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Crusader for Environment, Against Vietnam War Left GOP

Pete McCloskey co-created Earth Day, Endangered Species Act

(Newser) - Pete McCloskey—a pro-environment, anti-war California Republican who co-wrote the Endangered Species Act and co-founded Earth Day—has died. He was 96. A fourth-generation Republican who said he was "in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt," McCloskey represented the 12th Congressional District for 15 years, running for president against...

Northern Ireland MP's Arrest for Sex Crimes a 'Big Shock'

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, member of UK House of Commons, resigns as DUP leader

(Newser) - Good Friday was not great for the UK's longest-serving MP from Northern Ireland who resigned as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party following his arrest for alleged sex offenses. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson's social media accounts vanished hours before police announced a 61-year-old male had been charged with "...

Threats to Federal Judges, Prosecutors by the Numbers

Data from US Marshals Service shows threats more than doubled from 2021 to 2023

(Newser) - Serious threats to US federal judges and prosecutors have more than doubled in recent years, due to what officials say is a growing wave of violence tied to political polarization. Data from the US Marshals Service, responsible for protecting court personnel, shows serious threats against federal judges climbed to 457...

Neighboring Towns Have 'Happy Coincidence' in Mayors

New Jersey brothers John and Vince Giovannitti will run Paulsboro and Gibbstown

(Newser) - Two neighboring New Jersey towns may feel even closer next year when they're governed by two brothers. As the AP reports, John Giovannitti, 61, will be sworn in Jan. 2 as mayor of Paulsboro, one day before newly reelected younger brother Vince Giovannitti, 57, is sworn in to a...

Young Would-Be Voters Answer Taylor Swift's Plea

Pop star credited with boosting voter registrations through an Instagram post

(Newser) - After boosting the economy , Taylor Swift thought she might as well boost voter registration, too. Vote.org has credited the singer with helping to register more than 35,000 new voters Tuesday on National Voter Registration Day. "I've been so lucky to see so many of you guys...

Most Americans Find Politics Exhausting
Most Americans Are
Very Tired of Politics
NEW survey

Most Americans Are Very Tired of Politics

And more people than ever blame both parties in a new survey

(Newser) - If the idea of talking politics these days feels like a wearying chore, you are not alone. A new study by the Pew Research Center finds that 65% of Americans say they often or always feel "exhausted" when thinking about politics. A smaller majority (55%) feels downright angry. Only...

Mexico's Next President Will Likely Make History

2 female candidates are set to face off in 2024 election, giving nation its first woman president

(Newser) - Two women will face off to become president of Mexico, "all but guaranteeing that the country's next leader will be the first woman to hold the office," the Hill reports. Mexico's ruling party announced Wednesday that it has chosen former Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum as...

Turkey Tries Again to Elect a Leader

Erdogan favored to stay in office after high-stakes runoff Sunday

(Newser) - Voters in Turkey returned to the polls Sunday to decide whether the country’s longtime leader stretches his increasingly authoritarian rule into a third decade, or is unseated by a challenger who has promised to restore a more democratic society, per AP . President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been at...

For Elise Stefanik, a 'Bewildering and Sudden' Shift to Trump World
She Started Out
Moderate, Then
Went Full MAGA

She Started Out Moderate, Then Went Full MAGA

'WaPo' profile examines 'bewildering and sudden' shift of New York congresswoman Elise Stefanik

(Newser) - After Mitt Romney lost the presidency in 2012, Elise Stefanik, a budding young Republican from upstate New York who worked for his campaign, helped put together an "autopsy report, a document urging more inclusivity and openness in the GOP." So writes Ruby Cramer in her profile of Stefanik,...

A Theory to Explain Modern Politics: 'Calcification'

Ezra Klein digs into the phenomenon

(Newser) - These days, it seems that Democrats will vote for Democrats, and Republicans will vote for Republicans, no matter what happens during the election cycle. This "calcification" of American politics is explored in a New York Times essay by Ezra Klein, who draws from the work of political scientists John...

