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CDC Shuts 2 Labs After Another Dangerous Gaffe

New one involves dangerous strain of bird flu

(Newser) - Another day, another report of a potentially deadly lab mistake by the CDC. The latest one, involving bird flu, has prompted CDC chief Tom Frieden to shut down two research labs temporarily and to halt the shipment of risky germs, reports AP . The bird flu mistake actually happened in May...

Lab Revives History's Deadliest Flu Virus

Scientists blast 'crazy' pandemic experiments

(Newser) - Researchers in a Wisconsin lab have created a mutant, highly infectious version of the "Spanish Flu" that killed around 50 million people in 1918—and if you think that sounds completely insane, there are a lot of scientists who agree with you. The University of Wisconsin researchers argue that...

Virus Experiments in Lab Could Unleash Pandemic

Researchers say there's a small but clear risk such tests could be catastrophic

(Newser) - Scientific testing is great—except when it has the potential to unleash a global pandemic. That's the word from a new study that warns experiments on mutant viruses could do more harm than good. Scientists around the world are creating new viruses or changing existing ones to better understand...

Scientists: Just 5 Mutations and Bird Flu Goes Airborne

But it's not known if those mutations could happen outside a lab

(Newser) - H5N1 has killed 60% of the 650 humans it's known to have infected in nearly two decades, making it an incredibly deadly but difficult to transmit virus. A new study tries to answer the question of how little it would take to make bird flu easily spreadable. The conclusion:...

Here's How Earth Could Really End: Scientists

Global warming, pandemic, fungus ... a not-fun time for everyone

(Newser) - From Planet of the Apes to After Earth, Hollywood has depicted Earth's demise many a time—but scientists' fears of planetary catastrophe are just as scary, LiveScience reports. Here are a few Doomsday scenarios as imagined by scientific minds:
  • Global warming: Scientists call this the biggest threat of all.

Scientists: Time to Make Our Own Bird Flu

Call to study a strain perhaps more dangerous to humans

(Newser) - Concerns about the H7N9 bird flu virus are heating up, with a report this week detailing an apparent transmission of the disease between two people. Typically, humans are only infected by poultry, USA Today notes, but a study suggests a 60-year-old man who died after getting the disease gave it...

Taiwan Confirms 1st Bird Flu Case Outside China

As WHO says H7N9 more easily transmitted from bird to human than H5N1

(Newser) - Taiwan is confirming it has the first case of H7N9 bird flu outside of mainland China, reports the AFP . The 53-year-old male victim recently returned from a trip to China via Shanghai, where H7N9 first broke out . He's been hospitalized since April 16 in critical condition. The spread comes...

40% of Bird Flu Victims Didn't Touch Birds: Report

Finding raises fears that it's passing human-to-human

(Newser) - H7N9 is growing no less mysterious: Roughly 40% of those infected in China's bird flu outbreak have never actually come in contact with poultry, according to a leading Chinese scientist, and the World Health Organization yesterday backed up that claim. WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl acknowledged "there are people...

Bird Flu Spreads to Beijing
 Bird Flu Spreads to Beijing 

Bird Flu Spreads to Beijing

It was expected to, says WHO chief; still no human-to-human transmissions

(Newser) - Beijing has reported its first case of the H7N9 bird flu , as two new cases in a neighboring province were confirmed today, marking the official spread of the virus from the country's east. But the development was anticipated, says the head of the WHO office in Beijing. "We'...

Bird Flu Sickening KFC Sales
 Bird Flu Sickening KFC Sales 

Bird Flu Sickening KFC Sales

Yum Brands cites 'significant, negative impact' in China

(Newser) - Colonel Sanders has a bird flu problem. The H7N9 virus, which has killed nine people, has had a "significant, negative impact on KFC sales" in China, Yum Brands revealed in a regulatory filing yesterday. That's no small problem for the company: China is responsible for more than half...

Why This New Bird Flu Is So Scary

...and why it's not

(Newser) - Twenty-four people have now been infected with a new strain of bird flu in China, with seven dead, Reuters reports. The US is gearing up against the disease, with the CDC readying a diagnostic kit for states as well as China, the Wall Street Journal reports. So, how worried should...

Fearing Outbreak, Shanghai Slaughters 20K Birds

CDC researcher says agency 'fairly worried' about H7N9

(Newser) - With China scrambling to keep a lid on a budding H7N9 bird flu outbreak , authorities in Shanghai said they will close all its live poultry markets beginning tomorrow for the indefinite future, reports CNN . Some 20,000 birds have already been slaughtered at a market where traces of the bird...

China Scrambles to Track Mystery Bird Flu

New outbreaks as officials fear H7N9 may have mutated

(Newser) - Four more people in coastal China are hospitalized with the new H7N9 strain of bird flu, China announced yesterday. H7N9 has already killed two people and left a third in critical condition; the four new patients, aged 32 to 83, are also critically ill, the New York Times reports. Chinese...

2 Die in China of H7N9 Bird Flu

Lesser known strain of H5N1; no signs human are transmitting it

(Newser) - China is downplaying the deaths of two men in Shanghai from the less known H7N9 strain of bird flu, claiming that there are thus far no signs of human-to-human transmission. A woman is also in critical condition in a nearby province, though the AP notes that none of the 88...

Scientists Revive Bird Flu Research Amid Contagion Fear

But US funding not quite ready

(Newser) - Bird flu experts decided to shut down their research last year over government concerns that samples could cause contagion outside the lab. Now, some 40 scientists—in countries which have set up research guidelines—are set to dive back into their investigations, they say. The US hasn't established its...

Bird Flu Jumps to Seals, Could Threaten Humans

Scientists studying new strain that moves from seal to seal

(Newser) - A new strain of bird flu you should be worried about? Maybe: In New England last fall, 162 harbor seal pups were killed by H3N8, a flu subtype that has crossed over from birds to dogs and horses in the past. Other strains of flu have previously crossed over from...

Bird Flu Research OK to Publish
Bird Flu Research
OK to Publish

Bird Flu Research OK to Publish

Scientific panel gives approval to papers on deadly virus

(Newser) - Some controversial research on bird flu is safe to publish after all, reports the New York Times . A panel of scientists yesterday reversed its December decision and concluded that two revised papers on the H5N1 virus were good to go. The board created controversy last year when it asked two...

Bird Flu Studies to Go Public Over Bioterror Fears

US warns of risk, but scientists say flu is bigger danger

(Newser) - Two months after leading science journals decided to self-censor articles about experiments to alter the bird flu virus and make it more dangerous, the WHO is recommending the journals publish the research after all, reports the New York Times . Well, publish it some time. The moratorium is in place for...

Bird Flu Study Shut Down Over Terrorism Fears

Scientists have already determined that it could go airborne

(Newser) - Researchers have temporarily shut down their investigations into a new, potentially devastating form of bird flu, giving in to widespread fear that terrorists might get their hands on the mutated virus. The researchers at Erasmus Medical College in the Netherlands have already determined that the strain, dubbed H5N1, is transmissible...

2 More Birds Found With Flu in Hong Kong

Concerns grow over H5N1 spread

(Newser) - Last month, two dead birds tested positive for the H5N1 virus, prompting Hong Kong authorities to kill some 20,000 more birds; now two more cases have been discovered. Two dead black-headed gulls—frequent winter visitors to the area and discovered separately—were found to have had the disease, fueling...

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