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After Kate Middleton Bombshell, Harry and Meghan Weigh In

'We wish health and healing for Kate and the family,' the Duke and Duchess of Sussex note in statement

(Newser) - As the dust settles on the somewhat surprising announcement of the former Kate Middleton that she has cancer and is undergoing treatment, her estranged brother-in-law and his wife have a message for her. "We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to...

Melania Had 'Power Struggle' in WH With More Than One Trump

Book on America's first ladies features numerous nuggets on her private clashes with Donald, Ivanka

(Newser) - A new book on contemporary US first ladies is out, and within its pages are some nuggets on Melania and Donald Trump's clashes while the latter was in the Oval Office. People notes that while Melania Trump "was always publicly supportive of her husband ... the two often felt...

A Calm Ivanka Trump Takes the Stand
A Calm Ivanka Trump
Takes the Stand

A Calm Ivanka Trump Takes the Stand

She says she can't recall many details

(Newser) - Ivanka Trump testified Wednesday in the New York civil fraud trial against her father and the family business—and the atmosphere was a lot calmer than it was on Monday, when Donald Trump repeatedly clashed with Judge Arthur Engoron. The BBC reports that she "remained composed" while answering questions...

Ivanka Will 'Walk a Tightrope' in Trump Trial Testimony

Former president's daughter to take the stand Wednesday in New York in civil fraud case

(Newser) - Wednesday's the day for Ivanka Trump to take the witness stand in the New York civil fraud trial against her father, former President Trump, and his Trump Organization. ABC News reports that the younger Trump, who served as an executive VP at the Trump Organization before she became an...

Ivanka Trump: I Shouldn't Have to Testify During 'School Week'

She's appealing the order that she must testify in Trump fraud trial

(Newser) - Ivanka Trump is appealing a judge's order requiring her to testify in the Trump Organization fraud trial next week, and she's asking the court to put the trial on pause while her appeal is considered, NBC News reports. "Ms. Trump, who resides in Florida with her three...

Ivanka Ordered to Testify at Trump's Fraud Trial
Ivanka Trump
Will Have to Testify

Ivanka Trump Will Have to Testify

Judge sides with NY prosecutors who argued former first daughter has relevant information

(Newser) - Ivanka Trump will have to take the witness stand in the civil fraud case against her father, her brothers, and the family business, a judge ruled Friday, per the AP . The ruling came weeks into the trial of New York Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit against former President Trump, sons...

Trump: Kids Not Coming Back to DC With Me

Says 'it's too painful for the family'

(Newser) - If former President Trump takes the "former" out of his title next year, don't look for a Trump administration to be as much of a family affair as it was the first time around. In his interview with Fox News on Monday night, he addressed the subject of...

NY AG: Trumps Stalling on Documents—Especially Ivanka

Letitia James' office says former president, kids are hanging on to relevant correspondence in civil case

(Newser) - Last year, former President Trump was held in contempt of court and ordered to pay a $110,000 fine for not complying with a subpoena from the New York attorney general's office in a civil complaint against him. Now, the office of DA Letitia James is slamming Trump, the...

Melania 'Doesn't Sympathize' With Trump's Mess: Report

Former first lady is said to still be 'angry' about Stormy Daniels hubbub but is 'leading her own life'

(Newser) - As the world waits to see if the first indictment against a former US president is coming, one person close to Donald Trump is said to not be particularly understanding about his situation. Wife Melania Trump "doesn't sympathize with Donald's plight" over an alleged hush money payment...

This Time, Ivanka Trump Is Staying Out of Politics

She's not getting involved in father's 2024 run

(Newser) - Donald Trump i s running for president again —but this time, Ivanka Trump is not on board. Trump's eldest daughter, who introduced him before he announced his candidacy in 2015, was not present when he spoke at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night. In a statement minutes after Trump announced...

