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College Students' Lake Trip Has Park Service Peeved

Thousands of students converged on California's Shasta Lake—and left heaps of trash behind

(Newser) - SFGate gets right to the point in a recent headline: "Thousands of college students trashed a California lake." About 3,000 of them, according to Debbie Carlisi of the US Forest Service's Shasta-Trinity National Forest, who says crews at Shasta Lake spent six hours scooping up...

3 Stabbings in 5 Days Shake California College Town
Suspect in Custody in
College Town Stabbings

Suspect in Custody in College Town Stabbings

Two people were killed and one injured, California police say

(Newser) - Police in California have a suspect in custody in connection with three recent stabbings in the college town of Davis. Carlos Domingues, 21, faces two counts of homicide and one of attempted murder, CBS News reports. Police said physical evidence ties Domingues, who was a student at UC Davis until...

'Catastrophic Failure' Kills 21K Fish at UC Davis Facility

Chlorine exposure led to devastating loss for research programs

(Newser) - A "catastrophic failure" caused the death of around 21,000 fish at a research facility this week, officials at the University of California, Davis, say. University spokesperson Andy Fell says the "devastating loss" was discovered Tuesday morning at an outdoor facility at the UC Davis Center for Aquatic...

12-Year-Old to Enter College—as a Junior

Tanishq Abraham gets accepted by two universities

(Newser) - Tanishq Abraham just got accepted by two California universities—not bad for a 12-year-old. The Sacramento boy, who graduated from high school at age 10 and received three associate's degrees from a community college last year, says he still hasn't decided which university to accept, NBC News reports....

UC Davis Tried to Wipe Pepper Spray News From Google

Firm was paid nearly $100K to manipulate Google results

(Newser) - UC Davis spent a lot of money trying to scrub pepper spray from online search results after peaceful protesters were pepper-sprayed in the face —only to generate more pepper-spray headlines for the institution. Documents obtained by the Sacramento Bee reveal that the university paid "reputation management" experts Nevins...

Your Cat's Fur Color May Predict Its Attitude

Calicos and tortoiseshells are feistier

(Newser) - If your feline friend has a bad "cattitude," the color of its fur might be a factor. Researchers at UC Davis have found a correlation between a cat's markings and its level of feistiness, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Calicos and tortoiseshells are more likely to...

Pepper-Spraying Cop Gets Workers' Comp: $38K of It

Which is more than the students he sprayed got in a class-action suit

(Newser) - Apparently, pepper spraying dozens of protesters who are sitting peacefully on the ground in front of you counts as a debilitating—and lucrative—workplace incident. Former UC Davis police officer John Pike has been awarded $38,055 in workers' compensation for the "continuous trauma" he suffered as a result...

Pepper-Sprayed Students to Receive Payout

UC Davis wants to put Occupy incident behind it

(Newser) - The University of California has agreed to cough up an undisclosed amount in damages to students and alumni doused in pepper spray during a peaceful protest last fall. Officials have approved a payment to 21 people who sued after the incident at an Occupy protest at UC Davis, reports the...

Pepper-Spraying Cop Leaves UC Davis

No word on what led to Lt. John Pike's departure

(Newser) - As of yesterday, the pepper-spraying cop no longer works at UC Davis. "I can confirm that John Pike's employment with the university ended on July 31, 2012," a spokesperson tells the San Francisco Chronicle . No word on what led to the lieutenant's departure. Pike became an...

UC Davis Head Cop Quits Over Pepper-Spray Mess

Annette Spicuzza steps down after report slams department

(Newser) - The UC Davis police chief whose officers pepper-sprayed seated protesters late last year has quit following a campus task force report criticizing her "dysfunctional" department's handling of the incident . "As the university does not want this incident to be its defining moment, nor do I wish for...

UC Davis to Pay Medical Bills of Sprayed Students

School also is dropping charges against them

(Newser) - UC Davis continues to try to make amends for its pepper-spray YouTube sensation . The school says it will pick up any medical bills incurred by the students who got doused, along with dropping the misdemeanor charges against them, reports CNN . The university also is setting up the obligatory review panel,...

Pepper-Spray Cop an Arty Meme

Startling incident inspires art mash-ups

(Newser) - Something about the startling contrast between a hulking cop with a giant can of pepper spray and a group of relatively meek, geeky students has the blogosphere going all arty. The cop who doused sitting UC Davis students full in the face last week is now an internet meme, appearing...

Fox on Pepper Spray: It's Just a Food Product

It's, like, a derivative of pepper, says Megyn Kelly

(Newser) - You know that pepper spray that makes eyeballs feel like they're being fried in hot oil? Relax, it's just a "food product," or so says Fox analyst Megyn Kelly. "First of all, pepper spray, that just burns your eyes, right?" Bill O'Reilly asks Kelly...

UC Davis Chancellor: I Can't Quit, the School Needs Me

And more on the pepper spray incident

(Newser) - Despite the fact that students and faculty alike are calling for her resignation, University of California-Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi still says she won’t step down after Friday’s pepper spray incident . "I really feel confident at this point the university needs me," Katehi said today on Good ...

'Militarization' of Police Is War on Democracy

Police once knew how to handle non-violent protests, says Bob Ostertag

(Newser) - US Police used to recognize non-violent protest for what it was, and arrested and carried off protesters, when necessary, with a minimum of fuss. But the mass pepper spraying of UC Davis students last week represents a "radical departure" from that tradition, a dangerous "militarization" of police that...

Pepper-Spray Cops Placed on Leave

UC Davis chancellor rejects calls for her resignation

(Newser) - Now for the pepper-spray fallout at UC Davis. Two campus cops involved in spraying seated students were put on administrative leave today, and the school's chancellor struggled to keep her job, the AP reports. Chancellor Linda Katehi rebuffed the faculty's call for her resignation, promising to assemble a...

UC Davis Students Get Pepper Sprayed

Officer douses sitting students

(Newser) - The latest Occupy-related images to generate buzz come from UC Davis. As police moved in to dismantle the students' camp yesterday, one officer methodically doused a group of sitting protesters with pepper spray, reports CBS Sacramento . Police then arrested 10 protesters, notes the Sacramento Bee . Critics are calling it an...

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