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US Commander: Russia Is Ignoring Syria Protocols

He says armed jets are flying over US outpost almost every day

(Newser) - The Black Sea, where Russian jets forced down an American drone last week, is far from the only potential flashpoint between US and Russian forces. Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich at US Central Command says armed Russian jets have flown over the Al-Tanf base in southeast Syria almost every day this...

Ron DeSantis Explains Himself, Calls Putin a 'War Criminal'

Tucker Carlson mocks the apparent backtracking

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis is clarifying his controversial remarks about the Russia-Ukraine war from last week after getting pushback even from members of his own party . In his comments to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Florida governor had referred to President Biden's policy of aid to Ukraine as a "...

Is Russia-China Partnership Substantive or Just Convenient?
Takeaways From the Meeting
of These 'Dear Friends'

Takeaways From the Meeting of These 'Dear Friends'

China's purported goal of peace remains elusive after Xi-Putin talks

(Newser) - There was no real progress made toward ending the conflict in Ukraine during Xi Jinping's three-day visit to Russia, despite China characterizing the trip as one "of friendship, cooperation, and peace," the AP reports. "What China has done boils down to one word, that is, to...

Putin and Xi Promise Cooperation but Not Peace

Russian leader says Ukraine and West don't seem ready for settlement

(Newser) - The leaders of China and Russia agreed in Moscow on Tuesday to deepen their partnership on economic and political matters, further setting themselves apart from the US and other Western nations. On their second day of talks, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping did not agree...

Xi Visits 'Dear Friend' Putin
Xi Visits 'Dear Friend' Putin

Xi Visits 'Dear Friend' Putin

Blinken says 'world should not be fooled' by peace proposal freezing Russian gains in place

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed his Chinese counterpart to Moscow on Monday, calling Xi Jinping a "dear friend" at the start of a visit seen as a show of support for Putin as his war in Ukraine grinds on. Xi praised Putin's "strong leadership" and credited it...

Russia Honors Fuel-Spraying Pilots
Russia Honors
Fuel-Spraying Pilots

Russia Honors Fuel-Spraying Pilots

Defense ministry says they prevented drone from entering 'temporary airspace regime'

(Newser) - Two Russian pilots who behaved in what the US military calls a "reckless" and "unprofessional" manner in international airspace over the Black Sea have been honored by Russia's defense ministry. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced Friday that the pilots of two Su-27 jets that encountered an American...

China Making a Big Show of Support for Russia

Xi Jinping will visit Moscow on Monday

(Newser) - Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to visit Russia from Monday to Wednesday in an apparent show of support for Russian President Vladimir Putin amid sharpening East-West tensions over the war in Ukraine. The meeting between the leaders was announced by both countries on Friday. Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine...

US Releases Video of Jet Dumping Fuel on Drone

Video of Black Sea encounter also shows drone's damaged propeller

(Newser) - The US military has released declassified video that backs up its account of an encounter over the Black Sea that caused the loss of an MQ-9 Reaper drone. The video, taken by a camera on the drone's underside, shows a Russian Su-27 jet releasing fuel in an apparent attempt...

Russia Is Working to Retrieve Downed US Drone

'I am hoping for success, of course,' Russian official said on TV

(Newser) - "I am hoping for success, of course." So said Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev in televised remarks in reference to Russia's effort to get its hands on the US drone that was forced down in the Black Sea on Tuesday . "I don't know whether...

Russian Ambassador Summoned Over Drone Incident

He claims US drone's Black Sea flight was a 'provocation'

(Newser) - A Russian fighter jet struck the propeller of a US surveillance drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday in a "brazen violation of international law," causing American forces to bring down the unmanned aerial vehicle, the US said. But Russia insisted its warplanes didn't hit the MQ-9...

2 Russian Fighter Jets Mess With, Damage US Drone

One struck MQ-9 Reaper drone's propeller, forcing it down in international waters

(Newser) - The US military says it was forced to bring down an Air Force drone in international waters on Tuesday after a Russian fighter jet struck its propeller while harassing the spy drone. The incident happened over the Black Sea, with US European Command issuing a statement that said two...

Moldova: We Foiled Russia's Protest Plot

New government claims plan was to cause mass unrest

(Newser) - Moldovan police said on Sunday they have foiled a plot by groups of Russia-backed actors who were specially trained to cause mass unrest during a protest the same day in the capital against the country's new pro-Western government. The head of Moldova's police, Viorel Cernauteanu, said in a...

US Officials Offer Hint on Nord Stream Pipeline Attacks

Signs point to pro-Ukraine group, though details are murky and skepticism remains

(Newser) - Russia and Western nations have been pointing the finger at each other since last September, when a series of leaks sprung up in the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea, carrying gas from Russia to Germany. Now, a possible clue toward solving what the New York Times calls "...

Desperate for a Win, Russia Fights for a Pile of 'Rubble'
Russia Pushes Toward
a Symbolic Victory

Russia Pushes Toward a Symbolic Victory

But Ukraine refuses to abandon Bakhmut, even amid talk of a favorable counteroffensive

(Newser) - The eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut is bordered on three sides by Russian troops. Still, Ukraine isn't willing to give it up. President Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the commander in chief of Ukraine's armed forces "to find the appropriate forces to help the guys in Bakhmut" after...

As Russians Flee, Finland Builds a Border Fence

More fallout from the invasion of Ukraine

(Newser) - Finland shares an 832-mile border with Russia, the longest of any nation in the European Union. Soon, as many as 161 of those miles will feature a 10-foot-tall fence topped with barbed wire, with night vision cameras, lights, and loudspeakers installed at some sections. Finland says the border fence, which...

Putin Backs Out of Last Nuclear Pact With the US

Russian leader blames the West in his state of the nation address; Biden speaks later in Poland

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin declared Tuesday that Russia is pulling out—at least temporarily—from the last standing nuclear arms control treaty with the US. In his annual state of the nation address, Putin announced that Moscow would suspend its participation in the New START pact, reports the BBC . "Our relations...

Biden's Ukraine Visit Seen as 'Gut Punch' to Putin

A roundup of reactions to president's surprise trip

(Newser) - Marjorie Taylor Greene hates the idea of President Biden's surprise visit to Ukraine , declaring that he "chose Ukraine over America" on Presidents Day. The conservative congresswoman isn't the only one weighing in:
  • Big move: This was no political stunt, writes Eliot A. Cohen in the Atlantic . It

US Is Raising the Alarm About China Helping Russia
US Is Worried China May
Make Big Move for Russia
the rundown

US Is Worried China May Make Big Move for Russia

Blinken says Beijing might supply weapons, a major escalation of aid

(Newser) - On the eve of the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the US appears to be increasingly alarmed that China is about to start helping Vladimir Putin in a big way. If Beijing does so, it threatens not only to prolong the war but to turn the conflict...

US Already Slammed Russia for War Crimes. Now, 'a Step Further'

VP Harris: 'There is no doubt' that Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine

(Newser) - The United States has determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine, Vice President Kamala Harris said Saturday, insisting that "justice must be served" to the perpetratrors. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Harris said that the international community has both a moral and a strategic interest...

Off Alaska, More Activity in the Sky

NORAD says it intercepted 4 Russian fighter aircraft in international airspace that didn't pose threat

(Newser) - On Friday, an unidentified object was shot down off the coast of Alaska; on Monday, there was even more activity in the air near the Last Frontier—this time, a group of Russian fighter jets and strategic bombers intercepted by the US military in international airspace, according to the North...

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