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Amid Trump Jail Risk, a Look at How That May Play Out

Secret Service is preparing for the logistics as judge reiterates threat

(Newser) - Donald Trump keeps testing the limits of his gag order, and Judge Juan Merchan keeps threatening serious consequences if he doesn't stop. But might a former president really end up behind bars on contempt charges? A look at the consequences if it comes to that:
  • One option: Merchan could

Here's Your 'Ewwww' Crime of the Day
Here's Your
'Ewwww' Crime
of the Day

Here's Your 'Ewwww' Crime of the Day

Mississippi cop charged after allegedly making prisoner lick urine-coated floor

(Newser) - Holding cells aren't known for their luxe accommodations, but one prisoner reportedly had an especially gross stay during his temporary detention in a Mississippi jail. Court files show that police officer Michael Christian Green has been charged with one federal count of deprivation of rights under color of law,...

Honk for These New Prison Guards in Brazil

Vigilant geese replace dogs at the Penitentiary Complex near Florianopolis

(Newser) - Who needs guard dogs when you have guard geese? Perhaps not as intimidating as a dog with bared teeth, a gaggle of the vigilant, honking birds have replaced canines as guards at a prison in Brazil's southern state of Santa Catarina, Reuters reports. "We have electronic surveillance, in-person...

Massive Operation Clears Out Prison Run by Inmates

Venezuela's Tocoron prison had its own zoo, nightclub

(Newser) - Venezuela's government has congratulated security forces on clearing out a "center of conspiracy and crime"—the notorious Tocoron prison. The BBC reports that 11,000 security personnel took part in the clearing of the prison, which had been run by inmates for years and functioned more as...

It'll Be the World's Tallest Jail. Will It Ruin Chinatown?

It's a key part of the plan to close Rikers Island, and it's contentious

(Newser) - "This is going to be the beacon of Chinatown." That's one local landlord's take on a new jail that's planned for the neighborhood, and it's not meant as a compliment. At an expected 300 feet in height—about as tall as the Statue of...

Officers Allegedly Jail Son, 3, for Potty Problems

Florida dad reportedly claimed an investigation into the incident was 'insane'

(Newser) - Two Florida police officers reportedly thought the proper way to respond to their toddler's potty-training problems was to handcuff the boy and put him in jail. Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety launched an internal investigation following the October incident involving Lt. Michael Schoenbrod and Det. Sgt. Jessica...

Guards Who Subjected Inmates to 'Baby Shark' Sentenced

Oklahoma pair can't work in law enforcement again

(Newser) - Two former guards whose mistreatment of Oklahoma County jail inmates included forcing them to listen to "Baby Shark" on a loop while handcuffed and chained to a wall have been sentenced. A judge ordered two years' probation for Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles and fined them...

Guard Brutally Attacked by Inmate Rescued by Other Inmates

2 stepped in when fellow prisoner attacked guard at South Carolina max-security site

(Newser) - Two inmates at a maximum-security South Carolina prison are being lauded for helping a guard who was attacked by another inmate. The state's Department of Corrections is now detailing the Monday evening attack, which WCIV notes could've been a deadly one had the rescuing inmates not intervened. "...

Suit: She Gave Birth on Jail Cell Floor as Staff Laughed

Jazmin Valentine alleges she was ignored during her 6-hour labor

(Newser) - A woman who said she was left to give birth to her baby alone on the dirty, concrete floor of her jail cell in Maryland filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday alleging that jail nurses ignored her screams and pleas for help for six hours. Jazmin Valentine alleges some nurses working...

It's Time to Push Back Against the 'Inhumanity' in Our Prisons
Don't Ignore the Suffering
in America's Prisons

Don't Ignore the Suffering in America's Prisons

Writing for 'Philly Inquirer,' Cheryl Smith slams 'soul-chilling inhumanity' toward incarcerated

(Newser) - The Eighth and 14th Amendments are meant to prevent cruel and unusual punishment, as well as discrimination and unequal treatment—including for the incarcerated. But that's not what's being applied in America's prisons, Cheryl Smith writes for the Philadelphia Inquirer , where she lays out the "soul-chilling...

