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Kevin Spacey: 'Netflix Exists Because of Me'

Former 'House of Cards' star says platform was wrong to fire him over 'allegations alone'

(Newser) - Kevin Spacey isn't feeling very appreciated this holiday as a new interview finds the actor blasting his former employer Netflix, a platform he claims to have put "on the map." Spacey starred in Netflix's first original scripted series House of Cards , which was a big hit...

Judge: Kevin Spacey Owes House of Cards Producer $31M

Arbitrator's ruling has been upheld

(Newser) - Kevin Spacey has lost his bid to have an arbitrator's ruling against him thrown out and he now owes House of Cards production company MRC $31 million. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana upheld the 2020 ruling against Spacey on Thursday, Variety reports. He said that for...

Kevin Spacey Loses $31M House of Cards Case

Arbitrator found sexual misconduct allegations credible

(Newser) - An arbitrator has decided that sexual harassment and misconduct claims against Kevin Spacey are credible—and that he now owes the producers of House of Cards almost $31 million. The ruling from October 2020 was made public Monday when production company MRC filed to have it upheld, Variety reports. An...

Kevin Spacey Has a Holiday Message

Kill them with kindness, apparently? Or maybe a fire poker

(Newser) - If this holiday season sees you a little too full on peace and love and a little too low on treacherous, murderous politicians or people on the wrong end of the #MeToo movement, then Kevin Spacey is inexplicably here with a video for you. "You didn’t really think...

Meet President Claire Underwood
Meet President
Claire Underwood

Meet President Claire Underwood

Netflix debuts trailer for 'House of Cards' season 6

(Newser) - The latest House of Cards trailer confirms it: Robin Wright's Claire Underwood has become president and Frank Underwood is dead in the wake of Kevin Spacey's departure from the Netflix series. "The reign of the middle-aged white man is over," Claire declares in the trailer for...

It Doesn't Look Good for Frank Underwood
It Doesn't Look Good
for Frank Underwood

It Doesn't Look Good for Frank Underwood

Netflix appears to tease the death of Kevin Spacey's 'House of Cards' character

(Newser) - Netflix didn't just pull the plug on Kevin Spacey . His House of Cards character Frank Underwood looks to have kicked the bucket in a new 25-second teaser for the show's upcoming sixth season. It features Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, addressing Frank's grave, sitting next to...

Robin Wright Finally Speaks on Spacey: 'I Didn't Know the Man'

'House of Cards' actress says Spacey was 'great' to her, but that they 'never socialized' outside work

(Newser) - What did Robin Wright know about the alleged dark side of House of Cards co-star Kevin Spacey? Not much, per the actress' interview with Savannah Guthrie on the Today show. "We were co-workers, really," Wright said in a clip that aired Monday morning. She noted they had a...

House of Cards Star Reg E. Cathey Dies of Cancer
'One of a Kind'
House of Cards
Star Dies at 59

'One of a Kind' House of Cards Star Dies at 59

Reg E. Cathey had suffered from lung cancer

(Newser) - As Freddy Hayes, he served up barbecue to Frank Underwood on House of Cards, while on The Wire he served as right-hand man to Mayor Tommy Carcetti. Now, sad news out of New York: Actor Reg E. Cathey died there at age 59 after fighting lung cancer, TMZ reports. The...

House of Cards Replaces Kevin Spacey With 2 Oscar Nominees

Production has resumed on the final season of Netflix show

(Newser) - Netflix resumed production on its first—and last—Kevin Spacey-less season of House of Cards Tuesday, making up for the loss of the show's one-time star by bringing aboard not one but two Academy Award nominees, the New York Times reports. According to the Hollywood Reporter , Diane Lane and...

5 US Brands That May Vanish in 2018
5 US Brands That
May Vanish in 2018

5 US Brands That May Vanish in 2018

2 are tied to this year's #MeToo movement

(Newser) - We'll soon lock 2017 away in our memory banks, but our recollections aren't the only things we may be leaving behind. Major US brands could be disappearing, per 24/7 Wall St. , a result of factors such as lagging customer demand, cuts from up high in corporate, and bad...

