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5-Year-Old Attacked by Python, Pulled Into Pool

Family says Australia's Beau Blake is just fine

(Newser) - An Australian boy has survived the unthinkable: being bitten then constricted by a 10-foot-long python and then tumbling into a swimming pool with the snake attached. Beau Blake's family says the 5-year-old had been walking around a home pool when father Ben "saw a big black shadow come...

How to Stop a Virus That Goes From Bats to Horses to Humans

A new study shares a theory, and it involves winter flowers

(Newser) - It's a deadly chain: Bats in Australia harbor a virus called Hendra, which doesn't hurt them but can be passed to horses via urine or feces—and those animals fare far worse. There's a 75% fatality rate, though cases are fairly rare. Even more rare is the...

American's 1988 Death in Sydney Takes Another Turn

Australian court overturns conviction in case of Scott Johnson

(Newser) - An Australian appeals court on Friday overturned the conviction of a man who temporarily admitted murdering an American who fell to his death in 1988 from a Sydney cliff top that was known as a gay meeting place. Scott White, 52, was sentenced in May to 12 years and seven...

After Scientists Back Mom Convicted of Killing 4 Babies, an Inquiry

Kathleen Folbigg's case re-opened, after scientists say infants likely died of genetic mutations

(Newser) - A second Australian inquiry into the case of Kathleen Folbigg, the mother convicted of killing her four children decades ago, has been opened after dozens of scientists called for her to be pardoned. The first inquiry into the case, which ended in 2019, found no reasonable doubt. The second inquiry...

Possible 'Game Changer' in Male Contraception Is in the Works
Possible 'Game
Changer' in Male
Is in the Works
in case you missed it

Possible 'Game Changer' in Male Contraception Is in the Works

Australian scientists working on 'temporary vasectomy' that lasts 2 years

(Newser) - A small study out of Australia could pave the path toward a new contraceptive that researchers say could be a "game changer." The two dozen or so men taking part in the trial at a Melbourne medical center will have a hydrogel pumped into their vas deferens—the...

Killer's Jarring Google Searches Did Her In

One example in Australian case: 'Killing someone with axe what part of body to go for'

(Newser) - A 34-year-old Australian woman is going to prison for 27 years for murdering her partner with an axe. As the Australian Associated Press and ABC Australia report, the unidentified woman told police she acted in self-defense in the moment, but a sampling of her Google searches in the weeks leading...

This Bird's Record Flight 'Stretches the Imagination'

Bar-tailed godwit flew 8,435 miles nonstop from Alaska to Australia in 11 days, one hour

(Newser) - You can imagine how grueling a drive from New York City to Alaska must be. Now picture arriving at your destination in the Last Frontier, then immediately turning around and heading right back to the Big Apple—all without a second driver or stops for food, drink, or bathroom breaks....

High-Profile Australian Parliament Rape Trial Aborted Over Research Paper

Juror brought in paper on sexual assaults

(Newser) - A judge on Thursday discharged a jury in the high-profile trial of a former government adviser charged with raping a colleague in the Australian Parliament House because a juror had brought a research paper on sexual assaults into the jury room, the AP reports. Australian Capital Territory Chief Justice Lucy...

US Women's Team Learns First FIFA World Cup Matchups

Defending champions are grouped with Vietnam and the Netherlands

(Newser) - The defending champion Americans will face the Netherlands, Vietnam, and a playoff winner to be determined next summer in the group stage of the women’s soccer World Cup. Those matches will be played in New Zealand, the AP reports; the draw was completed Saturday in Auckland. The US beat...

Couple Expecting $100 Refund Get $6M by Mistake
Couple in Hot Water After
$6M Bank Transfer Error

Couple in Hot Water After $6M Bank Transfer Error

They spent millions sent to them errantly by a cryptocurrency company

(Newser) - So what would you do if a cryptocurrency company accidentally transferred more than $6 million into your bank account? Thevamanogari Manivel and partner Jatinder Singh of Australia went on a monumental spending spree—one that included four houses—and now both are in big legal trouble as a result, reports...