Pregnant Women Jailed Here for Drugs Have Only One Way Out

They're kept behind bars in Etowah County, Ala., unless they go to rehab, pay $10K

(Newser) - Multiple pregnant women or new moms are behind bars in an Alabama prison after being arrested for drug use, and they're being kept there for "weeks or months" on end under "special conditions," per AL.com . The outlet reports that the women involved, accused of exposing...

Harvey Weinstein 'Sincerely Sorry' About Contraband Candy

Jail suspects lawyer slipped him Milk Duds

(Newser) - Harvey Weinstein's attorneys are now having their legal binders and laptop bags searched after an alleged attempt to smuggle contraband candy to their client. According to Los Angeles Country jail records seen by Variety , the convicted rapist was reprimanded by guards after they found Milk Duds on him after...

Suit: Jail Staff Ignored Pleas of Woman in Labor, to Tragic End

Tiana Hill says her infant died 4 days after birth due to sheriff's, prison medical staff's negligence

(Newser) - A Georgia mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Clayton County after she gave birth while in jail there and her baby died. The New York Times reports that the federal complaint by Tiana Hill accuses Sheriff Victor Hill (no relation) and the medical staff at the Clayton County...

NY Governor Makes Move on 'Out of Control' Rikers Island

Kathy Hochul signs new legislation, releases 191 prisoners to relieve overcrowding

(Newser) - Update: State lawmakers who'd lobbied New York's governor to address the overcrowding crisis at Rikers Island have seen results. Per CBS , Kathy Hochul on Friday signed the Less Is More Act and ordered 191 inmates, most with technical parole violations, to be released from the beleaguered prison complex....

Lookalike Inmate Mistakenly Released From Jail

Search is on for Ellen Goble in Randolph County, Mo.

(Newser) - Authorities in Missouri are searching for a woman who was mistaken for another inmate and wrongly released from jail over the weekend. Ellen Goble—who was held in Randolph County Jail on charges of resisting arrest, burglary, drug possession, and operating a vehicle without a valid license—looked almost identical...

Man Arrested After Breaking Into a Jail

California man said he was fleeing a man with a gun

(Newser) - Guards usually don’t have to watch for people breaking into a jail, so it’s maybe only a little surprising that they didn’t notice the man climbing over two fences then scrambling up to a second floor door. An alarm went off in the Maple Street Correctional Center...

Mouse Plague Forces Prison Evacuation

Rodents have chewed through wires at rural Australian facility

(Newser) - As a maximum security prison, the Wellington Correctional Center in New South Wales is good at keeping prisoners in—but it has completely failed to keep rodents out during the mouse plague the region is experiencing. The prison says more than 400 inmates and 200 staff members will be relocated...

Cleared Man Battles Bill for 14-Month Jail Stay

Kentucky Supreme Court to decide on $4K tab

(Newser) - A Kentucky factory worker had spent 14 months in jail when he was able to make bail, a few months before the case against him was dropped. As often happens when someone checks out of accommodations, he was presented a bill by Clark County Detention Center: $4,008. That started...

NY Puts Kibosh on 'Inhumane' Prison Policy

New law will bar solitary confinement for more than 15 days in a row

(Newser) - A prison policy labeled by many as "torture," "inhumane," and "counterproductive" is ending in New York state. On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law the HALT Act , a measure that bars the use of solitary confinement for more than 15 days in a row...

Ghislaine Maxwell's Brother: Her Conditions Are Torture

Says she has access to 'brown' water and 'inedible' food in jail

(Newser) - The brother of Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell said Wednesday she should be released on bail from jail and claimed that she was being held in "degrading" conditions that amount to torture. Her brother Ian Maxwell told the BBC Wednesday he was worried about her health and...

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