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GOP Senator: Might Be Time for McConnell to Resign

McConnell's office says he will remain GOP leader at least until the next Congress

(Newser) - Some Republican senators say they've observed concerning changes in Mitch McConnell's behavior since he suffered a concussion and broken rib during a fall in March. Their concerns were exacerbated Wednesday when the Senate minority leader froze for around 20 seconds during a press conference. He gave no reason...

Gupta Misled CNN Viewers in Report: Nonprofit

Group says claims he saved 8-year-old's life after Nepal quake aren't accurate

(Newser) - He didn't use the word "conflate," but Sanjay Gupta used many other words to try and clarify why a report he filed from Nepal after the April earthquake there was apparently filled with inaccuracies, the Guardian reports. The Global Press Institute, a journalist-training nonprofit, reports not only...

Sanjay Gupta: I Was Wrong About Weed

Celebrity doctor apologizes for perpetuating anti-marijuana propaganda

(Newser) - For years, Sanjay Gupta has been among the voices calling medical marijuana illegitimate, even writing a 2009 Time article entitled "Why I Would Vote No on Pot." "Well, I am here to apologize," the celebrity doctor writes today at CNN . Gupta has spent a lot of...

Doctors: To Stop Errors, Stop Over-Treating
Doctors: To Stop Errors,
Stop Over-Treating
sanjay gupta

Doctors: To Stop Errors, Stop Over-Treating

Sanjay Gupta reflects on the increasing number of medical mistakes

(Newser) - When it comes to medicine, "more is not always better," writes neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta in the New York Times . Doctors make thousands of mistakes each year—in 1999, as many as 98,000 Americans were dying annually due to medical errors, and that...

UN Docs Flee Hospital on Security Fears; Sanjay Gupta Holds Fort

CNN medical correspondent left alone with patients

(Newser) - As fears of rioting and looting mount in a desperate Haiti, UN doctors and nurses at a Port-au-Prince field hospital were ordered to evacuate last night, leaving CNN's Sanjay Gupta and his camera crew to hold vigil over 25 earthquake victims. Gupta monitored the patients and stabilized some new arrivals...

Heard Gupta's Swine Flu Spiel? Well, He Got It, Too

CNN doc, and onetime Surgeon General candidate, falls ill in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Now just imagine how embarrassing this would’ve been if he had been Surgeon General: Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical talking head, got swine flu on a recent reporting trip to Afghanistan, he writes in a blog post today. “I am not someone who gets sick, really ever,”...

Gupta Won't Be Surgeon General

(Newser) - Sanjay Gupta is sticking with CNN and brain surgery. Gupta has withdrawn his name from contention to be the next surgeon general, the network reports. Gupta apparently had reservations over a big pay cut and the idea of reporting to more than one boss, notes Fox News. Gupta will discuss...

Conyers Raps Obama Surgeon General Pick

Gupta 'lacks the requisite experience,' congressman charges

(Newser) - Barack Obama's apparent choice for surgeon general, Sanjay Gupta, is drawing fire from within his own party, ABC News reports. John Conyers of Michigan, the House Judiciary Committee chair, sent a letter to his fellow legislators today encouraging them to join him in protesting the nomination of the CNN fixture...

As Hearings Begin, Daschle Wary of Clinton Miscues

Obama health chief to push early, at grassroots, with congressional input

(Newser) - Tom Daschle, Barack Obama’s health-care honcho, saw the 1993 Clinton-care debacle up close; his strategy for passing reform this time around is basically Anything But Clinton, reports Politico. The Clinton push, Daschle thinks, came too far into the first term, and was too exclusive, presenting Congress a completed proposal...

Gupta's Right Doc for Political Prime Time
Gupta's Right Doc for Political Prime Time

Gupta's Right Doc for Political Prime Time

CNN's medicine man will help push preventive health care message, Park notes

(Newser) - Barack Obama's choice of CNN's health correspondent as his surgeon general is raising eyebrows, but the pick underlines Obama's plans to focus on preventive care, Alice Park writes in Time. The telegenic Sanjay Gupta, while lacking the government experience most surgeon generals have brought to the job, has anchored specials...

Sanjay Gupta Chosen for Surgeon General

(Newser) - CNN correspondent and neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta is Barack Obama’s choice for surgeon general, and the doctor is expected to accept, the Washington Post reports. The two had a meeting in Chicago in November, where the president-elect noted that Gupta would be a very high-profile appointment and would have significant...

If Brain Surgeons Only Use Their Cells on Speaker ...

... perhaps we all should worry about brain cancer—though studies unclear on link

(Newser) - Experts, including the American Cancer Society, say cell-phone use doesn’t increase the risk of cancer. So why do three prominent neurosurgeons avoid holding phones up to their ears? The debate has been reopened, the New York Times reports, by the surgeons’ recent comments on CNN and by Ted Kennedy’...

Moore Ready to Rumble
Moore Ready
to Rumble

Moore Ready to Rumble

Promises to be CNN's 'worst nightmare' unless he gets an apology on Sicko

(Newser) - In an open letter to CNN, Michael Moore takes issue with what he considers to be a biased report on his movie Sicko. He demands an apology and promises to become CNN's "worst nightmare" unless one is forthcoming promptly.

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