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Russian Man Could Be Jailed for 'No God' Internet Comment

He's been charged with hurting religious people's feelings

(Newser) - Wow, Russia takes Internet comments super seriously. AFP reports 38-year-old Viktor Krasnov is facing up to a year in jail after writing "there is no God" online. He also called the Bible "a collection of Jewish fairy tales" during the same 2014 argument on social media, according to...

Atheists Fight Ohio Holocaust Memorial

Group says Star of David has no place on state grounds

(Newser) - An atheist group is up in arms over a Holocaust memorial set to be erected near the Ohio statehouse, calling the monument's design "exclusionary." That design is the work of architect Daniel Libeskind, who Salon identifies as a "big deal": He's the son of Holocaust...

Lawmaker Comes Out as Atheist During House Prayer

Arizona Rep. Juan Mendez encourages colleagues not to bow heads

(Newser) - The Arizona House and Senate typically convene with a prayer, which members take turns delivering. But Democratic Rep. Juan Mendez did something unusual yesterday: He took the opportunity to announce that he's an atheist (he referenced his "secular humanist tradition") and encourage other members not to bow...

19% of Americans Have No Religion

 19% of 
 Have No 

19% of Americans Have No Religion

Proportion of 'Nones' has tripled since 1990

(Newser) - America is slowly losing its religion, according to the latest Pew Center survey. Reported membership of major religious denominations (from Baptists to Catholics to Lutherans) is flat or inching downward, while the proportion of those who list their religious affiliations as "None" has reached 19%, up from just 6%...

Merry Christmas! Jersey Billboard Takes on God

Atheists battle Catholics in ad war

(Newser) - Just in time for Christmas ... a giant New Jersey billboard is challenging the existence of God. "You know it's a myth," says the atheist ad that appears over the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, featuring an image of the Magi traveling to a nativity scene. "This season,...

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