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VIDEO: Chaz Bono Eliminated From 'Dancing With the Stars'
 Chaz Bono Booted From DWTS 

Chaz Bono Booted From DWTS

And, because you know you want it, an update on Nancy Grace

(Newser) - After a six-week stint on Dancing With the Stars that was hailed by GLAAD as the beginning of “transgender-inclusive programming,” Chaz Bono was eliminated last night. Bono had been “quite angry” after Monday night’s competition show, when he and partner Lacey Schwimmer accused the judges of...

Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction: Jon Stewart Says Fox News Not Biggest Boob for Once
 Biggest Boob: 
 It's Nancy Grace Vs. Fox 

Biggest Boob: It's Nancy Grace Vs. Fox

Grace wins title for 'one shining moment'

(Newser) - Chaz Bono’s casting on Dancing With the Stars caused an uproar , but in the first episode, Jon Stewart says it was Nancy Grace who accidentally assaulted American family values . “Why is the angry lady from CourtTV trying to breastfeed my children?!” demanded Stewart on last night’s...

Chaz Bono: Don't Worry, I'm Not Catching

'You can't get gender dysphoria watching DTWS,' he assures complainers

(Newser) - Relax. Chaz Bono is not contagious. That's his message in the wake of a flurry of complaints that his appearance on Dancing With the Stars has now made the program inappropriate for children and God-fearing families. "People who don't have gender dysphoria aren't going to catch...

Chaz Bono Trims Down for DWTS

Rehearsals have knocked off 5 pounds: dance partner

(Newser) - Chaz Bono is already wiggling his tush and shaking off the pounds in preparation for Dancing With the Stars. Only six days into rehearsals, his DWTS partner Lacey Schwimmer says Bono is "funny," "awesome," "so nice" and 5 pounds lighter than when he started. "...

Chaz Bono DWTS Pick Sparks Dialogue on Transgenders

ABC message board lights up with critics, defenders

(Newser) - If ABC wanted to generate buzz with the announcement of the new Dancing With the Stars cast , then it looks the selection of Chaz Bono was a wise choice. Tim Molloy of the Wrap notes that the show's message board has been besieged with comments about the transgender Bono,...

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