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Death of UK Spy Found in Gym Bag 'Probably an Accident'

Police think Gareth Williams was alone

(Newser) - The MI6 spy whose naked body was found inside a zipped, padlocked gym bag probably died ... by accident, UK police have decided. The coroner said last year Gareth Williams was probably killed by someone else in a criminal act, but now the Metropolitan Police have completed an evidence review and...

Dead Spy Locked Himself in Sports Bag: Police

Scotland Yard investigation concludes what inquest rejected

(Newser) - Scotland Yard has concluded that MI6 Codebreaker Gareth Williams probably locked himself inside the duffel bag he was found dead in, sources close to the inquiry tell the Telegraph . Police re-opened the case after the coroner ruled that a third party had likely been involved —possibly even one of...

Police Check MI6 Agents' DNA in Dead Spy Probe

They think a coworker was in Williams' flat

(Newser) - London Metropolitan Police suspect that one of Gareth Williams' MI6 co-workers was in his apartment the night he died, and they want DNA samples from 50 of them to test that theory, the Telegraph reports. Weak traces of DNA from at least two people have been found in the flat,...

UK Spy's Death Likely Unsolvable: Coroner

She speculates that MI6 itself may have killed Gareth Williams

(Newser) - A UK coroner has concluded that Gareth Williams probably didn't lock himself in the sports bag his body was found in, meaning his death was "on the balance of probabilities" unlawful, but says she's otherwise stumped as to how the MI6 code-breaker died. Dr. Fiona Wilcox issued...

DNA Found on Bag Spy's Body Was Stuffed In

Inquest reveals new evidence in spy's seemingly kinky death

(Newser) - Police investigators found tiny traces of another person's DNA on the zipper and lock of the sports bag that MI6 spy Gareth Williams was found dead in , a detective told the inquest investigating Williams' death today. "My thought or opinion since I went into the scene is that...

Spy Was Studying Bondage for New Undercover Role: Pal

It was only a ruse for his work, says friend

(Newser) - A British codebreaker spy who police believe may have been accidentally suffocated during bondage sex merely appeared to be into kinky sex for a new undercover identity he was taking on for his super secret work, a friend has told investigators. Gareth Williams of MI6 was studying bondage websites and...

Cops Seek Bondage Partners in Murdered Spy Case

Was Gareth Williams' death a sex game gone wrong?

(Newser) - The murder case of a code-cracking British spy gets kinkier and kinkier. Police are now seeking possible sex bondage partners of Gareth Williams, who was found suffocated in a padlocked canvas bag in his apartment last year. There was no sign of forced entry, a struggle, or that he had...

Police Believe Dead Spy Killed in Sex Game

Toxicology report comes up empty for MI6 agent found in bag

(Newser) - Police have hit a dead end in the strange case of Gareth Williams, the MI6 codebreaker whose naked, decomposing body was found inside a locked sports bag in his bathroom. Toxicology reports have revealed no trace of drugs, alcohol or poison, sources tell the Daily Telegraph , and since there’s...

Mystery Duo Sought in Spy Murder

Code-breaker likely victim of professional hit, cops believe

(Newser) - Police are now seeking a mysterious "Mediterranean" couple who may be connected to the murdered British spy who was found naked and wrapped in a padlocked gym bag in an empty bathtub of his London home. Gareth Williams, 31, was likely the victim of a professional hit for reasons...

Murdered Spy Helped Foil al-Qaeda Plot

And he wasn't a transvestite killed by a lover

(Newser) - The British spy found stuffed into a duffel bag in his London apartment last week was a math genius codebreaker who worked with the American NSA as well as UK intelligence, in part helping to decode emails that were used to convict three men connected to an al-Qaeda bigwig who...

British Spy Murder Gets Weirder
 Spy Murder Gets Weirder 

Spy Murder Gets Weirder

Tabloid: Brit found in sports bag was transvestite

(Newser) - British authorities trying to solve the case of the murdered spy found stuffed into a sports bag in his London home are getting plenty of suggestions from the country's press. Gareth Williams, who investigators believe had been dead for up to 2 weeks before he was found, may have been...

Murdered British Spy Found in Sports Bag

Body of murdered agent found in his London flat

(Newser) - A man believed to have been a British spy has been found dead, and stuffed into a sports bag left in the bathtub of his London apartment. The man, in his 30s, is thought to have been working as a communication officer at the nearby headquarters of Britain's MI6...

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