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Amid Climate Change, This Fruit May Get Its Moment

Nutrient-dense and plentiful, breadfruit could be the crop of the future

(Newser) - Breadfruit is hardly a staple of the American diet, but aficionado Zoë Schlanger at the Atlantic wonders if that will change soon enough. The trees grow in tropical climates with lots of rain, but climate change is shifting where they can be planted. Until recently, the only place on the...

Is Boring Breadfruit Our 'Food of the Future'?

Hawaii hosts movement to support the nutritious stuff

(Newser) - It’s highly nutritious and some say it could alleviate world hunger; trouble is, it’s not too appetizing. “You have to kind of fool people to get them to try it,” a chef tells the Wall Street Journal . That may be worth it, breadfruit supporters say: A...

2 Stories