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Now Navy Faces Nuke Cheating Scandal

Sailors accused of cheating on nuclear reactor tests

(Newser) - Dozens of sailors have been accused of cheating on exams on a subject in which one would really hope they'd be expert: How to operate nuclear reactors. In the latest cheating scandal to hit the military, the chief of the Navy's nuclear propulsion program says at least 30...

China Will Have Nuclear Subs in 2 Years

 China Will Have 
 Nuclear Subs 
 in 2 Years 

China Will Have Nuclear Subs in 2 Years

New subs could be deployed within 2 years

(Newser) - China's nuclear arsenal is getting larger—and going deeper. Within two years, the Chinese will have submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles, according to a draft report headed Congress' way. And not only is China the only current nuclear power looking to expand its repertoire, but developing such an...

Navy Ship, Sub Collide Off Fla. Coast

USS Montpelier hit by Navy cruiser as it was ascending

(Newser) - A nuclear-powered submarine belonging to the US Navy chose the wrong moment to stick its head up yesterday: The USS Montpelier was apparently ascending to periscope depth in waters off the coast of Jacksonville, reports the Navy Times , when it collided with the USS San Jacinto, an Aegis class Navy...

Navy: Sub Commander Faked Death to End Affair

He loses his command of nuclear submarine

(Newser) - The commander of a nuclear submarine tried to concoct an ingenious plan to get himself out a jam, but the Hunt for Red October this is not. The Navy says Cmdr. Michael P. Ward II tried to end an affair by sending a fake email from a guy named "...

Navy: Worker Set $400M Sub Fire to Get Out of Work

Casey James Fury admits to setting 2 fires

(Newser) - That fire on the USS Miami that caused $400 million in damage in May? Turns out it may not have been caused by a vacuum after all. Navy investigators say civilian laborer Casey James Fury actually set the fire ... because he wanted to leave work early. Fury now faces two...

Iran: We're Building a Nuclear Sub

Project can be used to justify nuclear enrichment

(Newser) - Iran says it has begun building a nuclear submarine—a move which conveniently gives it an excuse to enrich uranium to above weapons grade. An Iranian rear admiral announced the project in Iran's state-run Fars News Agency yesterday, and went out of his way to remind reporters that powering...

Nuke Sub's $400M Fire Blamed on ... Vacuum

Fire affected forward section of attack sub

(Newser) - The fire that caused $400 million in damage to a US nuclear submarine last month may have been caused by no greater a menace than a vacuum cleaner. That is the preliminary result of a naval investigation of the May 24 fire, which occurred while the USS Miami was in...

Cheating Rampant in Navy's Submarine Crews: Report

Commander, tenth of USS Memphis crew fired

(Newser) - The Navy discovered cheating so widespread among one of its nuclear submarine crews that it fired the commander of the USS Memphis and 10% of its crew, according to a report obtained by the AP . Sailors were emailed the answers before qualification exams and openly asked their officers for answer...

British Sailor on Nuclear Sub Kills Officer: Police

Another person badly wounded; terrorism not suspected

(Newser) - A British sailor aboard a nuclear-powered submarine apparently shot dead a crew member and seriously wounded another today while the vessel was on a goodwill visit to an English port. The suspect was overpowered by colleagues and visiting dignitaries aboard HMS Astute and arrested on suspicion of murder. Police and...

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