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Vindman's Wife Speaks Out: Trump 'Came After Our Family'

Rachel Vindman says president was 'obsessed' with her husband after his impeachment testimony

(Newser) - During Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's testimony in the Trump impeachment hearings, and in the aftermath, when he says political retaliation basically forced him to retire , his wife, Rachel, stayed behind the scenes. Now, however, she's speaking out, via a campaign ad put out by the Lincoln Project and...

Iraq War Critic to Serve Final Tour in Iraq

Jon Soltz of VoteVets will see the end of the war he despised

(Newser) - Jon Soltz, the outspoken Iraq war critic who runs, will soon take a year-long leave of absence from the group—so he can be deployed to Iraq. “I'm not an idiot. I've known the possibilities of this for a long time,” Soltz, a longtime Army Reserve...

2 Stories