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Chris Pratt Isn't the Only One Tearing Down Famous Homes

It's part of a larger trend of razing historic houses to erect McMansions, per 'WaPo'

(Newser) - Chris Pratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, recently created quite a stir after buying, then demolishing , the Zimmerman House, a famous midcentury home in Los Angeles. Kriston Capps says that's nothing too out of the ordinary, however, writing for the Washington Post that it's part of a "...

People Wait Years for This Wine Sold at Costco

There's a (very) limited supply now of Screaming Eagle's cab sav, but be prepared to pay thousands

(Newser) - A hint of something special at Costco arrived earlier this month on Reddit , when one user posted a picture of a row of wine bottles, one with an eye-popping price tag of $3,699.99. "Had to make sure I was seeing correctly," the person wrote in the...

This Year's Golden Globes Swag Bag Tops $500K

The Globes says it might be the 'most valuable' swag bag to date

(Newser) - The 81st Golden Globe Awards are coming in January, and despite Americans feeling the pinch in their wallets, the creators are going all out with what they're calling perhaps the "most valuable" gift bag "ever." Offerings in 2024's swag bag are valued over $500,000,...

This Bottle Just Sold for $2.7M
This Bottle Just Sold for $2.7M

This Bottle Just Sold for $2.7M

Macallan Adami 1926 whisky, of which there were only 40, far outreaches estimates

(Newser) - A bottle of Scotch whisky billed as "the most sought-after" in the world sold Saturday for almost $2.7 million, an auction record for a bottle of wine or spirits—and far above initial estimates of up to $1.5 million . The Macallan Adami 1926 sold at Sotheby's in...

Check Out the $61M Digs J.Lo, Ben Affleck Just Bought

Couple splurges for 12-bedroom, 24-bathroom (yes, 24) home in Beverly Hills

(Newser) - When nature calls, it's good to know your new home has 24 bathrooms to choose from. We're not sure if that feature is what ultimately sold Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on their new $61 million mansion, but it's the one the Daily Mail homes in on...

This Philly Burger Will Set You Back $700

DBG eatery is hawking the 'Gold Standard' cheeseburger for that price

(Newser) - Visitors to a Philadelphia burger bar might want to pay attention to the menu prices —one new cheeseburger at DBG will set them back $700. NBC10 explains: The "Gold Standard" burger includes 8 ounces of Japanese wagyu beef, aged Irish cheddar, plus caviar, black truffle, and lobster that'...

When a Celeb Wants to Rent Your Home—for a Bananas Amount

Rihanna forked over $500K to stay in a Paradise Valley, Arizona, house during the Super Bowl

(Newser) - The math is astoundingly good: You buy a house for $7.3 million, then get paid $500,000 to let someone use it—for a single week. That's the situation Spyro Malaspinas found himself in, accidentally it seems. As the Wall Street Journal reports in a photo-filled piece, Malaspinas...

It's a Crushing Race, and It Costs $20K to Run It

120 miles, 10K feet of ascent, but Michelin-star cooking

(Newser) - "Race like a warrior but recover like a king." It's an appropriate motto for what's being billed as the most luxurious ultramarathon on the planet. Yes, participants in the Highland Kings Ultra will have to hoof it through 120 miles of Scotland, but they'll pay...

Christmas Catalog for the Rich Is a Little Different This Year

Focus is on staying comfortable at home, or visiting remote parts of US

(Newser) - This year's Neiman Marcus catalog of "Fantasy Gifts" for the super-rich has been released—and while there's no shortage of items for the 1% to splurge on, the 2020 book's focus is largely on staying home comfortably, and all the jet-setting trips available are within the...

Tiffany Is Selling a 355-Pound Advent Calendar

It'll set you back $112K

(Newser) - Tiffany & Co. has completely outdone itself in the niche shopping category of "luxury advent calendars," CNN reports: It's offering a $112,000 Ultimate Advent Calendar , which weighs 355 pounds and will be assembled upon delivery via the jeweler's "White Glove Service." Its 24...

