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New Jobs Report Is Weaker Than Expected
US Hiring Slows
More Than Expected

US Hiring Slows More Than Expected

Modest numbers please Wall Street

(Newser) - The nation's employers pulled back on their hiring in April in a sign that persistently high interest rates may be starting to take a bigger toll on the economy, per the AP .
  • Main number: Employers added 175,000 jobs last month, down from a robust 315,000 in March

Jobs Report Defies Expectations Yet Again

Wage growth was low, reducing inflation fears

(Newser) - America's employers delivered another outpouring of jobs in March, adding a sizzling 303,000 workers to their payrolls and bolstering hopes that the economy can vanquish inflation without succumbing to a recession in the face of high interest rates, the AP reports. Last month's job growth was up...

February Jobs Report Contained a Surprise

About 200K jobs were expected; the reality was higher

(Newser) - The February jobs report was an eagerly anticipated one, and it held a surprise. Economists had not expected a repeat of January's originally reported 353,000 new jobs, with most predicting the addition of 200,000 jobs last month. But February delivered 275,000 new jobs, a number the...

US Employers Keep Defying Expectations

They added 353K jobs in January, much higher than expected

(Newser) - A new report out of the Labor Department on Friday shows that American employers continue to hire at what the AP calls a "stunning" pace:
  • Employers added 353,000 jobs in January, well above expectations of 185,000, reports the Wall Street Journal . It's also higher than the

New CBO Projections Raise Hopes of a 'Soft Landing'

Agency predicts inflation will nearly reach the Fed's target of 2% next year

(Newser) - The Congressional Budget Office said Friday it expects inflation to nearly hit the Federal Reserve's 2% target rate in 2024, as overall growth is expected to slow and unemployment is expected to rise into 2025, according to updated economic projections for the next two years. The office's Current...

Hiring Remains Stronger Than Expected

Employers added nearly 200K jobs in November

(Newser) - The nation's employers added a solid 199,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell—fresh signs that the economy could achieve an elusive "soft landing," in which inflation would return to the Federal Reserve's 2% target without causing a steep recession. Friday's report...

Tycoon Says 270K Aussies Need to Lose Their Jobs

Multimillionaire Tim Gurner courts controversy in saying workers need to be shown their place

(Newser) - One of Australia's richest men has apologized after calling for 270,000 job losses to show workers their place. Gurner Group founder and CEO Tim Gurner, a multimillionaire real-estate tycoon, was speaking at the Australian Financial Review's property summit on Tuesday when he said workers have become "...

Jobs Market Is Cooling, but With Few Layoffs

Companies are posting fewer openings, not cutting jobs

(Newser) - The nation's employers added a solid 187,000 jobs in August in a sign of a still-resilient labor market despite the high interest rates the Federal Reserve has imposed. The job growth marked an increase from July's revised gain of 157,000 but still pointed to a moderating...

Tech-Savvy Job Hunters Turn to 'White Fonting'

But trick to outsmart AI screening for resumes could backfire, warn recruiters

(Newser) - Some applicants have been using an interesting hack to dupe AI and other tech filters when pursuing new positions. It's called "white fonting," explains the Washington Post. The idea is pretty straightforward—job seekers cram keywords from job descriptions onto their resumes, but change the font to...

Employers Add Fewer Jobs Than Expected

But the figure of 187K in July is still a solid one

(Newser) - US employers added 187,000 jobs last month, fewer than expected, as the higher interest rates continued to weigh on the economy. But the unemployment rate dipped to 3.5% in a sign that the job market remains resilient, per the AP . Hiring was up from 185,000 in June,...

New Jobs Report Suggests Rate Hike Is a Safe Bet

Employers eased up on hiring, but the labor market remains strong

(Newser) - America's employers pulled back on hiring but still delivered another month of solid gains in June, adding 209,000 jobs in a sign that the economy's resilience is confounding the Federal Reserve's drive to slow growth and inflation, per the AP . The latest evidence of economic strength...

Strong Jobs Numbers Put Dow in a Sour Mood

Job openings fall below 10M, but they remain historically high

(Newser) - US job openings slipped in May but remained at levels high enough to illustrate that the American labor market remains resilient in the face of sharply higher interest rates. Employers posted 9.8 million job vacancies, down from 10.3 million in April, the Labor Department said Thursday. But layoffs...

In China, 35 Has Become a Dreaded Age
In China,
35 Is an Age
to Be Feared
in case you missed it

In China, 35 Is an Age to Be Feared

The prevailing sentiment is you're no longer a desirable employee after that age

(Newser) - Forty might be the dreaded age at which you're over the hill, but take comfort: In China, 35 is apparently the age to fear. The New York Times reports on the "Curse of 35," which it calls a "widespread belief" that Chinese workers lose their appeal...

Jobs Report Comes in Way Stronger Than Expected

Employers added 339K jobs in May, above estimates of 190K

(Newser) - The new jobs report is out, and it shows that American employers continue to hire workers at a pace that defies expectations, reports the Wall Street Journal . More:
  • New hires: Employers added 339,000 jobs in May, well above predictions of 190,000. Economists keep expecting to see a sharp

Unemployment Hasn't Been This Low Since 1969

Hiring is stronger than expected in April

(Newser) - America’s employers added a robust 253,000 jobs in April, evidence of a labor market that still shows surprising strength despite rising interest rates, chronically high inflation, and a banking crisis that could weaken the economy. The unemployment rate ticked down to 3.4%, matching a 54-year low from...

New Jobs Numbers May Keep Pressure on Fed

Employers hired 311K in February, more than expected

(Newser) - America’s employers added a substantial 311,000 jobs in February, fewer than January’s huge gain but enough to keep pressure on the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates aggressively to fight inflation, per the AP . The number was above expectations of 208,000.
  • Rate: The unemployment rate rose

Latest Jobs Report Pleases the Markets

Hiring is above expectations, but wage growth is lower, causing Dow futures to jump

(Newser) - Hiring cooled off a bit in December from the previous month, though the numbers reflect a still-strong labor market. Another part of Friday's unemployment report—on wage gains—has the stock market in a pretty good mood:
  • Hires: Employers added 223,000 jobs in December, slightly above expectations of

Hiring Is Again Stronger Than Expected

Employers added 261K jobs in October

(Newser) - The latest jobs report came in stronger than expected, which may not be great news for investors hoping the Fed eases up on rate increases. As the AP puts it, "the economy remains a picture of solid job growth and painful inflation." The details:
  • New jobs: Employers added

263K Jobs Added Last Month, Plus a Surprise Dip

Unemployment rate fell from 3.7% to 3.5%, matching a 5-decade low

(Newser) - America's employers slowed their hiring in September but still added a solid 263,000 jobs—a dose of encouraging news that may mean the Federal Reserve's drive to cool the job market and ease inflation is starting to make progress. Friday's government report showed that last month'...

US Jobs Streak Now at 20 Months and Counting

Employers added 315K workers in August, right in line with expectations

(Newser) - The new monthly jobs report is out, and it shows that employers are continuing to hire, though at a slower pace than in recent months:
  • The number: Employers added 315,000 jobs in August, almost exactly in line with expectations. That's down from 528,000 in July and the

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