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Toy Hall of Fame Fans Can Vote on 'the Forgotten 5'

Pogo stick, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, My Little Pony, PEZ, Transformers all up for a vote

(Newser) - They're playfully called the "forgotten five": A handful of toys—the pogo stick, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, My Little Pony, PEZ dispensers, and Transformers—that regularly approach toy-box royalty as finalists for the National Toy Hall of Fame, only to be tossed back on the pile. For one...

Cops: Game of Battleship Turned Criminal

Police say teen's cellphone-activated GPS saved her from drunken dad

(Newser) - GPS technology may have saved a Utah teen from major harm after a Battleship game gone wrong. Utah County police say a bunch of 911 calls came in Saturday night, but there was no response on the other end save for the sounds of a female arguing with a man,...

Biggest Flop This Summer: All of Hollywood

Tickets sales reached lowest level in 20 years

(Newser) - Hollywood is happy to call "cut" on this summer's less-than-blockbuster movie season, with box office numbers down across the board, reports the New York Times . US revenues fell 3% to $4.28 billion for the period from May to this Labor Day weekend, the first drop in summer...

Director Admits: OK, Battleship 'Didn't Work'

Peter Berg says movie got too big

(Newser) - It's not often that directors publicly admit that a movie was a mess, but that's what Peter Berg did yesterday at a Producers Guild conference. Speaking at a panel called "Passion Projects: Making Films Everyone Says Will Never Get Made," Berg took a moment to acknowledge...

MIB: 3 Zaps Avengers, Nabs $55M
 MIB: 3 Zaps 
 Nabs $55M 

MIB: 3 Zaps Avengers, Nabs $55M

'Avengers' finally falls off the top spot

(Newser) - Men in Black: 3 turned out to be much more in the black than The Avengers , winning the three-day holiday weekend with a whopping $55 million domestically and $202 million worldwide. But, notes the Hollywood Reporter , it needs to do well to justify the $230 million Sony spent to make...

Inside Rihanna's Not-So-Verbose Battleship Role

She has just 68 lines, and 'Vulture' compiled all of them

(Newser) - Rihanna made her acting debut in Battleship , if you can call a role that involves just 68 lines (many of them less than five words, and one of them actually just a "heavy sigh") "acting." On Vulture , Sarah Lawson lists every single word uttered by Rihanna...

Battleship Redefines 'Stupid'

movie review

Battleship Redefines 'Stupid'

Taylor Kitsch stars in board game-turned-movie

(Newser) - It's got a cast full of hotshots and heartthrobs, from Taylor Kitsch to Rihanna to Liam Neeson, but Battleship is about as intellectually stimulating as its board game namesake. But despite the overwhelming critical vitriol, a few reviewers enjoyed it:
  • "This is the kind of summer movie that

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