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Children of Illegal Immigrants Hurt by Texas Ruling

Judge says Texas can keep denying birth certificates to US-born kids

(Newser) - The 14th Amendment of the Constitution grants citizenship to any person born in the US regardless of the immigration status of their parents. That didn't stop a federal judge from ruling Friday that Texas officials can continue denying birth certificates to the children of illegal immigrants, the Los Angeles ...

Jeb Bush: On 'Anchor Babies,' I Meant 'Asian People'

Also says people need to 'chill out' a little bit

(Newser) - Jeb Bush is caught between the Democrats and Donald Trump on immigration issues and he's not finding it an easy place to be. He has been getting a hard time from the Clinton campaign for his use of the term "anchor babies" last week, and in a speech...

In California Homes, Tourists Birthed American Babies

LA county center shut as firms offer US trips to give birth

(Newser) - A "birth tourism" center uncovered by officials in Los Angeles County has given fresh ammunition to people calling for a change to the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to every baby born in the US. Officials say they discovered that three connected townhouses were being used as a...

Arizona Senate Shoots Down Immigration Bills

Lawmakers reject 'anchor baby' bill

(Newser) - The Arizona Senate has rejected a package of controversial immigration bills , including measures aimed at forcing the US Supreme Court to rule against granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. Other rejected measures would have made it a crime for illegal immigrants to drive a vehicle, and would...

Arizona's 'Anchor Baby' Bill Is Childish, Dumb
Arizona's 'Anchor Baby' Bill
Is Childish, Dumb

Arizona's 'Anchor Baby' Bill Is Childish, Dumb

Leonard Pitts: The problem exists in their 'fevered imaginations'

(Newser) - This week, Arizona lawmakers began debating a bill that would save them from the dreaded menace of anchor babies — “a ‘problem’ that exists largely in their fevered imaginations,” writes Leonard Pitts Jr. in the Detroit Free Press . These delusional lawmakers envision “armies of pregnant Mexican...

Arizona Bills Target Birthright Citizenship

GOP lawmakers aim to trigger review of 14th Amendment

(Newser) - Arizona Republicans introduced four bills yesterday aimed at denying US citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. The lawmakers hope to provoke a Supreme Court review of the 14th Amendment, which guarantees citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof...

Fight Brewing Over 'Anchor Baby' Citizenship

States plan to introduce different birth certificates for children of illegals

(Newser) - The biggest immigration battle of 2011 is likely to focus on how exactly an American is defined. A coalition of lawmakers from Arizona and about a dozen other states is fighting to deny citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants . They want to take the "anchor babies" issue all...

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