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Schumer Says Deal Has Been Reached on Burn Pits Bill
Burn Pits Bill Clears Senate

Burn Pits Bill Clears Senate

It's headed to Biden's desk after 86-11 vote

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new developments. A bill to expand benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits cleared the Senate Tuesday evening—days after Jon Stewart fiercely denounced Republicans who blocked its passage . The bill was approved in an 86-11 vote and it will now head to...

2 US Fighters Feared Captured by Russia

They reportedly vanished while fighting near the Ukraine-Russia border on June 9

(Newser) - Two US military veterans from Alabama are thought to be the first Americans captured by Russia while fighting for Ukraine. Alexander Drueke, 39, from Tuscaloosa, formerly of the US Army, and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, 27, from Hartselle, formerly of the Marine Corps, volunteered to assist in the war effort...

Vets Demand Apology After Tense Clash in GOP Debate

2 Senate candidates in Ohio almost came to blows

(Newser) - A near-physical altercation in the Republican primary for US Senate in Ohio led to a demand Monday from some military veterans that one candidate apologize for saying a rival who did two tours in Iraq never served in the private sector and didn't know anything about business. The heated...

Army Plans to Limit Who Can Be Buried at Arlington

Under new rules, veterans would no longer automatically be eligible

(Newser) - In an effort to save dwindling space, the Army is proposing new rules to limit who can be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Under the current rules, the cemetery, which dates to the Civil War, would run out of space by the mid-2050s, the Army says. The proposed restrictions would...

Veterans, 95 and 85, Left in Wartime and Returned for Diplomas

(Newser) - Two veterans who left high school early for the military in wartime joined the Class of 2019 in walking the stage Saturday to receive their diplomas, CNN reports. Joe Perricone, 95, was drafted in 1943 while in high school in Tampa. The Army veteran was honored at Hillsborough High School'...

Report: VA Won't Repay Vets After GI Bill Snafu

Huge delay has left some vets facing hardship

(Newser) - A major snafu has hit benefit payments to student veterans under the GI Bill—and congressional aides tells NBC that they have been told the veterans are never going to be paid back. The aides say they were told by the Department of Veterans Affairs that the VA will not...

Vet Riding Horse Across US Over Dad's Agent Orange Death

Colt Romberger wants to call attention to chemical blamed in father's death

(Newser) - The two things Colt Romberger and his father had most in common, the ones that made them best friends as well as father and son, were a deep affection for horses and an equally deep pride in having served their country in times of war. So when Cliff Romberger, a...

Vet Killed at Pearl Harbor Finally Getting Burial He's Due

Remains of Vernon Luke have been identified after 70 years

(Newser) - The US military plans to bury a sailor from the USS Oklahoma whose remains were unidentified for more than 70 years after he died in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Machinist's Mate 1st Class Vernon Luke of Green Bay will be buried will full military honors at a veterans...

Give Our Iraq and Afghan Vets a Ticker-Tape Parade

Michael Daly: It's long overdue

(Newser) - New York City has had three ticker-tape parades since 9/11, and all three were for sports teams, writes Michael Daly in the Daily Beast . It is way past time, then, to throw one for the vets have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, he argues. No disrespect to the Yankees and...

600 Military Vets Reported Chemical Exposure in Iraq

Pentagon sets up 1-800 number for troops

(Newser) - The Pentagon has been playing catch-up with veterans exposed to chemical agents in Iraq, and the numbers involved just increased exponentially. The New York Times reports that 629 members of the US military since 2003 have reported exposure during their tours of duty—not from attacks but from encounters with...

Teen Killed in WWII Buried at Arlington

Cecil Harris' remains were recently found in France

(Newser) - A Tennessee teenager who was killed in World War II and lay in a shallow grave for 70 years finally got a proper burial yesterday at Arlington, reports the Tennessean . Army private Cecil Harris, who was killed in battle on Jan. 2, 1945, was laid to rest with full military...

Iraq Vet Cited Over His 14 'Therapy Ducks'

Ohio village has ordered him to get rid of them

(Newser) - A veteran who says he came home from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder and a major back injury is worried about losing the 14 ducks he has come to rely on. Darin Welker, 36, says the village of West Lafayette, Ohio, has ordered him to get rid of the ducks...

Runners Pause Mid-Race to Thank 95-Year-Old Vet

WWII vet Joe Bell was cheering them on

(Newser) - Runners in a San Jose race Sunday willingly added a few seconds to their time in order to thank a veteran, in a spontaneous and touching display that's garnered more than a little attention. The 408K Race is an 8-kilometer race benefiting the Pat Tillman Foundation, which helps military...

Who Is War Hero Cory Remsburg?

Meet the star of last night's State of the Union

(Newser) - By far the longest standing ovation in last night's State of the Union address belonged not to President Obama but to Army Ranger Cory Remsburg. In fact, Remsburg couldn't be blamed "if the ear-splitting, two-minute standing ovation he received ... brought back memories of the day a blast...

'I'm Not Sorry' for Vets' Joke, Writes Comedian

Natasha Leggero bucks a trend, challenges her over-the-top critics

(Newser) - Empty public apologies are all the rage these days, but comedian Natasha Leggero is taking a different route. "I'm not sorry," she wrote on her Tumblr after taking heat for a joke she made on NBC on New Year's Eve about World War II vets....

Military Mourns Oldest Medal of Honor Recipient

Veterans, soldiers watched over WWII hero

(Newser) - World War II hero Nicholas Oresko has died at the age of 96—more than 68 years after he was shot and left for dead by a German machine-gunner during the Battle of the Bulge. The New Jersey native, who wiped out two enemy machine gun bunkers despite his injuries,...

Houston: Homeless Vet Not Ticketed for Eating Trash

James Kelly was cited under scavenging statute: police department rep

(Newser) - A homeless man was ticketed last week while searching for food in a Houston trash bin , and the news didn't go over well. Now the HPD is on the defensive and explaining that James Kelly was ticketed for making a mess, not for attempting to feed himself. And a...

Homeless Vet Looks for Food in Trash, Gets Ticketed

James Kelly fighting Houston dumpster diving charge

(Newser) - James Kelly, a nine-year Navy veteran, was ticketed in Houston last week for trying to find something to eat. Kelly, who is homeless, was looking for food in a trash bin near Houston's City Hall when a police officer charged him with "disturbing the contents of a garbage...

Vietnam Veterans Sue Military
 Vietnam Veterans Sue Military 

Vietnam Veterans Sue Military

They want undesirable discharges upgraded due to PTSD

(Newser) - John Shepherd Jr. enlisted in the Army in 1968 and was awarded a Bronze Star for his service during the Vietnam War, yet he can't get veterans benefits today due to his undesirable discharge (now known as an other-than-honorable discharge). Shepherd was court-martialed and discharged after he started acting...

Float Hit by Train Crossed Track Against Signals

Officials say truck entered tracks after warning bells, signals

(Newser) - A parade float filled with wounded veterans that was struck by a freight train had crossed onto the railroad tracks after warning signals were going off, investigators say. It was the second of two floats carrying veterans in Thursday's parade in Midland, Texas. The first was exiting the tracks...

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