Rob Ford

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Rob Ford's Brother Scores Massive Election Victory

Doug Ford will be Ontario's new premier

(Newser) - The Ford family scored its biggest-ever political victory Thursday night—more than two years after the death of Rob Ford . Doug Ford, older brother of the notorious former Toronto mayor, was elected premier of Ontario, Canada's most populous province, the AP reports. Ford, who was narrowly elected leader of...

Toronto Won't Be Getting 'Rob Ford Stadium'

City council votes down proposal by current mayor

(Newser) - The Toronto city council has voted against naming a stadium after former Mayor Rob Ford, the AP reports. Ford's four-year tenure as mayor of Canada's largest city was marred by revelations about his drinking problems and crack cocaine use. As he sought a second term in 2014, a...

Video of Late Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack Now Public

Rob Ford died earlier this year

(Newser) - A notorious video showing late Toronto politician Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine that sparked a storm of controversy and marred the tenure of the former mayor of Canada's largest city was released Thursday to the public. A Toronto court lifted a ban on publication of the video, shot in...

Toronto Mourns Its 'Most Complicated' Mayor
 Toronto Mourns Its 
 'Most Complicated' Mayor 

Toronto Mourns Its 'Most Complicated' Mayor

He 'may have been a clown, but he was our clown'

(Newser) - Rob Ford has died from cancer at 46 and while he deeply split opinion when he was mayor of Toronto, commentators agree that the world is duller place without the man they describe as the most polarizing, most complicated, and by far the most famous leader the city has ever...

Rob Ford Dies at 46
 Rob Ford Dies at 46 

Rob Ford Dies at 46

Former Toronto mayor had been battling cancer

(Newser) - Just one day after Rob Ford's office confirmed that the former Toronto mayor was in palliative care, his family says Ford has died. He was 46. Ford dropped his 2014 bid for re-election when he was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer . In a lengthy obituary, the...

Rob Ford Is in Palliative Care

Family confirms the news about former Toronto mayor

(Newser) - Rob Ford's office confirms that the former Toronto mayor is in palliative care at Mount Sinai Hospital and that his family is focused on making him as comfortable as possible, the Toronto Star reports. "Family members have been with him around the clock," Ford’s brother and...

Now on eBay: Rob Ford's Crack Tie

This is a one and only, folks

(Newser) - You can buy many things on the Internet, and one of them is now the garish tie Rob Ford wore to the press conference in which he confessed he might be more than abstractly familiar with a substance we like to call crack cocaine , albeit only in a "drunken...

Toronto Has a New Mayor
 Toronto Has a New Mayor 

Toronto Has a New Mayor

And John Tory isn't known for his drunken stupors

(Newser) - Unless John Tory has a closet bursting with skeletons, it may be awhile before the words "crack cocaine" or "drunken stupor" appear in the same sentence as "Toronto mayor" again. The moderate conservative has been elected mayor with around 40% of the vote in a record turnout,...

Rob Ford: I Have 50/50 Chance of Surviving Cancer

Hardest thing is telling the kids, Toronto mayor says

(Newser) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer , but he says he's trying to stay optimistic, even though doctors have given him a 50/50 chance of survival. "Some nights I just cry myself to sleep, but what can you do, there's only...

Rob Ford Has Rare, Aggressive Cancer

Toronto mayor will start chemotherapy

(Newser) - Doctors spelled out the health troubles of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford today, and the news isn't good. The 45-year-old has a malignant abdominal tumor that the mayor's lead physician called "rare," "difficult," and "fairly aggressive," reports the Globe and Mail . Ford will...

Rob Ford Withdraws; Brother to Replace Him

Rob Ford to run for city council seat in Toronto instead

(Newser) - Toronto won't have Rob Ford to kick around anymore, at least as mayor, but it might get him as a city councillor instead—and brother Doug as mayor. Today's filing deadline was a busy one for the Ford family: Rob withdrew his name from the mayor's race,...

Mike Tyson Loves Rob Ford, Curses Out Reporter

Former boxing champ calls TV journo 'piece of s---' when questioned on rape conviction

(Newser) - Just one day after a meeting in which Mike Tyson gushed that Rob Ford was "the best mayor in Toronto’s history," according to the Toronto Star , the former boxing champ took a different attitude with a Canadian TV anchor who asked a touchy question, the AP reports....

Rob Ford Hospitalized With Tumor

Future of Toronto mayor's campaign uncertain

(Newser) - Rob Ford's re-election campaign is in jeopardy again, and this time it's because of his health instead of his scandals. The Toronto mayor has been admitted to a local hospital with a tumor in his abdomen. A hospital spokesman says the tumor is "not small," but...

Poll: Rob Ford Could Actually Get Re-Elected

Even though he made football players roll in goose poop

(Newser) - The good people of Toronto appear to be quite a forgiving bunch: The latest poll suggests Rob Ford, whose crack cocaine use and other antics have drawn worldwide media attention, has a pretty good shot at being re-elected as mayor in October, the Washington Post reports. The poll released yesterday...

Alec Baldwin's Next TV Role: 'Rob Ford-Like' Mayor

He's working on one-hour series

(Newser) - This sounds like a show we might actually watch: Alec Baldwin is developing a new TV series with NBC Productions in which he would play the "buffoonish" and/or "outlandish" mayor of New York City—a character much like the actual mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, Deadline reports. Baldwin...

Rob Ford: I've Used Almost All Drugs

Mayor says he's taking it one day at a time

(Newser) - Rob Ford is out of rehab , back in Toronto City Hall, and coming clean about his past bad behavior. In interviews with the CBC and CP24 , the mayor said his drug use began long before he took office and included pretty much every "drug you can think of,"...

Rob Ford Bans Press From Press Conference

Toronto mayor says he's 'ashamed and humiliated' by his behavior

(Newser) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's return today was part mea culpa and part campaign-stump speech at a press conference where some reporters were banned, the National Post and Toronto Star report. "Thanks to my treatment, I can proudly say today that I have begun the process of taking control...

Casting Call Goes Out for Rob Ford Musical

'Gravy train meets the crazy train' in new production

(Newser) - This could be the role of a lifetime for the right person, although method acting might be a bad idea: The producers of Rob Ford The Musical: The Birth of a Ford Nation have issued an open casting call in Toronto on Monday for roles including that of the crack-smoking...

Rob Ford's SUV Apparently Cannot Be Driven Sober

This time random woman from Ford's rehab is charged with drunk driving

(Newser) - A person has been charged with driving Rob Ford's Cadillac Escalade while under the influence, and that person is not Rob Ford . Rather, the driver has been identified by cops as 36-year-old Lee Anne McRobb, who the Toronto Sun reports was also recently enjoying a stay at the same...

Rob Ford: Rehab Is Great, Like Redskins Camp

Location of said rehab remains mysterious

(Newser) - Alleged border incidents aside, Rob Ford is in rehab somewhere, and it is awesome. That's the gist of the interview Ford gave the Toronto Sun today. "I feel great. Rehab is amazing," the Toronto mayor said. "It reminds me of football camp. Kind of like the...

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