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You May Want to Hoard That Olive Oil in Your Pantry

Drought, high temps in Spain are wreaking havoc on crops, driving olive oil prices to 26-year high

(Newser) - If you're on a Mediterranean diet kick, you might want to be judicious with how much olive oil you use in your meals. That's because the monthslong drought and sweltering temps in the Mediterranean, especially Spain, have dried out olive trees, causing prices to spike and a looming...

In Italy, Starbucks Is Putting Olive Oil in Coffee

CEO Howard Schultz says it adds an 'unexpected, velvety, buttery flavor'

(Newser) - Nearly five years after it opened its first locations in Italy, Starbucks wants Italians to try something new: coffee with olive oil in it. The company says interim CEO Howard Schultz was traveling in Sicily last year when, inspired by the "Mediterranean custom of taking a spoonful of olive...

Tree 'Leprosy' Is Coming for Your Olive Oil
'Olive Leprosy' May Take
Huge Toll on Trees
NEW study

'Olive Leprosy' May Take Huge Toll on Trees

Disease is spreading in Europe, and it's expected to drive up prices of olive oil

(Newser) - A new study about a relentless pathogen hitting olive trees in Europe has bleak projections for the industry, with the disease on track to drive up the price of olive oil in supermarkets around the world. The disease is known formally as olive quick decline syndrome, but more commonly as...

Olive Oil Saves Guy Stuck Trying to Retrieve Phone

He was caught head first between rocks as the tide was coming in

(Newser) - A man who got stuck head-first between two rocks on a Rhode Island jetty while trying to retrieve his cellphone has been rescued with the help of olive oil, reports AP . The strange incident happened Saturday afternoon near a fishing area in Point Judith, reports WJAR-TV . Authorities say the man...

Our Olive Oil Is Often Rancid, and We Don't Even Know It

'We call the US the world’s dumping ground for rancid and defective olive oil'

(Newser) - As consumers, we pay a price for extra virgin olive oil—and not just literally. The oil is extracted naturally from the first press of the olives, as opposed to using heat or chemicals. It's basically olive juice, reports Mother Nature News , and it must have zero defects. But...

To Keep Memory Greased, Go Mediterranean

 To Keep Memory 
 Greased, Go 

To Keep Memory Greased, Go Mediterranean

Diet with olive oil, nuts, may slow cognitive decline: study

(Newser) - A Mediterranean diet doesn't just add years to your life , it may also help you remember those years more clearly. A small study suggests a diet high in vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, plus olive oil or nuts, can improve memory and brain power, Reuters reports. Researchers in Barcelona...

Just Smelling Olive Oil Makes You Feel Full
Just Smelling Olive Oil
Makes You Feel Full
study says

Just Smelling Olive Oil Makes You Feel Full

New research suggests strange reason olive oil is good for you

(Newser) - Olive oil is good for you. That's not a terribly controversial statement—it's a staple, after all, of the well-regarded Mediterranean diet . The big question has always been why, and while conventional wisdom has held that it's because it contains antioxidants and oleic acid, a new study...

Historic Cathedral Can Be Saved With ... Olive Oil?

Brits hope to keep York Minister from falling apart

(Newser) - Nothing like a little salad dressing to rescue an 800-year-old cathedral. British scientists and archaeologists tasked with saving York Minister, a stunning cathedral in northern England, say olive oil may do the trick, NPR reports. The oil's main ingredient—oleic acid—could protect the building's stones from acid...

Low-Fat Salad Dressing Won't Protect You From Disease

Canola oil proves to be the healthy exception

(Newser) - That low-fat salad dressing? Might keep you slim, but it won't help you stave off serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease, reports the Daily Mail . Researchers from Iowa State University served up salads to participants with different dressings: corn oil (for polyunsaturated fat), canola oil (for monounsaturated fat)...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Be a Waste of Money
Extra Virgin Olive Oil May
Be a Waste of Money

Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Be a Waste of Money

If used to cook, it ends up tasting the same as cheaper stuff

(Newser) - If you're shelling out a buck per tablespoon to cook with extra virgin olive oil, you might want to think about going a cheaper route—say humble canola oil for about a dime per tablespoon. That's because it all tastes pretty much the same after being exposed to heat for...

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