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Students Sue College Over Vaginal Exams

Women say Valencia College retaliated when they complained about ultrasounds

(Newser) - Medical students sometimes perform procedures on fellow students in a practice known as "peer physical examination." But as the Orlando Sentinel notes, groups such as the US National Library of Medicine say clearer guidelines are needed. This lawsuit might speed things along: Two medical diagnostic students have sued...

North Dakota Bill Bans Abortions After 6 Weeks

Another outlaws them over genetic defects or gender selection

(Newser) - Abortion opponents in North Dakota have one-upped their peers in Arkansas. Less than two weeks after the latter state banned abortions after 12 weeks, North Dakota lawmakers approved a ban after six weeks, reports the Bismarck Tribune . They also voted to outlaw abortions when a genetic defect is discovered—Down...

State Republicans Serve Up Fresh Abortion Bills

Michigan backs off transvaginal ultrasound bill

(Newser) - Republican lawmakers around the country are bringing abortion rights back into the spotlight—much to the chagrin of the party's leaders in Washington, who think the issue was part of the reason Romney lost among women by 11 points. Just this week, Republicans in at least four states introduced...

Saying 'Vagina' Should Totally Be Illegal

Michigan lawmaker proves need for new bill: Dahlia Lithwick

(Newser) - A Michigan lawmaker last week had the audacity to utter the word "vagina" on the House floor, prompting a ban on Rep. Lisa Brown talking at all. It's time to go a step further, writes Dahlia Lithwick at Slate : Let's make it illegal for women to utter...

RNC Chief: GOP Doesn't Have Woman Problem

Reince Priebus blasts media with 'war on caterpillars' analogy

(Newser) - Enter the caterpillar. Republican National Committee chief Reince Priebus is generating headlines today with an insect analogy. In an interview with Bloomberg TV's Al Hunt , Priebus rejected charges that Republicans have a woman problem. “If the Democrats said we had a war on caterpillars and every mainstream media...

Trudeau Rips Papers Axing Doonesbury Abortion Strip

Cartoonist calls transvaginal ultrasounds GOP-sanctioned rape

(Newser) - The cartoonist's pen might be mightier than the sword, but Gary Trudeau's mouth is also packing a punch. He's blasting newspapers that are dumping Doonsebury this week because the strip attacks state abortion laws requiring transvaginal ultrasounds as rape. "I write the strip to be read,...

Virginia Senate Clears Scaled-Back Ultrasound Bill

Measure requires external procedure before abortion

(Newser) - Virginia moved a big step closer today toward a law that would require women to get an ultrasound before an abortion. The Virginia Senate passed the measure, with an exception for victims of rape or incest, reports the Richmond Times Dispatch . The ultrasound would be external, not the "transvaginal"...

Virginia Lawmaker: Ultrasound Flap Cost Me Nookie

Dave Albo says his wife was not amused

(Newser) - We'll hope this is the last word on Virginia's transvaginal ultrasound controversy for a long time. GOP delegate Dave Albo took to the floor of the state House to describe how it caused him to miss out on a romantic night with his wife, reports the Huffington Post...

Jon Stewart: Virginia Bill Turns Women Into Popsicles

He sets his sights on transvaginal ultrasounds

(Newser) - A Virginia Democratic delegate told the Richmond Times-Dispatch yesterday that he thought his Republican counterparts are "probably trying to figure out a way to get [ the abortion bill brouhaha ] off the front pages." Good luck with that. Jon Stewart last night was the latest to pile...

9 Stories
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