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Billionaires Looking to Stop Trump Turn to Nikki Haley

Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says even 'very liberal Democrats' should support her

(Newser) - The wind at Nikki Haley's back got a little stronger this week. The Charles Koch-led Americans for Prosperity Action on Tuesday announced it would be throwing its weight behind Haley for president, and Politico reports Haley also got a thumbs up from JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who on...

ProPublica Raises Questions About Thomas' Ties to Kochs
Raises More
About Thomas

ProPublica Raises More Questions About Thomas

Justice attended at least two donor events for the Koch brothers' conservative political network

(Newser) - ProPublica is out with another investigative piece that questions the ties of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to wealthy conservative donors . In this one, the outlet reports that Thomas attended at least two fundraising events over the years for the influential Koch brothers, Charles and David. (The latter died...

Koch Network to Work Against Trump in 2024

Coalition of political donors to GOP says country needs 'a new chapter'

(Newser) - Charles Koch's network of donors and organizations will use its political and financial might to keep Donald Trump from winning the presidency in 2024. "The best thing for the country would be to have a president in 2025 who represents a new chapter," Emily Seidel, chief executive...

Trump's Spat With Koch Brothers Just Went Very Public
Trump's Spat With Koch
Brothers Just Went Very Public
the rundown

Trump's Spat With Koch Brothers Just Went Very Public

Their conservative movement is a 'total joke,' says the president

(Newser) - Amid a morning flurry of tweets, President Trump took aim at two powerful figures on the right: brothers David and Charles Koch. "The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful Trade," the president tweeted . "I...

Billionaire David Koch Stepping Down From Political Empire

Charles Koch cites declining health as the reason

(Newser) - Controversial conservative billionaire David Koch is leaving the board of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the political advocacy group he founded with his brother, Charles, which made the brothers "two of the most powerful men in American politics," as USA Today puts it. David Koch, 78, is also...

Details of Koch Donations Spur Review at George Mason

Agreements reportedly gave foundation 2 seats on some hiring committees

(Newser) - The Charles Koch Foundation donated millions to George Mason University, and newly released documents reveal that in exchange, the conservative foundation was granted some influence over the hiring and firing of professors. After the revelation, the president of the university ordered an inquiry into the school's gift acceptance policy,...

Trump Still a Multi-Billionaire, but His Ranking Tumbles

He falls to No. 766 in newest ranking by 'Forbes'

(Newser) - President Trump probably won't be happy to see Forbes ' 2018 ranking of the world's richest people—he has fallen from No. 544 to No. 766. The list pegs Trump's fortune at $3.1 billion, $400 million less than in 2017. Forbes notes that New York City'...

Time Magazine Sold in Koch Deal
Time Inc. Sold
in Koch Deal

Time Inc. Sold in Koch Deal

Conservative brothers fund Meredith acquisition

(Newser) - The Koch brothers now have a major stake in the magazine industry. Meredith Corporation is buying Time Inc. in a $2.8 billion deal supported by a $650 million equity injection from the billionaire brothers, the BBC reports. The company, subject of two previous Meredith acquisition attempts, publishes titles including...

For Team Koch, Hustle for GOP Is All Down-Ballot
For Team Koch,
It's Trump Who?

For Team Koch, It's Trump Who?

Americans for Prosperity has given up presidential race, focuses on GOP's other battlegrounds

(Newser) - The RNC might be holding emergency conference calls as Donald Trump's campaign flounders, but the presidential race might as well be non-existent for David and Charles Koch, the GOP mega-donors who announced months ago that they were sitting on their wallets as far as Trump is concerned. They've...

Kochs: No Money for Trump
 Kochs: No Money for Trump 

Kochs: No Money for Trump

They'll take their cash to the GOP's Senate races

(Newser) - Charles and David Koch are officially sitting on their wallets when it comes to the candidacy of one Donald J. Trump, reports Fox News, with Charles Koch telling a gathering of conservative elites Saturday in Colorado that "We don't really, in some cases, don't really have good...

Charles Koch: Hillary Might Not Be So Bad

The remaining GOP candidates aren't inspiring billionaire to pull out his checkbook

(Newser) - Charles Koch is currently sitting on his checkbook, and he tells ABC News that he's not exactly inclined to start scribbling checks—either in support of, or to undermine—the remaining Republican presidential candidates. The billionaire calls Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich "terrible role models,"...

Kochs: We Won't Try to Stop Trump

They fear attacks wouldn't succeed: sources

(Newser) - More good news for Donald Trump: The Koch brothers won't be spending their billions in an attempt to block him from the Republican nomination. To the thrill of the Republican establishment, rumors had been swirling that the billionaire industrialists would intervene to knock Trump down a peg in a...

Surprise: Koch Brother Praises Sanders in Op-Ed

But, no, Bernie isn't getting an endorsement

(Newser) - On the campaign trail, Bernie Sanders has said this: "If the Koch brothers and the billionaire class hate my guts, I welcome their hatred. Because I am going to stand with working families." He may be surprised, then, to see an op-ed praising him in the Washington Post...

New Book: Koch Brothers' Dad Dealt With Third Reich

And wealthy family helped fund today's conservative movement, per Jane Mayer

(Newser) - There's been plenty written about the Koch brothers , but a new book offers a fresh take on the controversial family. Prominent among the pages of Jane Mayer's Dark Money is the claim the Koch clan was among a group of rich families that brought to fruition, through their...

Koch Network to Spend $900M, Same as Big Parties

Brothers announce huge new goal for 2016

(Newser) - $889 million could buy a good-sized private island or several fighter jets, but can it buy an American election? The billionaire Koch brothers appear to believe so. The brothers and a network of hundreds of other wealthy right-wing donors announced the mammoth spending target at a meeting of the Freedom...

Jon Stewart Rewrites Koch Bros' Daily Show Ad

His version isn't quite as flattering

(Newser) - Jon Stewart just realized the Koch brothers have been running ads for Koch Industries during the Daily Show —so Wednesday night he ran the ad in full ... then ran a slightly different version:
  • "We're Koch Industries: not just an energy company, we're in your food, in

IRS Targets Secret Campaign Cash

Administration looks to limit big-spending groups' political activity

(Newser) - The IRS and Treasury Department are looking to crack down on 501(c)4 groups—tax-exempt organizations that spent a reported $309 million in last year's election without having to reveal their donors. The groups (which the IRS code defines as promoting "the common good and general welfare") are...

Koch Bros. Group Meddling in Small- Town Politics

Even candidates who agree with Americans for Prosperity want it to go away

(Newser) - It isn't just state races the Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity is now getting involved in—the group is also jumping into local politics. In Coralville, Iowa—a town of 19,000 residents—AFP has been campaigning aggressively to influence upcoming mayoral and City Council elections, the New ...

You've Never Heard of GOP's Biggest Money Machine

Freedom Partners spent $250M, and there are Kochs involved

(Newser) - The biggest single donor to conservative groups in the last election cycle was a group that, until today, was all but unknown. Freedom Partners spent $250 million in the 2012 race, according to a soon-to-be-filed tax document the group provided to Politico , more than any one group. All of that...

Don't Let the Koch Brothers Buy the Media

Harold Meyerson doesn't want the LA Times to become a political tool

(Newser) - The Tribune Company's board likely views the Koch Brothers' attempt to buy its eight newspapers as a purely financial transaction. But almost no one else sees it that way, writes Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post . Thousands of LA Times readers, for instance, have already signed petitions against the...

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