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'Instead of Curing Pain,' This Doctor 'Inflicted It'

Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr. found guilty of causing cardiac emergencies through drugged IV bags

(Newser) - A Texas doctor is facing up to 190 years in prison after a federal jury found he injected dangerous drugs into IV bags at the surgical facility where he worked, triggering cardiac emergencies among patients. Thirteen patients suffered cardiac emergencies during routine procedures at Baylor Scott & White Surgicare in...

Man Running for Congress Just Hit the Jackpot

Republican Josh McConkey will fund campaign in North Carolina with his half of $1.5M winnings

(Newser) - A North Carolina physician hit it big in the lottery earlier this month, and that money came just in time for him to fund his run for Congress. WNCN reports that Dr. Josh McConkey, who's also a colonel in the Air Force Reserve, matched all five balls in the...

Key to Saving Lives From Snakebites Could Be a Pill

Matthew Lewin hopes varespladib, currently in clinical trials via Ophirex, will help buy victims time

(Newser) - According to World Health Organization stats, nearly 140,000 people die annually around the globe from venomous snakebites, with most of them succumbing to the snake's venom before they can get emergency assistance. A California doctor hopes his idea will stymie the Grim Reaper in many of those cases,...

Doctor Who Claimed He Woke to Find Wife Dead Is Convicted

E. Scott Sills said he discovered Susann Sills at bottom of stairs in 2016

(Newser) - The Southern California fertility doctor who was arrested in 2019, three years after his wife was found dead at their home after he said she'd fallen down the stairs, was on Tuesday convicted of her murder. During the trial of E. Scott Sills, prosecutors pointed out the blood stains...

Jewish Doctor Fired for Anti-Hamas Posts Sues

Dr. Benjamin Neel accuses NYU Langone of wrongful termination, religious discrimination

(Newser) - Pilots , journalists , professors , and doctors have been fired or otherwise disciplined for comments supporting and condemning Israel's offensive in Gaza, and now, in what will add to a nationwide debate over what's considered protected speech amid the Israel-Hamas war, one doctor is suing in response. Dr. Benjamin...

Rogan, Musk, RFK Jr. Zero In on One Vaccine Scientist
Rogan, Musk, RFK Jr. Zero In
on One Vaccine Scientist
the rundown

Rogan, Musk, RFK Jr. Zero In on One Vaccine Scientist

Dr. Peter Hotez of Houston says he's being 'stalked'

(Newser) - Anthony Fauci has long been public enemy No. 1 in the eyes of vaccine opponents. With Fauci retired, it appears that a vaccine scientist in Houston might be assuming the unwanted role. The scientist is Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of...

In ChatGPT vs. Actual Doctors, an 'Unexpected' Result

Patients rated AI chatbot more empathetic in its written advice than human doctors

(Newser) - Scriptwriters , lawyers , and telemarketers are all warily eyeing ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot that may soon start horning in on their jobs. Doctors might want to keep tabs on how the AI tool could affect their industry as well, especially after new research found that ChatGPT had a better...

Ex-Model Takes Plea in Killing of Psychiatrist, 71

Prosecutors say victim Thomas Burchard cut off money he had been giving to Kelsey Turner

(Newser) - A former model has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the fatal beating of a 71-year-old psychiatrist, reports USA Today . Kelsey Turner, 29, took what's known as an Alford plea in the 2019 slaying of Thomas Burchard, meaning she maintained her innocence while pleading guilty to the murder charge....

Doctor Who First Helped Diana in Crash: I Didn't Recognize Her

As 25th anniversary approaches, Frederic Mailliez speaks about the night of the fatal 1997 accident

(Newser) - The woman was crumpled on the floor of a mangled Mercedes, unconscious and struggling to breathe. The French doctor had no idea who she was and focused on trying to save her. Twenty-five years later, Frederic Mailliez is still marked by what happened in the Alma Tunnel in Paris on...

Doctor Convicted of Abusing Patients Found Dead at Rikers

Ricardo Cruciani faced life sentence and another trial next year

(Newser) - A New York neurologist awaiting sentencing for sexually assaulting his patients was found dead Monday at the Rikers Island jail. A New York City jury had convicted Dr. Ricardo Cruciani of two counts of rape, seven of criminal sexual acts, one of predatory sexual assault, and one of attempted rape,...

