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'Cannibal' Victim Speaks: 'He Chewed Up My Face'

Ronald Poppo describes Rudy Eugene's attack

(Newser) - In a police interview from last month obtained by CBS Miami , Ronald Poppo gives a chilling—but surprisingly calm—account of Rudy Eugene's cannibalistic attack on him on a Florida causeway. "He just ripped me to ribbons," Poppo says. "He chewed up my face. He plucked...

Miami Face-Eater Knew Victim
 Miami Face-Eater Knew Victim 

Miami Face-Eater Knew Victim

Eugene met Poppo when he volunteered with Miami homeless

(Newser) - The horrific Miami face-eater case has taken yet another bizarre turn. Rudy Eugene, the 31-year-old man shot dead by police as he growled and chewed off a homeless man's face, met his victim years earlier when he was doing community work feeding the homeless, the Miami Herald reports in...

Tests Find No Bath Salts in Face Eater's System

Medical examiner detects only marijuana

(Newser) - Lab tests detected only marijuana in the system of a Florida man fatally shot while chewing another man's face, finding no trace of the components typically found in the stimulants known as bath salts. The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner said in a news release that the tests detected pot,...

Face-Eating Victim Awake
 Victim Awake 

Face-Eating Victim Awake

Ronald Poppo walking in hospital

(Newser) - Ronald Poppo has lost his nose, his eyes are bandaged over, and he has scabs across most of his face—but he's "awake and alert," doctors say. A photo shown to reporters portrays Rudy Eugene's face-eating victim walking in the hospital with the staff's support,...

Face-Eating Site Now a Tourist Attraction

Scene of horrific attack added to Miami crime tour

(Newser) - It's unlikely to make it into any "Visit Miami" promotional material, but the site where one man chewed off another's face last month has become the city's newest tourist attraction. The crime scene on the MacArthur Causeway off-ramp has been added to the "Mystery &...

Woman's Long-Lost Dad Is Face-Eating Victim

Janice Poppo DiBello had never met her father, Ronald Poppo

(Newser) - The estranged daughter of the homeless man whose face was eaten in that horrific Miami crime was astonished to find that her long-lost father was the victim. New Jersey's Janice Poppo DiBello, 44, had never met her biological father, Ronald Poppo, 65, who is now hospitalized with most of...

Face-Eater Victim Slid From Top NYC School to Streets

Poppo's classmates include top Miami plastic surgeon

(Newser) - Ronald Poppo graduated from a prestigious New York City high school and once joked about becoming president, the New York Daily News finds in a look at the homeless man whose face was chewed off in a horrific Miami attack. He was in Stuyvesant High School's class of 1964,...

Face-Eater's Girlfriend Blames Drugs—or Voodoo Curse

She says Rudy Eugene left house early on day of horrific attack

(Newser) - Rudy Eugene's girlfriend says that on the morning of the day he was shot dead as he chewed a homeless man's face off , he held his Bible and kissed her goodbye, saying he was going to meet with a "homeboy." He called her an hour after...

This Is the Face-Eater's Victim
 Face-Eater's Victim Named 

Face-Eater's Victim Named

Ronald Poppo, 65, had been on the streets for decades

(Newser) - The man critically injured in Miami's horrific face-eating attack has been identified as Ronald Poppo, a 65-year-old homeless man. Poppo had a tough life even before the attack that cost him 75% of his face, and had been homeless for nearly four decades, the Miami Herald finds. Records show...

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