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Bottles of Glue May Never Be the Same Again

Elmer's signs contract to use slippery LiquiGlide coating in its containers

(Newser) - As much as Heinz wanted us to think part of the thrill of ketchup was waiting for it to glob out of the bottle, most consumers will attest that's not true—for ketchup, toothpaste, or any other viscous substance that takes forever to filter out. Elmer's Products has...

Slick Invention Can Un-Stick Your Ketchup, Toothpaste

LiquiGlide, SLIPS Technologies take advantage of 'liquid-impregnated surfaces'

(Newser) - Hate when you can't get the last of the toothpaste from the tube? Or when your plane is delayed so it can be de-iced? Those days may soon be over thanks to what are essentially surfaces coated with liquid. Researchers at both Harvard and MIT have taken advantage of...

Über-Slippery Coating Gets Ketchup Flowing

Freaky videos show LiquiGlide in action

(Newser) - An MIT grad student has reportedly solved a decades-old bane of mankind's dining existence—getting those last stubborn globs of ketchup out of the ketchup bottle. Dave Smith and a team of mechanical engineers have come up with LiquiGlide, a "super slippery," non-toxic coating that can be...

3 Stories