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Stewart Swipes at Fox vs. CNN War

When reporters, named Nic Robertson and Steve Harrigan, attack

(Newser) - Jon Stewart razzed reporters in a segment last night , kicking things off by poking at Nancy Grace, whose arguments about the radiation threat the US faces from Japan unraveled into an argument about how "there is no such thing as magic." But she is not the media story...

Fox Reporter Is Laziest I Ever Met: Writer

Steve Harrigan is 'noxious,' too, says Sacha Feinman

(Newser) - The Fox News reporter embroiled in a nasty spat with a CNN correspondent over a discredited story has been called the "laziest reporter I've ever met" by an aide. Steve Harrigan has been accused of inaccurately saying that Libyan officials used journalists as "human shields" during a press...

Slammed Fox Reporter on CNN Counterpart: Be a Man

He's dull and reporting is BS, Steve Harrigan says of Nic Robertson

(Newser) - The acrimonious feud between a Fox reporter and a CNN reporter covering the Libyan bombing operation is getting uglier by the day. Fox reporter Steve Harrigan lashed CNN's Nic Robertson as "dull," said his reporting was "bullshit," and impugned his masculinity. The conflict was triggered by...

CNN Reporter Lashes Fox Over 'Human Shield Scoop'

Story was totally hyped, says journalist Nic Robertson

(Newser) - A furious CNN reporter is blasting Fox News for cooking up an "exclusive" story accusing Libyan security forces of using US reporters as "human shields." The Fox piece claimed that CNN and Reuters reporters, among others, were transported to a bomb site in Moammar Gadhafi's compound in...

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