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On the Stand, Son Calls Trump 'Visionary'

Defense presents photos of Trump Organization real estate

(Newser) - In his final testimony in the New York civil fraud trial of his family and its company, Donald Trump Jr. talked about the great worth of Trump Organization properties—though the state's accusation is that the real estate's value was intentionally low-balled for fraudulent purposes. The witness, called...

Ivanka Trump: I Shouldn't Have to Testify During 'School Week'

She's appealing the order that she must testify in Trump fraud trial

(Newser) - Ivanka Trump is appealing a judge's order requiring her to testify in the Trump Organization fraud trial next week, and she's asking the court to put the trial on pause while her appeal is considered, NBC News reports. "Ms. Trump, who resides in Florida with her three...

Eric Trump Has Testy Moment on the Stand

He and brother Donald Jr. deny any role in inaccurate financial statements

(Newser) - Both of Donald Trump's eldest sons were on the stand Thursday in the financial fraud case in New York against the family business. Eric and Donald Jr., who ran the Trump Organization while their father was president, separately denied firsthand knowledge of inaccurate financial statements about the firm. A...

Eric Trump Pokes at Brother After X Account Is Hacked

Fake post in Donald Trump Jr.'s X feed announced dad's 'death'

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr.'s X account was hacked on Wednesday morning, leading to a series of fake and crude posts that were live for less than an hour before being deleted. Among them, per the Hill :
  • "I'm sad to announce, my father Donald Trump has passed away.

Trump: Kids Not Coming Back to DC With Me

Says 'it's too painful for the family'

(Newser) - If former President Trump takes the "former" out of his title next year, don't look for a Trump administration to be as much of a family affair as it was the first time around. In his interview with Fox News on Monday night, he addressed the subject of...

Trump Jr.: 'Trump Has the Charisma of a Mortician'

Ex-president's son meant to attribute that to Ron DeSantis, mistakenly inserted own father's name

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. may have been trying to help his father by mocking Ron DeSantis' Wednesday campaign launch "De-Saster" , but the eldest Trump son instead insulted his dad and earned his own internet ridicule. Per the Wrap , Trump Jr. appeared Thursday evening on his online program, Triggered With Don ...

NY AG: Trumps Stalling on Documents—Especially Ivanka

Letitia James' office says former president, kids are hanging on to relevant correspondence in civil case

(Newser) - Last year, former President Trump was held in contempt of court and ordered to pay a $110,000 fine for not complying with a subpoena from the New York attorney general's office in a civil complaint against him. Now, the office of DA Letitia James is slamming Trump, the...

Trump, Trump Jr. Weigh In on Carlson's Fox Exit

Trump Jr. predicts that's it for the network

(Newser) - Count Donald Trump Jr. as one of the many conservatives not happy with Fox News after it parted ways with Tucker Carlson . "I mean, I think it changes things permanently. That’s one of the few voices in the Republican party that would call out the nonsense from GOP...

Judge Warned Trump on Threats. Now Judge Is Getting 'Dozens'

Juan Merchan and his family, court have all been on the receiving end, per sources

(Newser) - During his Tuesday arraignment, former President Trump was warned by acting New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan not to bring threats against anyone or say anything that could incite violence regarding the hush money case against him. Later that evening, during his speech at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Trump ripped...

Prepare to be 'Triggered' by Donald Trump Jr.

Former president's son inks 7-figure deal to host podcast on Rumble video platform, per Axios

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. has been posting video content for nearly two years on Rumble, an online platform he says offers a "level playing field" for conservatives. Now he's apparently made his relationship with the portal more official: Axios reports Trump Jr. has signed a seven-figure contract with Rumble...

Trump Breaks Silence on Paul Pelosi Attack

He calls it a 'terrible thing' as son shares memes mocking hammer attack

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr, who describes himself as a "Meme War General" in his Twitter bio, appears to be very amused by the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi . Trump Jr. has shared memes making light of the attack on Twitter and Instagram, including one of a "Paul Pelosi" Halloween...

NY Attorney General Sues Trump, His Kids, His Company

Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit is culmination of 3-year civil investigation

(Newser) - New York's attorney general sued former President Trump and his company on Wednesday, alleging business fraud involving some of their most prized assets, including properties in Manhattan, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit , filed in state court in New York, is the culmination of the Democrat'...

New York Puts Off Depositions of Trumps After Death

Attorney general agrees to postponement in investigation of family business activities

(Newser) - Former President Donald Trump and two of his children got their questioning postponed Friday in a New York civil investigation into their business dealings, a delay that follows the death of Trump's ex-wife Ivana. The ex-president, son Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka had been scheduled for depositions starting as...

After 3 Years, Trump Will Face the Music in NY Court

Former president, 2 children will give depositions starting July 15

(Newser) - Former President Trump, his namesake son, and his daughter Ivanka have agreed to answer questions under oath next month in the civil investigation by state Attorney General Letitia James into his business practices—unless their lawyers persuade the state's highest court to step in. A Manhattan judge signed off...

Trump Jr. Killed a Bear, and His Guide May Go to Prison

Illegal bait traps were allegedly used, according to 'Salt Lake Tribune'

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. killed a bear during a Utah hunting trip in 2018, and that kill might land his hunting guide behind bars, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . Guide Wade Lemon is under investigation for allegedly setting an illegal bait trap—one with “a pile of grain, oil and...

Trump Jr. Answers Panel's Questions

Committee has been meeting with family members

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. answered questions from the House committee investigating the Capitol riot on Tuesday. The former president's son appeared remotely for a few hours and voluntarily answered the committee's questions without asserting his Fifth Amendment rights, CNN reports. He was an adviser during former President Donald Trump'...

Trump Said 'We,' Judge Notes in Preserving Jan. 6 Lawsuits

Ruling in conspiracy case says former president's words could be taken as exhorting crowd to act

(Newser) - Former President Trump's speech at a rally just before rioters attacked the US Capitol sounded like "a call for collective action," a federal judge said Friday in dealing the former president a significant loss in court. The comments were included in US District Judge Amit Mehta's...

Court Requires Trumps to Answer Under Oath

Calling former president a citizen, judge orders depositions in New York civil investigation

(Newser) - Former President Donald Trump; his daughter Ivanka; and son, Donald Jr. were ordered Thursday to provide sworn testimony in an investigation of their business practices. The Trumps had gone to court to get the subpoenas from New York Attorney General Letitia James' office thrown out, arguing the civil investigation is...

Alexander Vindman Sues Over Alleged Retaliation

Files suit against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Dan Scavino, Julia Hahn

(Newser) - Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is citing the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act in a lawsuit he filed against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and two former White House officials in connection with then-President Donald Trump's 2019 impeachment. Vindman alleges the two men, along with former White House Deputy...

NY AG Subpoenas Trump, Ivanka, Don. Jr
Trump Family Asks Judge 
to Quash Subpoenas

Trump Family Asks Judge to Quash Subpoenas

A decision is not expected for at least a month

(Newser) - Update: Lawyers for Donald Trump and his two eldest children, Ivanka and Donald Jr., asked a judge on Monday night to quash the subpoenas issued to the three Trumps last month. Allowing them to testify in the civil probe would set a "dangerous precedent," their court filing argues,...

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