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Report: Red Lobster Is Considering Bankruptcy

'Endless Shrimp' deal cost company millions

(Newser) - Cue the "hot water" jokes: Red Lobster is reportedly considering a bankruptcy filing after years of losses, including an $11 million third-quarter loss in 2023 that was blamed on an overenthusiastic response to the chain's expansion of its "Endless Shrimp" deal. Bloomberg , citing "people with knowledge...

Red Lobster Misjudged Diners' Hunger for Endless Shrimp
Red Lobster Misjudged Diners'
Hunger for Endless Shrimp
in case you missed it

Red Lobster Misjudged Diners' Hunger for Endless Shrimp

Unexpectedly popular promotion was main reason for $11M 3Q loss, company says

(Newser) - Visitors to Red Lobster this summer and fall might have wondered how the chain was able to sell all-you-can eat shrimp for $20 every day and still turn a profit. It turns out that they couldn't. Red Lobster made "Ultimate Endless Shrimp," which used to be a...

Lawsuit: Red Lobster Made 'Deceptive' Claims About Its Lobsters

Some of its seafood isn't sustainable or responsible, suit argues

(Newser) - Red Lobster has been making some fishy claims about its product, according to a class- action lawsuit filed in California. According to court documents, the plaintiffs say the chain markets its lobster and shrimp as "sustainable" and "responsible" when the truth is very different, IntraFish reports. The lawsuit,...

Red Lobster Mother's Day Brawl Goes Viral

Angry customer tried to force her way inside

(Newser) - Tempers boiled over and a customer saw red outside a Red Lobster in Pennsylvania on Mother's Day. In video that has now gone viral, workers at the East York restaurant push a shouting customer, apparently frustrated at long wait times, out of the restaurant. The woman, who identifies herself...

Guess What Someone's Accused of Stealing From Red Lobster

If you guessed a lobster, you'd be correct

(Newser) - You may not make the news if you simply steal a lobster, but if you're accused of taking it from a place named after the crustacean, you could be guaranteed a place among the day's headlines. That's what happened in St. Petersburg, Fla., where a 42-year-old woman...

Beyonce Shoutout Spikes Red Lobster Sales by 33%

'Formation' turned restaurant into a (somewhat) cool kid overnight

(Newser) - Red Lobster is reaping the benefits of what Fortune is calling "the mother of all branding gifts." The seafood restaurant has seen a surprise jump in sales—a 33% increase Sunday from the previous year—and it looks like it has Beyonce's new single to thank, CNNMoney...

America's 3 Unhealthiest Meals

Check to see if your favorite chain restaurants are on this 'yummy' list

(Newser) - Jayne Hurley and Bonnie Liebman of the Center for Science in the Public Interest note it's not easy to win top "honors" in the category of "Xtreme Eating." But never fear: The winners of their "Worst Chain Restaurant Meals of the Year" "have what...

Judge Orders Man to Take Wife on Date
 Judge Orders Man 
 to Take Wife on Date 

Judge Orders Man to Take Wife on Date

Joseph Bray ordered to take his wife bowling, to Red Lobster

(Newser) - Let the punishment fit the crime? A Florida man who appeared in court this week on a domestic violence charge was ordered by the judge to ... take his wife on a date. The charge apparently grew out of an argument Joseph Bray had with his wife—whose birthday he failed...

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