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Strip Club Attracts the Unvaccinated

Las Vegas walk-in clinic draws men who say the place feels familiar

(Newser) - Wearing a French maid-inspired lingerie costume and high heels, dancer JoJo Hamner waited patiently to get her COVID-19 vaccine in a line that snaked past a glittery hostess stand under a red-light chandelier. When it was her turn, Hamner sat in a chair and held onto a small feather duster...

'Hustler' Publisher Dies at 78
Dies at 78

'Hustler' Publisher Dies at 78

Larry Flynt built an adult entertainment empire

(Newser) - Porn purveyor Larry Flynt, who built Hustler magazine into an adult entertainment empire while championing First Amendment rights, died Wednesday, the AP reports. He was 78. Flynt had been in frail health and died of heart failure at his Hollywood Hills home, said his nephew, Jimmy Flynt Jr. From his...

Larry Flynt Will Pay $10M for Impeachment Dirt on Trump

'Hustler' publisher takes out full-page ad in 'Washington Post' looking for a 'smoking gun'

(Newser) - Pornography publisher Larry Flynt has apparently had it with the current administration and is offering "up to $10 million" to anyone who produces information that leads to President Trump's impeachment and removal from office, reports the AP . He lays out the offer in a full-page ad in the...

Hustler Offers $1M Reward for Damaging Info on Trump

Good way to make a quick buck

(Newser) - The Houston Chronicle reports that Larry Flynt and Hustler are offering a $1 million bounty for anyone who can produce "verifiable video footage or audio recordings" showing Donald Trump "engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner." The magazine has promised to...

Larry Flynt Offers $1M for Dirt on Carson Adviser

Porn kingpin says candidate is a 'hypocrite'

(Newser) - Ben Carson is a hypocrite who is "partnering with an accused sexual predator" while attacking same-sex marriage, according to Larry Flynt, who's offering up to $1 million for proof that Carson campaign chief Armstrong Williams sexually harassed men. In an ad to be published in the Las Vegas ...

Serial Killer Who Shot Larry Flynt Spared Death
 Larry Flynt Shooter Executed 

Larry Flynt Shooter Executed

After Supreme Court denies 11th-hour appeal over pentobarbital

(Newser) - After a dizzying 11th-hour back-and-forth, the Supreme Court of the United States this morning denied a stay of execution for a racist serial killer linked to 20 murders; Missouri executed Joseph Franklin shortly thereafter, at 6:17am local time, reports the AP . It marked the state's first execution in...

Flynt Doesn't Want Guy Who Paralyzed Him Executed

There's no proof death penalty is a deterrent, he writes in column

(Newser) - Joseph Paul Franklin is set to be executed next month for a series of murders. Franklin also shot and paralyzed Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in 1978—but Flynt doesn't want him executed, he reveals today in a guest column for the Hollywood Reporter . "Supporters of capital punishment argue...

Larry Flynt to Mourdock: $1M for Proof 'God Intended'

He wants to see transcripts of Mourdock's convos with God

(Newser) - Millionaires are sure throwing around their millions: Larry Flynt ran a full-page ad in today's Indianapolis Star offering to put his money where Richard Mourdock's mouth is. In exchange for any "verifiable transcript of your personal conversations with God," including texts, letters, or emails, that say...

Larry Flynt: $1M for Romney's Tax Returns

Hustler publisher puts ads in major newspapers to dig up info

(Newser) - Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is ready to cough up a cool $1 million for an up close and personal look at something lusted after by Democrats everywhere: Namely, Mitt Romney's tax returns. Flynt is offering the reward to anyone who can dig up new evidence of the GOP candidate'...

Flynt Offers $1M for Proof of Affair by Rick Perry

Hustler publisher offers reward in alt-weekly ad

(Newser) - The joys of being a frontrunner in 2011: Larry Flynt is offering $1 million to anyone who has proof of a Rick Perry dalliance, reports Salon . The Hustler publisher, whose hobby is trying to point out hypocrisy among top conservatives, took out an ad in the Austin Chronicle alt-weekly that...