Jackie Kennedy's Refuge Goes on the Market for $65M

(Newser) - Check your couch cushions, kids, because you're gonna need every penny for this one: Jackie Kennedy Onassis' estate on Martha's Vineyard has hit the market with a hefty $65 million pricetag, reports CBS News . "Now that our children are grown, it is time for them to spread...

Behold: The Most Expensive Car in History

One-and-only model of this Bugatti sells for $12.5M

(Newser) - Folks of ordinary income can't afford to own a Bugatti, but even some millionaires would not be able to own this Bugatti. The French automaker unveiled "La Voiture Noire" on Tuesday, and at $12.5 million, it has the distinction of being the most expensive new car in...

Pricey Doggie Daycare Not Going Over Well in SF

'The Dog Wears Prada' package costs $1.5K per month

(Newser) - The latest example of San Francisco's insane cost of living: A fancy dog daycare offering a $1,500 monthly membership option (and that's after paying a $7,500 initiation fee). For that price, members of Doggy Style , opening next month in the city's Noe Valley neighborhood, get...

You're Drunk, Go Home: Someone Paid $558K for Bottle of Wine

Sotheby's unloads bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti for more than 17 times the upper limit, shattering record

(Newser) - It's the furthest cry possible from Three Buck Chuck: A bottle of a 1945 Romanee-Conti, one of just 600 bottles produced that year by the maker of what's considered France's best Burgundy, has sold for an eye-popping $558,000 in New York on Saturday. The wine was...

Billionaires' Honeymoons Are More Eye-Popping Than You Think
Honeymoons Are
More Eye-Popping
Than You Think

Billionaires' Honeymoons Are More Eye-Popping Than You Think

Ovation Vacations goes to extremes for its clients

(Newser) - In describing his "consulting crash course" with "a leisure travel consultancy" that plans eye-popping honeymoons for billionaires, Brandon Presser explains that the first order of business is signing a nondisclosure agreement. And yet his piece for Bloomberg still manages to be replete with truly amazing examples of...

Bank Gave Him $1.6M That Wasn't His. That's Not the Wildest Part
He Was So Rich
He Rented a
Whole Brothel.
Except He Wasn't
in case you missed it

He Was So Rich He Rented a Whole Brothel. Except He Wasn't

Luke Moore lived high, got caught, then cleared his name

(Newser) - At one point in 2012, Luke "Milky" Moore paid $40,000 to rent himself a brothel for four days. Two years prior, he was penniless, unemployed, and bracing himself for foreclosure. What happened in the interim is the subject of an Esquire piece by David Kushner, who explores the...

America's Most Expensive Home Up for Sale This Year
Introducing America's
Most Expensive Home

Introducing America's Most Expensive Home

'The One' goes up for sale this year for $500M

(Newser) - The priciest home in America is set to hit the market in Los Angeles later this year. Nile Niami, the developer known for such epic real-estate offerings as the $100 million " Opus " in Beverly Hills, has been working on " The One " in Bel Air for years....

New LAX Offering Allows the Rich to Avoid the Riff-Raff

High-end private terminal opens, but access doesn't come cheap

(Newser) - "First class is what's wrong," complained Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire . "It used to be a better meal, now it's a better life." Life just got a little better for A-listers currently forced to mingle with the riffraff at Los Angeles International Airport: The...

Mercedes Rolls Out World's Most Expensive SUV

$500K+ vehicle hailed as ideal for 'extravagant dictators'

(Newser) - If you'd like your passengers to be able to sip from silver champagne flutes in comfort while being transported across rugged terrain—and you have at least $500,000 to spare—look no further than the Mercedes-Maybach G-Class 650 Landaulet. The ultra-high-end SUV, described by Road and Track as...

This Could Be the Most Expensive Home in US

It's listed for $250M

(Newser) - "No one has built homes for billionaires," developer Bruce Makowsky tells Bloomberg . Until now, apparently. According to the Hollywood Reporter , Makowsky has built and listed a $250 million mansion in Bel Air that—if it gets the asking price—would be the most expensive home ever sold in...

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