Doctor Tied to Ohio Girl's Abortion Gets Notice From AG

Dr. Caitlin Bernard was informed Tuesday that she is under investigation

(Newser) - The Indiana doctor who helped a 10-year-old rape victim from Ohio abort her pregnancy has received official notice that she is under investigation by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita. The notice arrived Tuesday, Dr. Caitlin Bernard's lawyer tells CNN and CBS News . "It's unclear to us what...

Ind. AG Gets Cease-and-Desist Letter From OB-GYN

Warning sent by attorney for Dr. Caitlin Bernard, who performed abortion on 10-year-old rape victim

(Newser) - The doctor at the center of a story about a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who had to travel to Indiana in order to get an abortion has sent the Indiana state attorney general a cease-and-desist letter, for remarks that the doctor's lawyer is calling defamatory. "Please immediately...

Hitler Feared Getting Sick, per Newly Revealed Letters

'If there is something bad, I absolutely have to know,' Nazi dictator said to doctor

(Newser) - Screaming at Nazi rallies apparently does a number on your voice, and it seems to have spurred Adolf Hitler to see an ear, throat, and nose specialist for at least a decade. Now, details on letters written by that doctor about the World War II-era dictator have been released. Per...

Doctor Who Hawked COVID 'Miracle Cure' Gets Jail Time

Jennings Ryan Staley of San Diego sentenced to 30 days over hydroxychloroquine scheme

(Newser) - In the early days of the pandemic, a San Diego doctor offered a beacon of hope—more specifically what he called a "miracle cure" for COVID. Now, however, Dr. Jennings Ryan Staley is going to prison for 30 days over his purported remedy , reports Fox 5 . Staley attempted to...

Humanitarian Doctor 'Didn't Take No for an Answer'
Humanitarian Doctor 'Didn't
Take No for an Answer'

Humanitarian Doctor 'Didn't Take No for an Answer'

Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer, who helped impoverished people worldwide, dies at 62

(Newser) - Dr. Paul Farmer, a US physician, humanitarian, and author renowned for providing health care to millions of impoverished people worldwide, and who co-founded the global nonprofit Partners in Health, has died. He was 62. The Boston-based organization confirmed Farmer's death on Monday, calling it "devastating" and noting he...

Plastic Surgeon Charged After Young Patient's Death

Emmalyn Nguyen suffered cardiac arrest during surgery, died 14 months later

(Newser) - Update: A plastic surgeon has been arrested in Colorado after an 18-year-old patient died following breast augmentation surgery. Emmalyn Nguyen died 14 months after the August 2019 surgery left her in a vegetative state. After a "lengthy criminal investigation," the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office said it issued...

After Health Official's Vaccination Email, Fla. DOH Takes Action

Dr. Raul Pino, Orange County's health chief, put on leave after encouraging staffers to get vaccinated

(Newser) - Throughout the pandemic, Florida's Dr. Raul Pino has been the public face for Orange County's Department of Health, appearing during news briefings to offer updates on case numbers and vaccinations. The county health director may not be on camera for a while, though: The state DOH announced Pino...

Surgeon Loses License for Act of 'Professional Arrogance'

UK's Simon Bramhall had burned his initials into livers of 2 patients in 2013

(Newser) - Update: A British surgeon who burned his initials into the livers of two patients no longer has a medical license. On Monday, the UK's Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service found Simon Bramhall, 57, had broken trust with his patients through his actions during the 2013 surgeries, and that the branding...

These Are the Jobs Your Partner Wishes You Had

Zippia lists most, least attractive jobs for a partner from the perspective of men and women

(Newser) - Working in health care probably doesn't feel all that sexy during a pandemic. But it does look that way in a new survey. Zippia asked 1,000 workers about what common jobs they thought were most attractive for a romantic partner out of a list of 250, and the...

Doctor to Unvaccinated: Find Another Physican

Alabama's Jason Valentine works in the state with lowest vaccination rate

(Newser) - An Alabama doctor sick of seeing unvaccinated people die of COVID-19 says he will soon turn them away. Dr. Jason Valentine, a physician at Diagnostic and Medical Clinic Infirmary Health in Mobile, this week shared a photo of himself posing next to a sign in his office that explains, as...

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