Sits on Its Wallet

UN fears country's image problem is to blame

(Newser) - Western governments and individuals don't seem to care about Pakistani flooding victims nearly as much as they did about Haitian earthquake victims, UN officials say. The Pakistan crisis has left millions of people in urgent need of assistance but donations are trickling in much slower than needed, officials tell the...

UN Chief: Pakistan Flooding 'Unprecedented'
 UN Chief: Pakistan 
 Flooding 'Unprecedented' 

UN Chief: Pakistan Flooding 'Unprecedented'

Aid needs to be stepped up: Ban Ki-moon

(Newser) - Ban Ki-moon has toured his share of disaster areas, but the UN secretary-general said today that he's never seen anything on the scope of the floods that have rolled through Pakistan, displacing some 20 million people. Ban urged the international community to step up the pace of aid donations, saying:...

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