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Canadians Moving South of the Border Hits 10-Year High
We Haven't Had
This Many Canadians
Moving to US in Years
in case you missed it

We Haven't Had This Many Canadians Moving to US in Years

More than 126K moved from up north to the United States in 2022, a 70% spike from 2012

(Newser) - Both Canada and the United States appear on a top 10 list of wealthy nations that accept the most number of permanent immigrants. But there's been a big shift in those moving from the former to the latter: Per data from CBC News , emigration out of the Great White...

Mexican Migration Down to 'Net Zero'

Fewer leaving Mexico, many returning from US

(Newser) - Rising standards of living in Mexico are causing emigration to drop, and increasing the number of Mexican immigrants returning home, reversing the massive exodus of the 1980s and '90s, reports the Christian Science Monitor . In fact, with one million Mexicans returning from the US between 2005 and 2010—three...

Irish Americans Shouldn't Celebrate Victimhood
Irish Americans Shouldn't Celebrate Victimhood

Irish Americans Shouldn't Celebrate Victimhood

Famine memorials put too much emphasis on defeat and destruction

(Newser) - Irish Americans should be celebrating their successes tomorrow—and every day—instead of looking back to the potato famine that forced many of their ancestors across the Atlantic, writes William McGurn. The Irish have thrived and prospered in America, but in recent years, they've been celebrating that history by erecting...

World Economy Cuts Mexican Migration by 50%

Fewer citizens are immigrating, but emigrants aren't returning

(Newser) - Who needs a border fence when you have a shaky economy? That seems to be the message of Mexico's latest migration numbers, which show net emigration down by more than half for the year that ended in August 2008, compared with the previous 12 months. And the cause isn't more...

Oy, Caramba! Cubans Turn to Judaism
Oy, Caramba!
Cubans Turn
to Judaism

Oy, Caramba! Cubans Turn to Judaism

But for some, religious awakening looks a lot like exit strategy

(Newser) - Cuba's Jewish community is growing for the first time in decades, the Wall Street Journal reports. The country's Jewish population dwindled to 1,000 by the late 1980s but has now hit 1,500. Hundreds of other Cuban Jews have recently emigrated, landing in Israel, Canada, and the US. Many...

Booming India Sees 'Brain Gain'
 Booming India Sees 'Brain Gain' 

Booming India Sees 'Brain Gain'

Expats return home to enjoy new economy

(Newser) - India's educated are no longer rushing to the West for big bucks and a better lifestyle, the Guardian reports. More university grads are refusing to emigrate and many expats are returning home—a trend experts are dubbing "brain gain." One Indian, formerly in London, said he would "...

Record Brain Drain Rocks Britain as Emigration Soars

Professionals heading to life overseas

(Newser) - The UK is experiencing the worst "brain drain" of any country as the British move abroad to seek better lives at the highest rate since just after World War II, a study has found. More than a tenth of the highest-skilled Brits have moved overseas for reasons that one...

Iran's Jews Snub Israel's Offer of Cash for Emigration

Offers were for $10,000 a person

(Newser) - Iran's Jews collectively rebuffed a $10K-per-person cash offer from Israel seeking their emigration, extended by a group of wealthy expats. "The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradable for any amount of money," says the spokesman for the country's Jews.

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