Trump's Fav Presidential Perk: 'So Many Rich Friends'
Trump, Kim Jong Un
Might Still Be in Touch

Trump, Kim Jong Un Might Still Be in Touch

Book reveals Trump's casual racism, apparently ongoing relationship with North Korean leader

(Newser) - We already know Maggie Haberman's upcoming book on President Trump claims he vowed not to leave the White House and clogged toilets trying to flush away papers . Now new revelations are flooding out ahead of Tuesday's release of Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking ...

NY Attorney General Sues Trump, His Kids, His Company

Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit is culmination of 3-year civil investigation

(Newser) - New York's attorney general sued former President Trump and his company on Wednesday, alleging business fraud involving some of their most prized assets, including properties in Manhattan, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit , filed in state court in New York, is the culmination of the Democrat'...

Chelsea Explains Why She, Ivanka Aren't Friends Anymore

Trump daughter 'went to the dark side,' Clinton daughter tells Andy Cohen on his show

(Newser) - In 2016, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lobbed barbs at each other in the lead-up to the election that November, Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, noted in an interview that, despite their parents' apparent antipathy, she would consider teaming up with Ivanka Trump to do a "daughters summit."...

New York Puts Off Depositions of Trumps After Death

Attorney general agrees to postponement in investigation of family business activities

(Newser) - Former President Donald Trump and two of his children got their questioning postponed Friday in a New York civil investigation into their business dealings, a delay that follows the death of Trump's ex-wife Ivana. The ex-president, son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka had been scheduled for depositions starting as...

Trump Responds to Ivanka's View on Election Fraud

Former president says she 'had checked out,' wasn't plugged in to same information he had

(Newser) - Former President Trump doesn't sound thrilled with daughter Ivanka's view of the 2020 election. In Thursday night's House hearing on the election aftermath and Capitol riot, the panel played a snippet of Ivanka's videotaped testimony in which she said she accepted then-Attorney General William Barr's...

After 3 Years, Trump Will Face the Music in NY Court

Former president, 2 children will give depositions starting July 15

(Newser) - Former President Trump, his namesake son, and his daughter Ivanka have agreed to answer questions under oath next month in the civil investigation by state Attorney General Letitia James into his business practices—unless their lawyers persuade the state's highest court to step in. A Manhattan judge signed off...

Jared Kushner on Election Night: 'We're Moving to Miami'

Neither he nor Ivanka believed claims of stolen election, reports the 'New York Times'

(Newser) - Books offering new details about the actions of the Trump family in the wake of the 2020 election keep coming, and the latest nugget focuses on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. In the New York Times , Peter Baker reports that neither believed Donald Trump's claims about a stolen election,...

Ivanka Trump Confirms Talks With Jan. 6 Panel
Ivanka Trump Testifies
Before Jan. 6 Panel

Ivanka Trump Testifies Before Jan. 6 Panel

'She's answering questions,' says House committee's chairman

(Newser) - Update: Ivanka Trump, who spent much of Jan. 6, 2021 with father Donald Trump, testified Tuesday before the House panel investigating the Capitol riot. Sources tell Reuters that the former senior White House adviser testified for around eight hours. Her husband, Jared Kushner, spoke to the panel last week. "...

Court Requires Trumps to Answer Under Oath

Calling former president a citizen, judge orders depositions in New York civil investigation

(Newser) - Former President Donald Trump; his daughter Ivanka; and son, Donald Jr. were ordered Thursday to provide sworn testimony in an investigation of their business practices. The Trumps had gone to court to get the subpoenas from New York Attorney General Letitia James' office thrown out, arguing the civil investigation is...

Jan. 6 Panel Wants Ivanka to Discuss Trump-Pence Call

Committee asks her to sit for interview on what she saw and heard in regard to the Capitol riot

(Newser) - The House panel investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot wants Ivanka Trump to answer questions about what she saw and heard at the White House. The special committee sent Ivanka Trump a letter inviting her to sit for an interview in early February, reports the Hill . “The Committee would...

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