Panama Canal

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Half a World Away, More Bad News for Global Shipping

Traffic slashed at drought-stricken Panama Canal as attacks continue in Red Sea

(Newser) - A severe drought that began last year has forced authorities to slash ship crossings by 36% in the Panama Canal, one of the world's most important trade routes, per the AP . The new cuts announced Wednesday by authorities in Panama are set to deal an even greater economic blow...

Things Aren't Great at the Panama Canal Right Now

Ship traffic has been reduced due to drought

(Newser) - If drought in the Panama Canal region sounds like something that has no impact on you, think again. CBS News reports the lakes that feed the canal system are close to their minimum levels after an atypically dry season, and that's throwing a wrench into how much traffic the...

Panama Canal, Battling Drought, Puts Limits on Ships

Canal zone authorities do not want a repeat of the Ever Given Suez Canal blockage

(Newser) - In 2021, cargo ship Ever Given captured world attention when it ran aground in the Suez Canal, causing—as Bloomberg noted—a global trade crisis. Authorities controlling the Panama Canal Zone in Central America took notice and are now trying to prevent a repeat performance in their own canal. Quartz...

New $4.4B Navy Destroyer Breaks Down in Panama Canal

USS Zumwalt had to be towed to port

(Newser) - The Navy's new $4.4 billion "stealth destroyer" USS Zumwalt stealthily broke down in the Panama Canal this week, bumped into the lock walls, and had to be towed to port. The destroyer, which was on its way from Baltimore to San Diego, will now spend time at...

Panama Canal Christens Its $5B Gamble

Vast overhaul doubles capacity

(Newser) - With a band playing and flags waving, a Chinese ship carrying more than 9,000 containers on Sunday entered the newly expanded locks that will double the Panama Canal's capacity in a multibillion-dollar bet on a bright economic future despite tough times for international shipping. Several tug boats pulled...

Nicaragua Sets Path of Panama Canal Rival

A man, a plan, a canal—not Panama!

(Newser) - Nicaragua's government and Hong Kong-based HKND Group yesterday unveiled the route of a proposed $40 billion inter-ocean canal to compete with the Panama Canal that Sandinista officials hope will lift the Central American country out of poverty. While the canal has the support of President Daniel Ortega and most...

Clash Over $1.6B Could Sink Panama Canal Project

Neither builders nor Canal Authority want to give up the funds

(Newser) - An ambitious plan to expand the Panama Canal may soon run aground—two-thirds of the way into the project. The $3.2 billion undertaking is supposed to see a third set of locks installed in order to allow larger vessels to pass through the canal by mid-2015. But that price...

China Plots Own Panama Canal— in Nicaragua

 China Plots Own 
 Panama Canal— 
 in Nicaragua 
in case you missed it

China Plots Own Panama Canal— in Nicaragua

Chinese-aided project could double Nicaragua's GDP

(Newser) - The Panama Canal could soon have a rival to the northwest. Nicaragua is itching to get started on a new route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, one that would measure 130 miles and take as long as 11 years and $40 billion to dig. And just as the US...

Flooding Closes Panama Canal
Flooding Closes
Panama Canal

Flooding Closes Panama Canal

Canal shut for 3rd time in 96 years

(Newser) - Flooding has forced authorities to close the Panama Canal for only the third time since it opened in 1914. Officials say they hope to have the waterway, a conduit for close to 5% of all world trade, back open sometime today, CNN reports. The canal was shut down during the...

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