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Biden Slip-Up on Harris' Name Draws Attention

'Look, I wouldn't have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president if I didn't think she was qualified to be president'

(Newser) - The very first question President Biden fielded in his Thursday night press conference was, not surprisingly, about his fitness to remain a candidate and whether Vice President Kamala Harris could step in if not. In his answer, Biden asserted that he is "the most qualified" person to beat Donald...

James Carville Lays Out His Plan to Save Democrats

Strategist predicts Biden is out, says Obama and Clinton should pick 8 contenders

(Newser) - Democratic strategist James Carville gets right to the point in his New York Times column about the current mess for his party: "Mark my words: Joe Biden is going to be out of the 2024 presidential race." He doesn't spend much time on how that will come...

Harris and Trump Are Neck and Neck in Polls

Vice president outperforms or statistically ties Biden in 3 of them

(Newser) - "Does Kamala Harris have what it takes?" That's the question posed by the Independent as it speculates on the US vice president's chances of beating Donald Trump should President Biden step aside so she can make a run in November. According to recent polls, the answer seems...

As Biden Fights to Stay, Kamala Harris' Name Rises
As Biden Fights to Stay,
a Loyalist's Name Rises
the rundown

As Biden Fights to Stay, a Loyalist's Name Rises

VP Kamala Harris is the subject of increasingly serious chatter as the replacement nominee

(Newser) - President Biden's bid to prove he should not withdraw from the 2024 race gets a major test Friday night when his interview with George Stephanopoulos airs on ABC. Simply put, it's "the biggest interview of Joe Biden's life," as laid out by the Politico Playbook...

Leaked Clip Reveals Trump's Thoughts on Biden, Harris

Former president calls Biden a 'broken-down pile of crap' from his golf cart

(Newser) - In the days since President Biden's alarming debate performance, former President Trump has "kept a low profile, leaving the focus on the drama engulfing the Democratic Party," per the AP . But on the golf course, where he apparently didn't realize he was being filmed, his thoughts...

Kamala Harris: Biden's 'Slow Start' Was 'Obvious to Everyone'

But VP urges voters to consider his performance in office, not on debate stage

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged that President Biden had a "slow start" in his debate against Donald Trump on Thursday night, but she insisted that he finished "strong" in a performance that triggered a new round of concerns within their own party about Biden's fitness to be...

Harris Agrees to VP Debate
Harris Agrees to VP Debate

Harris Agrees to VP Debate

Trump campaign hasn't accepted CBS' invitation

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris has accepted an invitation from CBS News to debate Donald Trump's vice presidential pick this summer, the Biden campaign said Thursday, as the Republican said he might wait until his party's convention in July to announce his selection. Harris' team told the network she...

Harris Uses Obscenity to Motivate Young People

Vice president was talking about breaking down barriers

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris apparently wanted a strong modifier to emphasize her point in answering a question at a gathering of young people on Monday. The word she settled on was a bad one. "We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave...

Biden Cheers WNBA Champs, Celebrates Women's Sports
Biden Cheers WNBA Champs

Biden Cheers WNBA Champs

Harris praises Las Vegas Aces as role models

(Newser) - President Biden welcomed the reigning WNBA champions, the Las Vegas Aces, to the White House on Thursday, celebrating what he called a "banner year" for women's basketball. "It matters to girls and women, finally seeing themselves represented," Biden said during the celebration, held in the East...

'Donald Trump Did This,' Harris Tells Arizona

As Republicans backtrack, Democrat says Trump would sign a national abortion ban

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris went to Arizona, the state that became the center of the abortion rights debate this week when its Supreme Court upheld an 1864 law prohibiting nearly all abortions, to assess responsibility. "We all must understand who is to blame," the Democrat told a campaign...

Billionaire's Son Accuses LA Country Club of Bias

Suit says Hillcrest, founded for Jewish members shut out elsewhere, discriminated against application

(Newser) - A country club that's historically accepted members kept out of other Los Angeles social organizations—including Hollywood moguls and celebrities—is now facing its own discrimination lawsuit. A 42-year-old Jewish man says he was rejected for membership in Hillcrest Country Club, which was founded in 1920 as the city'...

