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Kidnap Victim Now Estranged From Birth Parents

Birth mother says Carlina White has distanced herself

(Newser) - The story of the 23-year-old who found her birth parents after being kidnapped as a baby may not have such a happy ending. Carlina White, who was raised as Nejdra Nance, has distanced herself from her biological family, her mother said this morning on Today . When they were first reunited,...

'Kidnap Mom' Dressed as Nurse, Stole Baby

Details emerge in hearing of Ann Pettway over kidnapping of Carlina White

(Newser) - The "how" and "why" behind the 1987 kidnapping of Carlina White have begun to take shape, as a Manhattan federal court hears the case of Ann Pettway. Pettway admitted to abducting White from the hospital while dressed as a nurse because, after suffering multiple miscarriages, "she did...

'Kidnap Mom' Surrenders
 'Kidnap Mom' Surrenders 

'Kidnap Mom' Surrenders

Ann Pettway turns self in on parole violation charge

(Newser) - Ann Pettway, the woman who raised kidnapped child Carlina White as her own for 23 years, surrendered to authorities today, the AP reports. Police, who are considering whether to prosecute the kidnapping, had a warrant for Pettway on a parole violation charge, since the terms of her probation did not...

Cops Seek Missing 'Kidnap Mom'

Arrest warrant issued for parolee Ann Pettway

(Newser) - North Carolina cops are looking for Ann Pettway, the woman who raised a girl stolen from a Harlem hospital at 19 days of age, and now they're armed with an arrest warrant, reports the New York Post. Pettway, a convicted embezzler on parole, has been missing ever since 23-year-old Carlina...

After 23 Years, Kidnapping May Still Be Prosecuted

Detectives say criminal case a possibility in case of 'Carlina White'

(Newser) - Nejdra Nance—or, as her biological parents know her, Carlina White—has been reunited with her real family after 23 years , but the story is far from over. While her appearance answers a lot of questions for her biological family and Nance herself, it raises others—the most pressing of...

Kidnapped Baby Found 23 Years Later

'Our baby girl is home,' says Nejdra Nance's grandma

(Newser) - A sickly infant snatched from her Harlem hospital crib has been located—23 years after she was kidnapped. Nejdra Nance of Atlanta contacted the distraught mom who always thought her daughter was alive. Nance spotted photos of missing "Carlina" online and thought they looked amazingly like her own baby...

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