Casey Anthony Offered $500K for Hustler Shoot

Porn kingpin says his offer makes others look like chicken feed

(Newser) - Larry Flynt is offering his services as ringmaster of the Casey Anthony circus. The Hustler publisher says he is willing to offer her $500,000, plus 10% of profits, to pose nude, CNN reports. Flynt says the offer—which the Anthony camp dismisses as "nonsense"—will make a...

Larry Flynt: Murdoch Crossed the Line

Porn publishing king weighs in on the News of the World scandal

(Newser) - Larry Flynt may be the king of smut publishing, but don't get him wrong. The man still respects some good, old-fashioned boundaries when it comes to the press. It's this very respect, he contends, that sets him apart from fellow media magnate Rupert Murdoch. In an op-ed piece...

Larry Flynt Offers Weiner a Job

Congressman is a 'victim of hypocrisy,' says 'Hustler' publisher

(Newser) - He's serious, really. Porn king Larry Flynt has offered newly unemployed Anthony Weiner a job in the Internet department of Flynt Management. "This offer is not made in jest," Flynt wrote in a letter he fired off to the former congressman. Flynt is offering 20% more than...

Hustler Fined $14K for Condom-Free Porn

California safety officials slap Larry Flynt's porn house with citation

(Newser) - Larry Flynt's Hustler Video and another porn production company have been fined by California workplace safety officials for filming unsafe sex. Hustler was fined $14,175 for three violations, including failure to provide condoms or other equipment to protect performers from assorted bodily fluids, AP reports. Activists have targeted the...

AIDS Activists Hammer Larry Flynt Over Unsafe Porn

Group demands Flynt's stars start using condoms

(Newser) - Activists demanding that porn industry actors use condoms have targeted the world's most famous pornographer. The AIDS Health Foundation has filed a workplace safety complaint against Flynt, accusing him of endangering his performers, AP reports. Protesters gathered outside the Beverly Hills headquarters of Flynt's company and delivered 100 porn DVDs...

Larry Flynt Writing Book on Presidential Sex

 Larry Flynt 
 Writing Book on 
 Presidential Sex 

our founding fornicators

Larry Flynt Writing Book on Presidential Sex

Hustler publisher will delve into affairs of state

(Newser) - Porn king Larry Flynt is turning to a slightly more academic topic: presidents. Well, the sex lives of presidents, to be exact. The Hustler publisher is writing One Nation Under Sex, an “academically sourced” history of White House seductions. Gawker got a look at the proposal, and it includes...

Porn King Flynt Sued by Brother

Flynt finds himself in legal battle with yet another family member

(Newser) - Larry Flynt keeps getting embroiled in lawsuits with members of his family. The Hustler publisher’s brother—whose sons are being sued by Flynt for hawking their own line of adult movies under the family name—is accusing Flynt of evicting him from his Hustler retail store to get leverage...

Porn Kings Want Federal Bailout

$5B sought to 'rejuvenate sexual appetite'

(Newser) - Recession depression has hampered America's sex drive, claim Larry Flynt (of Hustler fame) and Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild). The adult-entertainment kings want a federal bailout for slumping DVD sales, down 22% in the past year. Placing themselves alongside Detroit’s automakers in national importance, the duo says Congress should...

Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt
Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt

Bad Porn Spurs Flynt V. Flynt

Hustler mogul sues to block nephews' use of his name on 'knock-off' smut

(Newser) - Larry Flynt is taking his nephews to court to stop them from slapping the Flynt name on what he considers to be low-quality porn, reports the Los Angeles Times. The porn mogul accuses his kin of tarnishing his famous name with "inferior products" and "knock-off goods,"...

Producer: Flynt Overpaid for 'Palin' Porn Pic

Hustler chief offered as much as five times going rate

(Newser) - An adult-entertainment producer says smut magnate Larry Flynt overpaid the Sarah Palin lookalike hired to star in an upcoming porn release, Lisa Derrick notes on Firedoglake. Flynt’s help wanted ad offered $2,000 to $3,000, with no expectation of more off-color sex acts, which producer Bill Margold called...

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