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Olivia Munn Has Full Hysterectomy to Fight Cancer

Actor reveals the latest on her health journey in new interview

(Newser) - As part of her breast cancer battle , Olivia Munn and her doctors intentionally put her body into menopause, the actor reveals in a new interview with Vogue . Because the type of breast cancer she was diagnosed with last year grows by feeding on estrogen, Munn (who underwent a double mastectomy)...

New Guidelines Say Mammograms Should Start at 40

Earlier screenings could save 8K lives a year

(Newser) - With breast cancer rates rising among younger women, an influential task force has shifted the age when women should start getting their first mammograms back by a full decade. The US Preventive Services Task Force, finalizing draft guidance from last year, said regular screening for breast cancer should begin at...

Olivia Munn Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Actress underwent double mastectomy last year

(Newser) - "I went from feeling completely fine one day, to waking up in a hospital bed after a 10-hour surgery the next," actress Olivia Munn wrote in a lengthy Instagram post that details her 2023 breast cancer diagnosis on Wednesday. Munn, 43, explains that in February of last year,...

CNN Anchor Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Sara Sidner has stage 3 breast cancer

(Newser) - CNN anchor Sara Sidner had some tough personal news to share on CNN News Central on Monday morning. The co-host disclosed that she has stage 3 breast cancer and is in her second month of chemotherapy. "I have never been sick a day of my life. I don't...

Shannen Doherty's Cancer Update Is Not a Good One

But, actor makes clear, 'I'm not done'

(Newser) - Shannen Doherty shared a difficult update on her cancer battle in a new People cover story, but the 52-year-old actor makes it clear she's not even close to "done." After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and going into remission in 2017, the cancer returned in...

Suzanne Somers Was Sitcom Star and ThighMaster
Cause of Death for
Suzanne Somers Is In

Cause of Death for Suzanne Somers Is In

Breast cancer had spread to brain of 'Three's Company' actor

(Newser) - Suzanne Somers had battled breast cancer for decades, and that was indeed her official cause of death, reports People . But as the death certificate shows for the Three's Company actor, who died at age 76 earlier this month, that cancer had spread, per the Blast . "Breast cancer with...

AI Reads Mammograms as Well as Human Radiologists
AI Shows Big Promise
in Detecting Breast Cancer
New Study

AI Shows Big Promise in Detecting Breast Cancer

Large new study out of Sweden shows artificial intelligence is on par with human radiologists

(Newser) - The biggest study of its kind to date suggests that artificial intelligence has great potential to help detect breast cancer from mammograms, reports the Guardian . The study, published in Lancet Oncology , involved more than 80,000 women in Sweden. Half of the women's mammograms were assessed by two radiologists...

Duchess of York Has Breast Cancer Surgery

Sarah Ferguson is recuperating, grateful to doctors

(Newser) - Sarah, the Duchess of York, underwent surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer, according to a spokesperson. The 63-year-old was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer following a routine mammogram, the AP reports. The surgery was a success and Sarah's prognosis is good, the duchess' spokesperson said. She was released...

Shannen Doherty on Cancer: 'My Fear Is Obvious'

Actor shares footage of her undergoing brain radiation as cancer is found to have spread

(Newser) - Shannen Doherty's cancer has spread to her brain. The actor, diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2020, provided an update on her health Tuesday, sharing a video of her undergoing radiation therapy to treat brain metastases, also known as metastatic brain tumors. "This is what cancer can...

Health Panel: Women Should Start Mammograms at 40

US task force issues new guidance, says thousands of lives could be saved with earlier screening

(Newser) - For women in their 40s waiting it out til they turn 50 for their first mammogram, well, you have now gone from following official advice to procrastinating. As the Washington Post reports, the US Preventive Services Task Force is out Tuesday with draft recommendations that lower the age at which...

