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10 Celebs With Bad Reputations In Restaurants
 10 Celebs 
 Restaurants Fear 

10 Celebs Restaurants Fear

Please don't take your shoes off, smear food on yourself

(Newser) - Ever wonder how that celeb behaves at the corner table you got muscled out of? The Frisky lists misbehaving A-listers who have been kicked to the D-list by restaurants:
  • Jeremy Piven: Left an Entourage DVD for a tip at an Aspen sushi joint, along with a snide "Thanks for

That Cheap Bookshelf Has a Global Cost
That Cheap Bookshelf Has
a Global Cost
Book Review

That Cheap Bookshelf Has a Global Cost

But new book finds it's not all China's fault and IKEA is a hypocrite

(Newser) - Though you might have hand-crafted antiques handed down from your grandparents, chances are your grandkids aren't getting their mitts on that wood-veneer bookshelf you just schlepped home from IKEA, writes Stephanie Zacharek for Salon. The modern desire for cheap, replaceable goods is a cause and a symptom of a global...

Why You Should Drink From the Bottom of the List

Expensive wines can break the bank and cheaper ones may give off the impression of mediocrity, but they can save money without losing their taste

(Newser) - While most people prefer choosing from the top of any wine list, it’s not where you get the best bang for your buck, writes Eric Asimov in the New York Times. He suggests starting at the bottom. While expensive wines are a must-have for any respectable restaurant, “the...

Noodle Chain Rules London Dining Scene

Wagamama tops pricey competitors in new Zagat survey

(Newser) - Wagamama, a chain of inexpensive Japanese-inspired noodle bars, is London’s most popular restaurant in the latest Zagat survey, the Telegraph reports. The low-key chain topped fine-dining establishments such as the Ivy and Gordon Ramsay for the top honor, which also takes price, atmosphere, and overall value into account. Ramsay’...

Toyota, GM Working on Super-Cheap Models, Too

India's $2,500 Tata has market leaders playing catch-up

(Newser) - Work on the world's cheapest cars is underway at the world's biggest car companies, the Associated Press reports. Toyota and GM announced this week at Detroit's North American International Auto show they are working on inexpensive subcompacts similar to India's Tata Motors' $2,500 car and aimed at emerging markets....

New Airlines Fly on a Wing and $10
New Airlines Fly on a Wing and $10

New Airlines Fly on a Wing and $10

Bargain-basement US carriers prepare to rock the industry

(Newser) - Frequent fliers will soon be reminiscing about the small luxuries a $200 airline ticket bought: like free Diet Coke. A new wave of start-up airlines is selling ultra-affordable flights as low as $10. But prepare to plunk down for seat assignments, checked baggage—and even peanuts.

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