Aussie Surfing Legend Dies in 'One-Punch' Assault
Surfing Legend Dies
in 'One-Punch' Assault

Surfing Legend Dies in 'One-Punch' Assault

Chris Davidson 'was one of the most stylish surfers we'd ever produced in this country'

(Newser) - Australia's surfing community is mourning former pro surfer Chris Davidson, who died after an alleged assault outside a pub in New South Wales Saturday night. Police say the 45-year-old was found unconscious outside the South West Rocks Country Club, around five hours north of Sydney, after emergency services received...

Cyclist Charged After Teen Girls' Prank Goes Awry

Mathieu van der Poel accused of physically assaulting girls who kept knocking on his door

(Newser) - Top cyclist Mathieu van der Poel had been one of the favorites to win Sunday's world championship race in Wollongong, Australia. Instead of that, he ended up flying home to the Netherlands with a criminal conviction under his belt, reports the Guardian . It seems that a group of kids...

At 'Hell's Gate,' Hundreds of Stranded Whales Languish

Half the whales beached in Tasmania may still be alive, but rescue is 'complex'

(Newser) - Almost two years ago to the day, close to 400 whales died after washing up on the shores near Macquarie Heads, Tasmania, in one of the largest strandings ever recorded. Now, deja vu on the Australian island's west coast. Some 230 whales have been beached near the town of...

Rugby Star Suspended After Post About the Queen

Indigenous Australian player Caitlin Moran posted an insult on Instagram

(Newser) - A star indigenous rugby player in Australia made her feelings known about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and she has been given a one-game suspension as a result. Caitlin Moran, a 25-year-old who plays in Australia's National Rugby League, celebrated the death of the queen in a post...

Cops: Kangaroo Kills Man in 86-Year First

Alpaca breeder Peter Eades had already dug his own grave

(Newser) - An animal lover in Australia has died following an attack by his pet kangaroo in what the BBC reports is the first fatal kangaroo attack reported in the country in 86 years. A relative found 77-year-old alpaca breeder Peter Eades with serious injuries on his property in Western Australia on...

1982 Murder Revisited in Hit Podcast Is Finally Solved
He Killed Wife, Replaced Her
With Kids' Teen Babysitter

He Killed Wife, Replaced Her With Kids' Teen Babysitter

Chris Dawson convicted in wife Lynette's 1982 murder in Australia

(Newser) - One of Australia's longest-running cold cases, which fascinated tens of millions of listeners of a true-crime podcast, has been solved. Following a three-month trial by judge, Chris Dawson was convicted Tuesday in the 1982 murder of his wife, Lynette. Dawson claimed Lynette walked out on the family, including two...

They Claimed 'New World Order' on COVID; Judge Hit Them Hard

Anti-vaxxers fueled by conspiracy theories must pay Aussie federal, state gov'ts $150K in legal fees

(Newser) - Every Australian state except for one, as well as one territory and the nation's federal government, is set to recoup tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees after a federal judge ruled against an anti-vaxxer group, saying the members had failed to prove their claims that COVID mandates...

$108M in Meth, Cocaine Hidden in Vintage Bentley

4 people arrested in the case in Australia

(Newser) - A vintage Bentley luxury sedan shipped from Canada to Australia was carrying more than $108 million in illegal drugs, authorities say. Officers found 161 kilograms of methamphetamine and 30 kilos of cocaine in tightly wrapped bricks hidden in the car, including behind the headlights, the National Post reports. The 1960...

'Filthy Cheater' Called Out in Full-Page Newspaper Ad

The ad has generated some global attention, for the newspaper at least

(Newser) - Somewhere in Australia, someone named "Jenny" feels avenged, and someone named "Steve" feels ashamed. Also, a small-town newspaper has garnered some global attention. Per People, "Jenny" took out a full-page, “premium placement” ad in a local newspaper with the following message in all-caps: "Dear Steve,...

Australian Leader Gave Himself Powers on the Sly

Former PM Scott Morrison secretly appointed himself to ministerial roles

(Newser) - Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Tuesday accused his predecessor Scott Morrison of "trashing democracy" after revealing that while Morrison was in power, he took on five ministerial roles without the knowledge of most other lawmakers or the public. Albanese said Morrison had been operating in secret, keeping the...

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