A 'Gift' Was Entangled in Chris Evert's Grief

Because Jeanne Evert Dubin had BRCA1 variant, the tennis legend got tested

(Newser) - Tennis legend Chris Evert on Tuesday announced she has beat the cancer that killed her younger sister in 2020. In a piece for ESPN , Evert recounts what led up to her discovery of stage 1 ovarian cancer a year ago . She writes that her sister, Jeanne Evert Dubin, underwent genetic...

Tennis Great Martina Navratilova Hit With 'Double Whammy'

She has throat, breast cancer

(Newser) - Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has been hit with a "double whammy": a diagnosis of throat and breast cancer. Both are early stage, and the 18-time Grand Slam singles champion will begin treatment this month. The BBC reports that Navratilova, 66, discovered an enlarged lymph node in her neck in...

Researcher 'Shocked' on Results of Cancer Screening Study

Recommended tests find just 14% of diagnosed cancers in US, report finds

(Newser) - Cancer screening is great, but it's not perfect. According to a new report, just 14% of all diagnosed cancers in the US are detected with a recommended screening test, while 15% of screenable cancers aren't detected by screening. The vast majority of cancers are actually found when a...

Thanks to FDA, Women Will Be Told of Their Breast Density

Those with dense breasts may want to do more than the standard mammogram

(Newser) - Women are told to start getting mammograms at 40. What they may not be told is what kind of breast density they have—though that's about to change, thanks to the FDA. It's no small detail: As Dr. Sarah Friedewald, the chief of breast imaging at Northwestern Medicine,...

Breast Cancer Mortality Rate Falls, but Not for Black Women

New data show mortality rate for Black women is 40% higher than that of white patients

(Newser) - The death rate from breast cancer has plunged since 1989, the American Cancer Society reports, but the improvement is not applying equally. Black women are still more likely to die of breast cancer than white patients, despite having a lower incidence of the disease, a new report says. The mortality...

Katie Couric Got a Call, Then 'the Room Started to Spin'

Journalist reveals breast cancer diagnosis and surgery, urges others to get checked

(Newser) - On her eighth wedding anniversary, Katie Couric found out she had breast cancer. "I felt sick and the room started to spin," the former TV anchor writes of the day, June 21, on her Katie Couric Media website. Her doctor had told her she was overdue for a...

Some Cancer Patients May Be Able to Skip Chemo
Some Cancer Patients Can
Skip Chemo, Radiation
new studies

Some Cancer Patients Can Skip Chemo, Radiation

Studies point way to less treatment for some sufferers of colon and breast cancer

(Newser) - After surgery, some cancer patients can safely skip radiation or chemotherapy, according to two studies exploring shorter, gentler cancer care. Researchers are looking for ways to precisely predict which cancer patients can avoid unneeded treatment to cut down on harmful side effects and unnecessary costs, per the AP . One new...

Amy Klobuchar: I Delayed Doctor's Visit, Then Got Cancer Diagnosis
Amy Klobuchar's
6-Month Follow-Up
Had Good News

Amy Klobuchar's 6-Month Follow-Up Had Good News

Minnesota senator is cancer-free

(Newser) - Update: Amy Klobuchar is cancer-free. The Democratic senator tweeted Wednesday that following her recent six-month "post-cancer" check-up, "everything was clear." After expressing gratitude to her family, friends, doctors, and nurses, she ended the post by reminding her followers to schedule their mammograms, USA Today reports. Our original ...

Jury Awards Shannen Doherty $6.3M to Rebuild Her House

Actress had sued insurance company over settlement after wildfire

(Newser) - Update: A Los Angeles jury has agreed that Shannen Doherty is owed more money by her insurer after her house was hit by a wildfire—to the tune of $6.3 million. The actress had sued, arguing that the house was so damaged that it needed to be rebuilt, while...

Cheap, Accessible Drug May Offer Hope for Aggressive Cancer

Researchers hope aspirin will boost immunotherapy in new clinical trial

(Newser) - A trial is underway to determine whether an aggressive breast cancer might be treated with help from an inexpensive and widely available drug: aspirin. Researchers at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, England, will test whether aspirin makes difficult-to-treat tumors more responsive to cancer-fighting drugs, as animal studies suggest,...

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