Lawmaker Sues Over Photo of Campaign Manager's Erection

Florida Rep. Jackie Toledo alleges sexual harassment by Fred Piccolo

(Newser) - A Florida lawmaker accuses her former campaign manager, a high-profile Republican strategist in the state, of sending her "unwanted, unsolicited, inappropriate, and grossly offensive" texts in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed Monday. The suit filed in Hillsborough County by Republican state Rep. Jackie Toledo includes various images that she...

ND Man Admits Running Down 'Republican' Teen: Cops

Shannon Brandt, 41, charged with vehicular homicide in death of Cayler Ellingson

(Newser) - North Dakota's attorney general is calling on political leaders to stop violent rhetoric after authorities say a man admitted to using his SUV to fatally strike a teen with whom he had a "political argument." Shannon Brandt, 41, called 911 early Sunday, saying he'd hit a...

Mark Shields Kept His TV Debates Civil
Mark Shields
Kept His TV
Debates Civil


Mark Shields Kept His TV Debates Civil

Commentator appeared on 'PBS NewsHour' for 33 years

(Newser) - Mark Shields, who affably debated fellow political pundits on TV for decades—slipping in cutting jabs along the way—has died. He was 85 and died at home in Chevy Chase, Maryland, of kidney failure, the New York Times reports. Shields, who labeled himself a New Deal liberal, was a...

National Support Follows Lawmaker's Answer to 'Vile' Accusation

Biden joins praise of lawmaker who said 'We will not let hate win'

(Newser) - Lana Theis might not have expected much of a response to her fundraising email attacking a fellow Michigan legislator. Theis, a Republican, wasn't even running against state Sen. Mallory McMorrow. But Theis attacked her anyway, the Hill reports, telling supporters she's competing with "social media trolls like...

Jon Stewart Has Thoughts on Tucker Carlson

Ex-'Daily Show' host calls him 'dishonest propagandist,' also rips into Rupert Murdoch

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson has been attracting attention of late with seemingly supportive comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who's been decried by much of the world for the war he's waging in Ukraine . The Fox News host has since walked his remarks back a bit, but that didn't...

8th-Grader Records Teacher's Eyebrow-Raising Comments

Calif. middle school teacher went on anti-vax political rant, told students Trump was still president

(Newser) - Is there something in the water in California? Last week, a high school teacher in the northern part of the state took some heat after airing his apparent political views via a class quiz . Now, a middle school history teacher in a town further south is making headlines for her...

Weird Political Maneuvering Is Happening in Idaho
Weird Political
Is Happening
in Idaho
the rundown

Weird Political Maneuvering Is Happening in Idaho

When the cat's away...

(Newser) - Idaho Gov. Brad Little left the state on Tuesday, and Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin took full advantage of that fact. With Little in Texas meeting with other Republican governors about border issues, McGeachin—who serves as acting governor in Little's absence and is running for governor herself—issued an...

Andrew Yang Forms 'Inclusive' 3rd Party

Key principles include universal basic income and 'grace and tolerance'

(Newser) - Andrew Yang wants to overhaul politics, from the two-party system to political campaigns, as he writes in a new book out Tuesday. In the final chapter of Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, the former Democratic presidential and New York City mayoral candidate reveals the name of a...

Democratic Senator Bucks Party on Voting Bill

Without Joe Manchin's vote, the measure has no path forward

(Newser) - A key Democratic senator says he will not vote for the largest overhaul of US election law in a generation, leaving no path forward for legislation that his party and the White House have portrayed as crucial for protecting access to the ballot. "Voting and election reform that...

Matthew McConaughey Putting Feelers Out on a Possible Run

Politico reports the actor has been making phone calls about running for Texas governor

(Newser) - For a guy who stays out of politics, Matthew McConaughey is spending a lot of time talking about running for governor of Texas. The A-list star and Oscar-winner has never come out as a Democrat or Republican, and he hasn’t given much of a hint what his platform...

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