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Mount Etna Gave Us Something Wild Looking

Those are volcano vortex rings

(Newser) - The solar eclipse wasn't the only phenomenon to appear in the sky in recent days. CBS News reports on the weekend sight above Italy's Mount Etna, which produced what at times looked like perfectly circular volcanic vortex bubbles—some of which had a pink hue. A 2023 paper...

Europe's Tallest Volcano Is Growing—and Fast

Mount Etna at its tallest recorded height following 50 eruptions in 6 months

(Newser) - Europe's tallest and most active volcano has grown 100 feet in just six months, owing to some 50 eruptions, reaching its tallest height in recorded history, according to a new analysis. For the past 40 years, Mount Etna's tallest peak has been its northeastern crater. But the southeastern...

Volcanic Ash Cleanup Could Bankrupt Towns

Each eruption can cost Sicilian towns more than $1M

(Newser) - For the people of Sicily, the seemingly unending eruptions of Mount Etna are getting old—and expensive. Since February , the eruptions have been covering dozens of towns with volcanic ash that needs to be removed. Cleanup costs can top $1 million each time, the Guardian reports, pushing the towns toward...

Eruptions Spew Ash and Stone on Italian Villages

It's been happening since Feb. 16

(Newser) - A particularly spectacular blast from Italy's Mount Etna volcano belched out a towering cloud of ash and lava stone Sunday onto Sicilian villages, the latest in a series of explosions since mid-February. Italy’s national geophysics and volcanology institute INGV said the powerful explosion at 2 am was the...

Even Seasoned Volcanologists Are Floored by Etna

Spectacular spurts of lava have been lighting up the Sicilian sky each night

(Newser) - Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, has awed even seasoned volcanologists in recent days with spectacular spurts of lava lighting up the Sicilian sky each night. The latest eruption overnight petered out by around 4am EST Tuesday, according to Italy’s National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology. For over...

Mount Etna's Ongoing Eruption Triggers Quake

It registered a magnitude 4.8

(Newser) - A quake triggered by Mount Etna's ongoing eruption jolted eastern Sicily before dawn Wednesday, slightly injuring 10 people and prompting frightened Italian villagers to flee their homes. Italy's Civil Protection officials said the quake, which struck at 3:19am, was part of a swarm of some 1,000...

Tourists Gawking at Mount Etna Get Nasty Surprise

10 people are injured from magma

(Newser) - Volcanic rocks and steam injured at least 10 people, including tourists and scientists, following an explosion on Sicily's Mount Etna Thursday, witnesses and media reported, per the AP . Tourists had been drawn to Etna to observe the spectacle of the active volcano erupting, only to be caught by surprise...

Millions Flock to Catch Eruption Live-Stream From Mount Etna

Italian volcano has been pretty quiet for a couple of years

(Newser) - We're still more than four months out from the Fourth of July, but the fireworks started early in Sicily this week. Reuters reports Mount Etna experienced its first eruption of 2017, sending lava skyward above the Italian island on Monday night. By Tuesday morning, brilliant spurts from the volcano,...

Italy's Mount Etna Erupts
 Italy's Mount Etna Erupts 

Italy's Mount Etna Erupts

Column of ash measured 16K feet

(Newser) - Mount Etna is at it again: Europe's most active volcano burst to life again yesterday morning, spewing lava and sending a pillar of ash 16,000 feet into the air, ITN reports. Experts say there's no danger to nearby villages, however, and so far no flights have been...

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