Netflix Decides What to Do With House of Cards

Production will resume in 2018, minus Kevin Spacey

(Newser) - The uncertain fate of Netflix's House of Cards is now a certain one: Production on the sixth season, which was put on ice at the end of October following a slew of sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey , will resume after the holidays. It will be the show's...

Kevin Spacey Will No Longer Be Involved With House of Cards

Or Netflix at all, company says

(Newser) - Netflix said Friday night that Kevin Spacey will no longer be a part of House of Cards and it's cutting all other ties with the actor after a series of allegations of sexual harassment and assault, the AP reports. "Netflix will not be involved with any further production...

House of Cards Employee Details Alleged Spacey Assault

Separately, another accuser says Spacey tried to rape him when he was 14

(Newser) - The latest accusations against Kevin Spacey bring the timeline of alleged sexual assault and harassment up to the present: No fewer than eight current and former House of Cards employees tell CNN that the star's behavior, including groping and crude comments, made the set of the Netflix show a...

Netflix Considering 3 House of Cards Spinoffs
House of Cards Halted;
Theater Solicits Spacey Tips
the rundown

House of Cards Halted; Theater Solicits Spacey Tips

Kevin Spacey scandal continues to have repercussions

(Newser) - Fallout from the Kevin Spacey scandal continues. Netflix announced Tuesday that production of the sixth and final season has been at least temporarily suspended, reports USA Today . It's not clear when, or if, shooting will resume, with a Netflix rep saying that production is on hold "until further...

Kevin Spacey's Apology Is Only Making Things Worse
House of Cards
Is Done After
Next Season
the rundown

House of Cards Is Done After Next Season

But move may not be related to the Kevin Spacey controversy

(Newser) - After actor Anthony Rapp made his explosive accusation that Kevin Spacey attempted to have a sexual encounter with him when Rapp was just 14, Spacey quickly apologized . But that apology itself has been under withering criticism all day, with the main complaint being that Spacey also used his note to...

House of Cards Taught Russian Trolls About American Politics

One way to better understand the American mindset

(Newser) - Members of the so-called "troll factory" that Russian President Vladimir Putin employed to influence the 2016 presidential election were required to watch House of Cards as part of their training in US politics, Yahoo reports. In a television interview broadcast Sunday by the independent Russian TV station Rain, a...

Crafty Politician Channels Frank Underwood, Goes Viral

He says he wanted 'the world's attention'

(Newser) - He might not have the speech-writing skills of Frank Underwood, but it appears he can spin a story just as well: Mexican politician Miguel Angel Covarrubias Cervantes shared a Facebook video Tuesday in which he delivers a speech that will sound awfully familiar to any fan of House of Cards ...

Robin Wright Threatened Her Way to Equal Pay on House of Cards

'You better pay me'

(Newser) - In a bit of scheming that would do Claire Underwood proud, Robin Wright says she threatened her way into getting equal pay on House of Cards, Sky News reports. After seeing data that Claire was at points more popular than fictional husband Frank Underwood, she decided it was time she...

Game of Thrones Captures 24 Emmy Noms

What rape controversy?

(Newser) - Game of Thrones declared victory, at least in the race for Emmy nominations, receiving a whopping 24 as they were announced today. The drama wasn't hurt with TV academy voters by controversy over its depiction of rape, earning five more nominations than it did last year. It's a...

Critics Decry New House of Cards
 Critics Decry New 
 House of Cards 
tv review

Critics Decry New House of Cards

One writer notes, in particular, its terrible depiction of DC

(Newser) - Let's just say critics are not in love with the third season of House of Cards. In a Washington Post column, Seth Masket calls the Netflix series "the worst show about American politics. Ever." He explains that many of the "lessons" the show teaches viewers are...

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