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Japan Volcano Breaks Windows 5 Miles Away

Biggest blast yet could be heard more than four miles away

(Newser) - Japan’s Shinmoedake peak gave off its biggest explosion yet today, shooting debris 6500 feet into the air and shattering windows five miles away. The eruption was five times larger than the volcano’s initial activity, and Japan widened the danger zone to a two-and-a-half-mile radius around the crater, the...

Japanese Volcano May Be Headed for Big Bang

Officials urge 1K to evacuate as Shinmoedake spews ash

(Newser) - Japanese officials urged more than 1,000 people to evacuate today, as the Shinmoedake volcano's first eruption in 52 years rages on, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The order is not mandatory, however, and some are opting to stay in their homes. But vulcanologists warn that the eruptions, which have...

2 Stories