In Push for Abortion Rights, Harris to Notch a Big First

Vice president will visit Minnesota abortion clinic as part of her reproductive rights tour

(Newser) - A Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota that offers abortions will host an unusual guest on Thursday. As part of her "Fight for Reproductive Freedoms" tour across the US to bring awareness to abortion rights, Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the Twin Cities-area clinic, where she'll tour the...

Biden's 'Uncommitted' Problem Is Growing
Biden's 'Uncommitted'
Problem Is Growing
the rundown

Biden's 'Uncommitted' Problem Is Growing

Minnesota in particular registered a sizable protest vote over his support of Israel on Super Tuesday

(Newser) - If President Biden thought Michigan's sizable "uncommitted" protest vote in the state's primary last month was a fluke, he learned otherwise on Super Tuesday. In Minnesota, for example, about 19% of voters checked the "uncommitted" option, largely in protest of Biden's support of Israel in...

Biden Rips Alabama Ruling, While Harris Blames Trump

Democrats call decision the result of ending Roe v. Wade

(Newser) - President Biden condemned the Alabama Supreme Court 's ruling that considers frozen embryos to be children, as his vice president and campaign took the opportunity to place responsibility for the decision on Donald Trump. In a statement issued Thursday afternoon, Biden called the ruling the "direct result" of...

Navalny's Wife Says Putin Will Be Held Accountable
Putin Blasted for 'Brutality'
After Navalny's Death

Putin Blasted for 'Brutality' After Navalny's Death

Opposition figure's wife says Putin will be held accountable 'very soon'

(Newser) - World leaders reacted with shock and anger Friday to the reported death of Alexei Navalny , Russia's most prominent opposition figure, in an Arctic prison colony. Authorities did not immediately disclose the cause of the 47-year-old's death, but family members and supporters had long said that Navalny was being...

Kamala Harris Says She's 'Ready to Serve'

After special counsel's report, GOP plans to make VP's readiness a major issue

(Newser) - Days before a special counsel's report put President Biden's advanced age in the spotlight, the Wall Street Journal asked Vice President Kamala Harris about what it calls a "delicate question" for the campaign: Whether she has to convince voters that she is "ready to serve" as...

Biden, Harris Focus on Abortion in First 2024 Rally
Biden, Harris
Hold First 2024 Rally

Biden, Harris Hold First 2024 Rally

Virginia event focused on abortion rights

(Newser) - President Biden on Tuesday condemned abortion bans that have increasingly endangered the health of pregnant women, forcing them to grow sicker before they can receive medical care, and he laid the blame on Donald Trump, his likely Republican challenger in this year's election. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris...

White House Expands Access to Contraception on Roe Anniversary

Kamala Harris is Democrats' main voice as they hope to highlight abortion, contraception in 2024 election

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris is taking center stage in the Democrats' renewed push for abortion rights during this year's election, and she'll mark the 51st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling on Monday in Wisconsin. It will be the first in a series of events hosted by...

Kamala Harris and The View Answer Haley on Racism

Whoopi Goldberg brings up lynchings, Kamala Harris suggests the future is the issue now

(Newser) - Whoopi Goldberg brought up lynching and Emmett Till on Wednesday in responding to Nikki Haley's claim that the US has "never been a racist country," made in an interview on Fox News the day before. "Black folks didn't climb up in the trees and lynch...

King Day Events Address Rights, 'Our Humanity' at Risk
Politics Touch King Day Events

Politics Touch King Day Events

'Our humanity is literally under attack,' civil rights leader's daughter says

(Newser) - Communities across the nation celebrated the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday with acts of service, prayer services, and parades. But with the November presidential election as a backdrop, some events took on a political turn. In King's hometown of Atlanta, several speakers at the 56th annual commemorative...

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